Who Could Believe It?

So, Mr. Trump got half the world upset yesterday backing out of the Iran deal. This may start a war and may prevent one. Now people are asking about the timing. Why announce this BEFORE the arrangement for the next meeting with Kim Jung Un? It will make us look untrustworthy and weak. Well who knows?
Kim is just a Chinese puppet anyway. He’ll do what the Chinese tell him to do. So we’ll see.
The liberal lunatics want a communist country or a dead one and they’re likely to make more trouble before the dust settles. I was thinking of my elderly friend Hal, age 92, last night.
I wrote to him:
Cast your mind back to 1942, you’re age 16. The entire environment, the country, the people’s moral views, general behavior, neighborly ways, all differed compared to today. Nearly everyone you knew attended a church. No girl would show up on a beach in a two piece swim suit. That was too risqué! And NO ONE could imagine a very public prostitute sitting in the lime light on late night television, not only accepted by the audience, but LAUDED by them regaled with approving laughter.
If I appeared to you and said I’m a time traveler and your future friend, and then told you this, could you have believed me? I have my doubts.

CIA Brennan: Trump’s Decision On Iran Deal “Not Just Foolish, But Dangerous”…

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