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Hello, thanks for looking in. I lately moved the site to a different “hosting company” and this is one of many reasons that the site needs some improvement. I lost a great many photos and articles. I’m afraid it’s a portent of worse to come. Forgive me and be patient. I’m fitting this in where I can make time. The most important material here is the discussion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Most pastors and parishioners have no idea what the true gospel really was! It’s here. Find it.

Many changes have happened after a technical disaster. I must manually restore links to over 600 pages. I’m working on it as I make time. Some material will be moved to the site and some will be deleted. In my opinion, what is most important is on this page. The original intent was a library of 1,000 articles. With a second site to work on and may other issues, that intention is impossible for me alone.  Obviously then, many changes must be made here. Do YOU know the true gospel? Why should you care? What proof is there that Jesus walked among women and men? What proof is there that God exists and created the universe? Those answers are on this site and more information for that will be coming.


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Apostle Paul Teaching

The True Gospel Quickly Explained

What is the True Gospel “of” Jesus Christ? Is it about a baby born in a manger? Is it the legend, the life and times of an itinerant preacher? Are there several gospels? The gospel of shoe laces? The gospel of cloudy skies? The world has made quite a mess of it!

Is it a message he was assigned by God to deliver? Most don’t know. You’re about to discover The Hidden True Gospel Message that can Save Your Eternity!

All these books are FREE. I only want your attention to God’s Holy Words. click the red ETTG link. It should download immediately.

Here is the True Gospel As Taught By Jesus Christ


The True Gospel Hidden In Plain Sight Revealed

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How Humankind Came to Be

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More Gospel Articles

I am working on this page. many links were broken. It’s my next big project. The most important page is the one you’re on right now. There are so many websites offering answers. You can Google Search nearly anything. My material is interesting but certainly only one source.


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The Honest Way Is Best


Because of Love…

shared by David Ventiere on Facebook

A brother and sister had made their usual hurried, obligatory pre-Christmas visit to the little farm where dwelt their elderly parents with their small herd of horses. The farm was where they had grown up and had been named Lone Pine Farm because of the huge pine, which topped the hill behind the farm.

…no one noticed the insulation smoldering on the frayed wires in the old barn. None saw the first spark fall. None but the “Old One”.>>>


  The Mystery of The Magi and Their Gifts

This article went missing and now it’s address can be found easily. It’s important to the history of The Christ’s life, and I think it will improve and even change your life to read it. _____________________________


 Explaining The True Lost Gospel of

Jesus Our Christ

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God’s modern promise to you for a happy eternity. A different viewpoint on the foundation of Christian Thought.

  • A clear language explanation in the final years of this age
  • What God offers to those who see His truth
  • Successfully pass the most important test of your life!
  • “End Notes” Articles that promise to amaze you!
  • A bit revolutionary in thinking. expect to be surprised.

The Bible is not wrong. Our interpretation of what it means is wrong, and there are many interpretations about many passages based upon word meanings, and expressions that came from that particular culture and time. Let’s consider for a moment, it’s August 2022 and over the past three months 2 new expressions have come to mind. “Unpack this for us” and “Come on.”  I think both are silly, but to an older person “unpack means to open a box or suit case. But the modern meaning is to explain this for us. What a difference! “Come On” means to the older ones, “Come here or come with me.” Suddenly TV show hosts say this meaning, “Continue talking” or “Continue preaching.”  In the ancient Biblical times there were expressions and we don’t really know if they should be taken to be as read (“Literally”) or not. Thus, many passages make be taken literally or mean something other than your interpretation. What you read in the King James bible from the early 1600’s was written by people who learned English from their parents and great and great great Grand Parents who learned English from the 1400’s and 1500’s. The more modern New International Version, NLT New Living Translation, and NLV New Living Version are more modern language translations and they for the most part agree with one another. These scholars work very diligently to get all the translation as clearly understandable as possible. I recommend you use these when reading passages, free from 

Thus I’ve written something here that I thought needed to get out of my mind onto “paper” and now it’s yours without charge.  I’m not trying to change your “religion” or “denomination.” I’m pointing to different ways to look at the discussion.


Everything from here down is probably full of broken links. I will focus now entirely on theology. Everything else will be deleted soon.

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Commentary Listed

More>>The Spurgeon Library › resource-library › sermons › awa…

Charles Spurgeon was one of the great “Old Masters” and we all improve ourselves by reading him.

Often I put videos up and then they disappear, but THIS ONE (while it lasts) is too good to miss.


Now the demons you’ve heard about but never seen will be revealed. The invisible will become visible. THIS is what will cause such terror that people’s hearts will fail them. They’ll die of fright, because of the horrors coming upon the earth.


A Physician and Physiologist Consider

The Crucifixion and Disappearance….

….of Jesus Christ


This empty tomb is similar to the tomb where Jesus Christ was laid to rest. And after 3 days he was found missing…. but How?

