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  Finance & Business

  1. 2/8/18 More Ranting About Cryptocurrencies
  2. Retirement crisis: 37% of Gen X say they won’t be able to afford to retire
  3. Japanese and American Economic Improvement Appears Imminent
  4. Staring Into The American Abyss
  5. Success! Define it. Achieve it.

Food PAGE>>>

  1. Chinese BBQ Chicken Wrapped in Lettuce
  2. Mango Lychee Tapioca Cream
  3. Crusty French Bread Recipe
  4. Potato Bread
  5. Grape Jelly Glazed Black Codfish *
  6. Memphis-Style Hickory-Smoked Beef Ribs *
  7. Korean Dip (metric) *
  8. Fabulous BLT Dip!*
  9. Smoky Spicy California Ranch Chicken Sandwich*
  10. Cheese Creamy Buffalo Chicken Dip*
  11. * links take you to the originator. I’m working on a correction for this issue.


  1. AIM #1 Joining (coming soon)
  2. AIM #2 Weight Reduction Program …(testing – not for public release – coming soon)
  3. Plague Bacteria — and Much More About Epidemics Predicted for The Last Days!
  4. Study Finds Flu Virus Spreads from Breathing
  5. Chronic Systemic Inflammation Is Making You Age Faster
  6. my-body-myself-too-much-focus-on-bodies/
  7. 7 Benefits Gained Drinking Cucumber Water
  8. What Sex Is, What It Should Be, Why Our View Of It Is Wrong


  1. Loretto Chapel: Defining The MiraculousNews:
  2. Ireland – The Road Not Taken
  3. SIARGAO BLEU RESORT & SPA (testing not yet for public release)
  4. Ancient Rome Tour With Flavius Josephus
  5. Top Choice 15 Resorts Around Miami, Florida
  6. Serenity In Sedona
  7. Distant From The Thundering Surf
  8. New York City’s 13 Most Notable Destinations
  9. The Best Way To Sail New York Harbor
  10. 26 Fun and Fab Cape Coral Florida Adventures
  11. Americans Are On The Move. Where and Why?


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Geo-Politics & Prophecy

  1. Xi Jinping: The Final Chinese Emperor 
  2. Is the US Embassy Move to Jerusalem May 14, 2018 a War Trigger?
  3. A Workable Welfare System
  4. The American Communist Left
  5. Air strikes in Sinai underscore Israel’s tightening alliance with Egypt
  6. Europe’s Jews facing anti-Semitism 4.12.18
  7. From Asia To America, With Love. Lessons in Family Raising
  8. Full Text: Trump’s State of the Union Address
  9. What Will Happen To Europe and The Middle East?
  10. War: Trade Wars Have Begun

 Wise Cracks, Smart Remarks, Back Talk, Grumbling, Complaining & Commentary & Prophecy Coming True!

  1. A Top Of Mind Message

  2. Animals teach us what we need to remember!
  3. 81 Trump Achievements In His First Year!
  4. A Christian Witness to the Whole World
  5. A Christmas and Holiday Tribute to Military Families
  6. Hiring Lunacy In The Philippines!
  7. Meaning of Music and Lyrics to “Auld Lang Syne”
  8. Mission Not Accomplished
  9. Music References
  10. Music You Might Like
  11. Plague Bacteria — and Much More About Epidemics Predicted for The Last Days!
  12. Poor, Miserable “Undocumented Aliens”
  13. Prophecy: Economic Disaster
  14. Prophecy: Global Catastrophe
  15. New American Morality
  16. New Year’s Eve Day Notes 2017/2018
  17. North Korea Instigating War!
  18. Ranting On Christmas 12.25.17
  19. Rock Music’s Influence On Us and Kids
  20. Take A Stand Against Abortion!
  22. Talking With Doris
  23. The Dark Side of The Force
  24. The Trouble With Men!
  25. The Final World War – A Series of Articles
  26. What IS the little book? How will it affect you?
  27. What Will Happen To Europe and The Middle East?
  28. What Your Sleep Style Tells Us
  29. Where Is All That Money?
  30. Who Will Be The Next Victim of China’s Debt “Diplomacy”?
  31. America Falling Into $ Black Hole!
  32. Why Japan’s Abe is sticking close to Trump
  33. WJ writes: Don’t worry, the US would win a nuclear war with Russia. Who is clueless?
  34. World War III Related Videos
  35. Christian Broadcasting Network Tells True Good Story About Israel
  36. Who Could Believe It? (The World Vs. Mr. Trump)
  37. The Happiest Woman…. John Piper
  38. Motherhood/Womenhood God’s Ordained Place For Us
  39. Chinese Magician Astounds 
  40. Melania Trump — Possessed of Grace

PROOFS Of God’s Creation:

Science Proves God Created It ALL!

Science Proves God Is Real and


  1. From Whom/Where Did God Come?
  2. Science Has Found Proof of God!
  3. Science Proves Life Was No Accident!
  4. Scientists Admit Life must be the Result of Intelligent Design
  5. Scientists Debate: How Did Life Begin?
  6. September 26, 2013 How Did Life Begin? –New Theory on the Origins of Life on Earth & Other Planets
  7. September 26, 2013 How Did Life Begin? –New Theory on the Origins of Life on Earth & Other Planets
  8. God Created Everything
  9. HOW Did Life Begin?

