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What I Gained and Lost by Moving to

The Philippines

13th April 2021


Hi Hal,

Thanks for your reply and compliments about my reports. I love writing to you and hearing back. I’m too isolated here.

To walk downtown I turn right down the hill from our driveway past a house and garage with old vehicles locked behind a painted white iron gate. The next house is a house or prostitution and I think the owner also has a little store across the street and might own the yellow one with the white iron gate too. I think he stores sacks of rice there. Outside the whore house young women sit looking banal. Sometimes someone new calls “hello there” to me. I’m sure all the 20-year olds want an older white foreigner with graying hair. Which makes the point that I think no one wants me except when I want to spend money and put it into their hands. I may marry this woman who has been chasing me. I wonder if that also is   MORE

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