A Change Is Coming to The American Church!


A Change Is Coming

Stephen Newdell, Commentary

The American Church is falling to pieces! More people have had too much of the ridiculous “prosperity gospel” which is not any gospel whatsoever.

God does not want to make you rich and never said He does. If you want to work for it you can have it. If you want to be blessed, do HIS will in HIS Way.

The Creator of the Universe has more on his mind than making you rich!

More people are leaving the churches. Churches across America are going empty. True Christians are doing their own Bible reading and study online, and they are meeting in homes and small groups for study, prayer and thanksgiving unto God. They worship God as The Apostles taught us. They  seek GOD’S face, not some rich pastor’s face. They are disgusted with what Satan is doing to our world, and want a restored world of peace, kindness, decency, and love toward all animals and people!

Most of all, they want true Salvation, not the terrifying words, “I never knew you. Your name is not in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Depart. Leave me. Go there into Outer Darkness!”

Our society is polarizing. On one pole are those who love the world, the sin, the money and materialism and more young women dancing on stages waving their reproductive system in their face!

On the other pole are people who dress and behave decently as their parents and grandparents did. They want no more of infanticide and child abuse and sexual abuse – as if sex with anything including trees and rocks were everything that is satisfying in life! As if sports cars and more more more material goods were everything in life. They most certainly  are not.

What IS everything you cannot see. You will know it and feel it when you go to God.

I always remember a woman screaming over the phone at a New York City bishop during a radio show, “I don’t see how prayer will do anything to help me.”

And that’s right! She won’t see until she DOES IT. This is not an intellectual exercise, this is an experiential exercise. When you DO IT then you feel and you know and you experience peace and understanding but no one can see it. It’s not pretty and blonde in high heels. It’s not bright, shiny and it won’t accelerate from 0 to 80 miles per hour in 6.34 seconds. It’s reality! It’s a reality many won’t accept because they want their reality to be that God is a myth and they are their own gods.

They can be their own gods in Hell! God does not want them! Try as you might to help this person see the light, they are under a delusion of wickedness and sleep and they won’t change!

Dear Friend, start a prayer group. Gather more friends around you and join hearts and hands in worship of Almighty God! Read The Bible and Bible Lessons. Open articles online and learn all you can, while it’s available because our time is growing short! Get closer and closer to God’s Ways. The more the world pushes at you the more you should push back. You can beat them, but you won’t beat them by joining them!

Come together as the small remnant, the Body and Bride of Christ. We will be small in number but our prayer can change the nations and the world. If it can do that it will show God you mean what you say and He will rescue you!

Expect resistance. That’s always been The Way. Jesus was a rebel as were His family and the entire monastic community of Nazareth. They wanted evil Herod out and wanted God’s Way in. It’s no different today, so expect trouble and just face it full on with God’s angels standing behind you and before you and either side of you!

Our group is not so small. There are many who want to know what you know and want to read what  articles I’ve collected here. Please refer this website to your family and friends – even to those who say God is a myth! Don’t deny God – Heaven Forbid He might deny you! Tell everyone you know to come here, learn all they can, and keep on learning and praying.

God Will Bless You for sending people to www.HeavensWay2022.com 

I want to say one last thing to those with a different twist on doctrine. I’m not running a church or promoting MY doctrine. I think all of us will be corrected and most of us read the Bible and don’t understand what is literal and what were expressions drawn out of stories and should never be taken literally! If you’re not Jewish and don’t understand the culture and the language you can make a lot of big mistakes!

So, for some the expressions “the second death” and “outer darkness” are taken to mean death of the spirit. For others who believe we are spirit and an infinite consciousness that can never die, the expression takes on more implied meaning!

If you are infinite consciousness that can never die, then “outer darkness” might mean you will be alone out there for eternity in solitary confinement and the torture of “Hell” is you torturing yourself in your imagination, with guilt and anger at how stupid you were to have ignored God’s word and mocked His name and insisted He was a myth created by women and men.

If you decide to put you self-defense and self-pride to rest and make a serious effort of study into this subject you may conclude as I did, that God is real and is the only answer to how the universe and life came about!

The issue for you is this; Do YOU have the courage to admit, at least to yourself, that you were wrong when the evidence finally overwhelms you? Eventually your inner voice might say, “How much more evidence do I want? How much is enough? I should stop playing this game with myself. It is obvious, God really created the Universe. We live because of Him.”

The universe appears now to NOT have formed over 13.8 Billion years. It suddenly appeared all at once like your computer monitor when it boots up! The Universe appears to be a gigantic, complex DREAM!

It most certainly is impossible to prove or even postulate that it came about by billions of random accidents. If you believe that, I invite you to present proof of it. You can’t find it in any sort of Astrophysics or theoretical physics. The proofs always indicate the universe is very precisely coordinated and is by no means accidental.

Do you want to win your argument, or do you want the truth? If you can argue everyone, even beat everyone into submission will that change the truth? 

Consider this very carefully,  even if you need one or two years, think it over and study into it diligently. Drop the self-defense mechanisms and go find the truth! It will be the most important truth you can find in your entire life.








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