From Genesis To Revelation, Our Savior Is Real, He Has Walked Among Us, and Will Come Again!

There is sufficient biological, legal, mathematical, archeological, theoretical physics (and more) proof that God is real and the Bible is the Truth. Pay no attention to those who would turn you away from the greatest gift offered to you in your entire life! These ending days of this era are the times of mockers. They say, “I have read The Bible,” but they don’t understand it so they really have not read it. Based upon their complete lack of understanding they tell you it’s mythology and doesn’t relate to our days. In truth the prophecies are coming true so rapidly it relates to our days like tomorrows news headlines! Terrible weather, changes in the solar system, computer chips in your right hand, governments tracking your every move; all of this and much more is predicted in The Holy Bible. You don’t have a Bible or you want more reference material. visit and get free entry to a university library’s worth of information at no cost. There is so much information and free teaching on The Internet, you can Google search any question and get several interesting answers. I think that is the way you should study. 

Fools who mock The Creator of The Universe will find their way to a terrifying judgment and the second death. Don’t You Be Among Them! There are excellent teachers and authors on YouTube and at Amazon (Kindle Books) Nelson Walters, Perry Stone, Jonathan Cahn, Skywatch TV, John MacArthur, Gary Stearman, John Hagee, and so many more you could spend your life in study. For your own good, look away from the evils of the world and return to The Righteous Way of Jesus Christ. “The World” offers you nothing but hard work, pain, stress, deep disappointment, misery, and finally an ignominious death. Avoid as much of that as you can. May God’s Peace Be With You; Stephen Newdell


 Who Is The Real Jesus The Christ?





Is There Truth To The Trinity Doctrine?

Throughout all of the New Testament, only Jesus Christ and God the Father are mentioned together. If the Holy Spirit was a personage, “he” would have been mentioned along with Jesus Christ and God the Father in Apostle Paul’s letters which now appear in the New Testament.  This VITAL discussion is still in progress. As of 18 October 2021 I’ve begun study with a wonderful teacher and I think this discussion is due for a “revisit and review.”

Who Was St. Stephen?


Why we might model ourselves after this magnificent man.




Spiritual Invasion

Notes from an upcoming webinar including speaker Steve Quayle


Old Man Thinks Ancient Wisdom Most Important

I’m here to tell you, if you are faithful to God and His Righteous Ways….  In God’s Grace we are going to beat every problem and have VICTORY over all of our troubles!  I want to tell you something more if you’ll permit me the time.



A Great Woman Prophetess — HULDAH

There is only one mention of Huldah, the prophetess, in the whole Word of God, but that mention is highly honorable. It was in the time of revival, when king Josiah, specially raised up by God to restore His true worship in Jerusalem, had set himself to repair the house of the Lord his God. Before attempting to do this, he had begun to purge Judah and Jerusalem from idolatry, and he had thoroughly cleared the land of all traces of idol worship, unsparingly throwing down the graven images, the sun images, and the molten images, breaking them in pieces, and making dust of them.

Still Just Amazing

Loretto Chapel: Defining The Miraculous

  Fall on us and hide us….

The Most Affordable Healthcare Option

Get well and stay well at no cost!

Why Patients With Lung Disease Should Be Treated Face-down


Jesus Was Radical!

Abraham Lincoln, President of The united States

President Abraham Lincoln Discusses

The Declaration of Independence

Counting the Solitude 

 SN:  I lately concluded, a person in constant prayer is unassailable. If you are IN God nothing can touch you; not fire, nor lions, nor sword, nor harsh speech, nor bacteria and viruses…. Nothing can touch you. You are unassailable.

If you are required to remain home this is an excellent time to be reading, listening to sermons, praying, with fasting and grief over your sins and our collective sins. Repent, turn back away from sin and toward God. This is a time of warning and an opportunity to change your life for the better forever. As in the days when the ancients fasted, prayed, stayed alone in the desert wilderness, sat in sackcloth and ashes begging God’s forgiveness, now too is the time for those truly dedicated to God to change their ways and speak to friends or family about the need for us to change and return to God before the entire society is torn asunder.

Modeled on the Jewish practice of counting the days before the Passover High Holy Day Omer, these prayers are for those counting their days in quarantine or lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

God’s Grace Is Sufficient

Have you ever had something that was so painful in your life that you would pray and ask God to remove it, but it just wouldn’t go away? It seemed the more you prayed about it the worse it would become. Sometimes God will take us through the wilderness experience to teach us to trust him. Everything we go through and experience is a part of God’s great purpose and plan for our life.

An Encouraging Prayer In These Difficult Times:  April 3, 2020

adapted from Psalm 91

I dwell in the shelter of The Most High. I rest in the shadow of The Almighty.

I say of The Lord, you are my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.

Surely you save me from the powers of the evil in this world, and from deadly pestilence.

You cover me with your feathers, and under your wings I find refuge.    MORE>>>

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Le gros fromage  (The big cheese)

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