Theology Library For Students, Teachers and Pastors

Students and Teachers learn and Pastors find new ideas for messages. Some of this can be read directly when you were too busy to write!

  1. “My eager desire and hope….” (St. Paul)
  2. “Next Year In Jerusalem!”
  3. “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night.”
  4. …and I Will Heal Their Land!
  5. …we be “conformed to the image of His Son”…
  6. 10 Ways to Be Certain You’ve Been Saved
  7. 23-minute vision in HELL: Do we dare risk he is wrong?
  8. A Christian Witness to the Whole World
  9. A Christmas and Holiday Tribute to Military Families
  10. A New Standard of Living
  11. A Physician and Physiologist View the Crucifixion and Disappearance of Jesus Christ
  12. A Warning: Do not Covet Spiritual Success
  13. A Workable Welfare System
  14. A Consideration Of Unforgivable Sin
  15. A Good and Perfect Father
  16. A Good Clear Conscience
  17. A Life Worthy of the Gospel
  18. A New Creation, Not Yet Perfect
  19. A New Standard of Living
  20. A Physician and Physiologist View the Crucifixion and Disappearance of Jesus Christ
  21. A Warning: Do not Covet Spiritual Success
  22. A Workable Welfare System
  23. Air strikes in Sinai underscore Israel’s tightening alliance with Egypt
  24. Alive or Dead?
  25. All the days of his separation….
  26. All Things for and Through God
  27. Allow The Holy Spirit To Be In Control
  28. Amazed At His Glory
  29. An American Generation Erased
  30. An American Holocaust
  31. An Unjust World About To Change
  32. Are You of Adam or in Christ?
  33. Are You One of the Elect?
  34. Are You Secretly Terrified of Death?
  35. Are You the Christ, the Son of God?
  36. Baptism
  37. Be Separated From Evil
  38. Because Christ Lives!
  39. Believe and Be Adopted!
  40. Bible Lesson 1A: Our Struggle for True Freedom
  41. Bible Lesson 1B — Every Believer Come Boldly
  42. Bible Lesson 1C — A Holy Life
  43. Bible Lesson 2-A || Imitating God​—A God Who Gives Encouragement
  45. By Grace Through Faith
  46. Can We Be Saved By Our Good Works?
  47. Can We Trust Biblical Authority and Jesus?
  48. Can You Come Down From the Mountain?
  49. Charles Spurgeon — He Dedicated His Life For God
  50. Charles Spurgeon: The Lord Is My Portion
  51. Christ Brings Us To God 
  52. Christ by Faith and Christ by Sight
  53. Christ Dies So We Might Live
  54. Christ Went To The Cross So We Might Pray
  55. Christ Who Made Us Worthy
  56. Christian Love — a Lifestyle
  57. Clouds and Darkness: Oswald Chambers
  58. Come and Believe With The Innocence of Children
  59. Complete and Effective Decision About Sin
  60. Comply and Cooperate with the Holy Spirit
  61. Depend Upon Jesus Christ For An Abundant Life
  62. Developing The Mind of the Christ
  63. Do I Really Love Jesus?
  64. Do You Want Heaven for the Wrong Reason?
  65. King Died Unjustly To Bring More Justice To Our World
  66. Easter: His Hour Had Come!
  68. Every Believer Come Boldly
  69. Experience The Full Measure of the Christ
  70. Faith Without Works Is Dead!
  71. Falling Backward into Sins
  72. Find Courage To Tell An Unpopular Truth
  73. Follow The Savior!
  74. Following In God’s Footsteps
  75. From Whence Cometh This Jesus?
  76. Give What You Can HERE With All You Have!
  77. Glory Unsurpassed
  78. Glory Unsurpassed
  79. God Calls YOU To Salvation!
  80. God Created Everything
  81. God Owes You Nothing, But Gives You Everything
  82. God’s Response To Evil
  83. God’s Kindest Gift
  84. Have You Accepted Salvation?
  85. Have You Seen Jesus?
  86. He Was and Still Is
  87. Him Hath God Exalted: Charles Spurgeon
  88. His Ascension!
  89. His Death Is The Foundation of Our Righteousness
  90. Holiness or Hardness Toward God?
  92. Houston’s Water Drainage Problem
  93. How Do We Know Jesus Rose From The Dead?
  94. How God Created the First Life on Earth Excerpts from an article by Dr. Fazale Rana June 12, 2014
  95. How Good Must I Be (1)
  96. How Good Must I Be? (2)
  97. How Sin Seduced the Strongest, Wisest, and Most Godly
  98. How Then Shall We Live?
  99. I Hide In Christ
  100. Inner Invincibility — Wisdom From Oswald Chambers
  101. Inspired Words: Cha’s Spurgeon
  102. Is Ours The End of The Age?
  103. Jesus the Christ, God’s Final Sacrifice
  104. Know HIM because He Knows YOU!
  105. Knowing Better Than God
  106. Linkage; The Birth of Jesus and America
  107. Live A Life Worthy Of Your Calling
  108. Living in Constant Communication With HIM
  109. Look! Everything About Your Life Is New!
  110. Loretto Chapel: Defining The Miraculous
  112. Making The Sign of The Cross
  113. Mental Fragility or Fearless Motivation?
  114. Not Good Enough For God?
  115. On Forgiveness: Why We All Need It, And Can Have It!
  116. On The Other Side
  117. Our Bad News – and The Good News
  118. Our Best Mouth-Guard
  119. OUR Time Period
  120. Parents Will Endure Their Child’s Crises of Life and Faith: Here’s how to think through both.
  121. Pastor’s Thoughts About Christmas
  122. Poor, Miserable “Undocumented Aliens”
  123. Psalm 22 Came True. When? In Whom?
  124. Punished for Lack of Faith
  125. Raised From The Dead! Now Alive in Christ
  126. Ranting On Christmas 12.25.17
  127. Receiving Christ Daily
  128. Regarding The End of Life and “HELL”
  129. Rescued by The Christ
  130. Restoring Respect
  131. Restoring Respect For Life!
  132. Rising Higher: With God You Can!
  133. Rome, A Tour with Flavius Josephus
  134. Sabbath Keeping: Is It Right?
  135. Sacrifice For Spiritual and Worldly Success
  136. Sacrifices of good deeds: Why we should offer to God
  137. Salvation Prayer
  138. Seeking Even Handed Accusations
  139. Signs We’re In The Last Days
  140. SLAVERY!
  141. Suffering Leading To Blessings
  142. That Thorn In Your Side….
  143. The Anointed Messenger
  144. The Beginning of His Appearances
  145. The Bible’s Greatest Theme
  146. The Birth of Jesus
  147. The Christ Has Paid Your Debt In Full!
  148. The Completely Sufficient Sacrifice
  149. The Continued Work of The Christ
  150. The Dark Side of The Force
  151. The Failure To Pay Close Attention
  152. The Greatest Amongst You
  153. The Greatest Gift
  154. The Infinite Has Accepted YOU!
  155. The Light That Never Fails
  156. The Parable of the Talents
  157. The Purpose of Our Lives
  158. The Second Death
  159. The Standing Orders of the Gospel
  160. The Surrogate Sinner
  161. The Way to Permanent Faith
  162. Therefore there is no condemnation  
  163. This Demonstrates Love For God
  164. Three Promises for Those Who Thirst at the Well
  165. Time of Sorrows Begins: A Short Study
  166. United In The Christ/God Family
  167. Vanquished By Christ’s Love
  168. We Were Crucified with Christ
  169. What Is The Unforgivable Sin?
  170. What is This World Coming To?
  171. What Jesus Meant when he said, “Judge not.”
  172. What Manner of Love Is This?
  173. What The Bible Says About Our Sanctification
  174. What To Do When Your Burden Is Overwhelming
  175. When God and Sin Did Collide
  176. When Was Jesus Born?
  177. Where 1 Corinthians 13 Leads
  178. Where God and Christ are Ignored, The World Goes To Hell
  179. Why Did Jesus Come To Us?
  180. Why Japan’s Abe is sticking close to Trump
  181. Why Seek God’s Face?
  182. Why We Lack Understanding
  183. Why Would Jesus say: “I Never Knew You”
  184. Winning the Temptation Battle
  185. Yield Your Life to God and The Christ
  186. You Shall Be Saved By even the smallest bit of Faith
  187. Your Carnal Mind or a New Mind?
  188. Zealots
  189. Are You Too “Self-Sufficient?
  190. God “Restores” Our Broken Relationship
  191. The Perfect Sacrifice
  192. WHERE and Who is The True Church?
  193. ….That we may be Presented To God Complete
  194. Do Not Complain About God’s Corrections C. Spurgeon
  195. No Evil Shall Befall Me???
  196. Vital Intercession
  197. The Pathology of a Religious Hypocrite (Mark 12:13-17)
  198. Come Before Winter
  199. God Is Always Thinking Upon Us
  200. The Coming Snatching Away
  201. Judgment and The Love of God
  202. My People – C. Spurgeon
  203. Handle Life’s Matters Wisely – C. Spurgeon
  204.  Was Jesus VERY God?
  205. Our Pale Blue Dot
  206. “By the Grace of God I Am What I Am”
  207. Can We Trust The Bible?
  208. The Faith to Persevere
  209. Betrothed To Christ!
  210. Do It In Communion With Christ
  211. Become a Fool for Christ
  212. Wisdom in God’s Word and in  God’s World
  213. The Habit of Having No Habits
  214. …he has given “power to become the sons of God.”
  215. Those who have most fellowship with Christ
  216. The Habit of Keeping a Clear Conscience
  217. Especial manifestations of Christ
  218. The Habit of Enjoying Adversity
  219. “Fear not,” is the Lord’s command…
  220. Joint Heirs With Christ
  221. He shall gather the lambs
  222. “‬Love One Another‭”
  223. The Lord Taketh Pleasure In His People
  224. The Habit of Recognizing God’s Provision
  225. “All that believe are justified.”
  226. For The Love of Ephesus



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