A Global Financial Crisis Will Produce The Final Prophesied European Super-Power

How the Global Financial Crisis Will Produce Europe’s 10 Kings

America’s banking crisis will reshape Europe financially—and politically.


FROM THE OCTOBER 2015 TRUMPET PRINT EDITION With updating by Stephen Newdell 1/18/2019

One of the greatest prophecies in the Bible is about the union of European nations. More specifically, it’s about the political union of 10 European nations.

For decades, people in Europe have tried to forge a cohesive political union. To that end, they have created the present, loosely hinged 28-nation European Union. Yet Revelation 17 says there are going to be 10 kings there that will unite politically and form a real superpower: a modern-day Holy Roman Empire.

Bible prophecy also reveals that this European superpower will be led by a strong German leader who will essentially hijack the European Union.

The prophesied political union of 10 nations in Europe is being fulfilled before your eyes. And the United States is playing a key role in that union—in a negative way.

It is happening in a way that was predicted over three decades ago by Herbert W. Armstrong! Mr. Armstrong did not claim to be a prophet. He said more details about the prophecies were being revealed to him.

Many economists were screaming about The USA heading for disaster years before Mr. Armstrong said anything about it. The abuse of money handling, printing money from thin air with no gold “backing,” and allowing “fractional banking” which permits banks to loan 12 times their money on hand and more, are sure fire ways to destroy an economy and the country with it! Follow this today with more forms of legal gambling on the stock market and everything economic is teetering on an icy tightrope. Presently as we’ve started year 2019, the present European Union is in economic trouble, the Euro is considered a failed currency, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, France, England, and Germany (just naming a few) are all in economic hot water.

The late Mr. Armstrong wrote in 1984 that a massive banking crisis in America “could suddenly result in triggering European nations to unite as a new world power, larger than either the Soviet Union or the U.S.” (co-worker letter, July 22, 1984).

Well, that IS happening. This article IMF: World Less Prepared Than Ever for Next Financial Crisis from the January 15 2019 front page of TheTrumpet.com is but one of several warning about economic disintegration across Europe and across the entire world. Mr. Armstrong said eventually England, and the USA would be besieged, that is to say isolated, and shunned from international trading treaties.

While I’m writing, YOU can be certain your future (from this date) is in jeopardy because decisions at the highest levels of US Government are not getting the results expected.

If you’re seriously interested in what I’m discussing this is a good time to see this: https://www.thetrumpet.com/18400-america-frozen-out-of-world-trade

Two months ago Germany and Japan were “friends” and “allies,” but now, with economic pressure on them, they’re “divorcing” the USA and happily picking up other lovers! Germany is overrun with “migrating” Muslim hoards, and so many social problems their government can barely function. Germans are on the verge of civil strife over these issues. Several nations, including once peaceful Sweden, are buying privately owned firearms and preparing to protect their families even if it means gunning down a few of these swarthy faced visitors….who seem to believe all women are dishonorable and foreign women are spoils of war. Why bother to flirt with a girl, date her and then finally end up actually making love with her when it’s so much more convenient to rape every sunny haired, fair skinned young woman who dared to make the mistake of swimming in the shark infested waters of Malmo’s after sunset street life?

One such criminal was lately picked up by police. He admitted he had raped several women there and said, “Why not?” If their culture is so different to Western culture that they don’t know “why not” they certainly don’t belong in Europe. We suspect they know that. They came to spread the good and peaceful kindness of Islam to the rest of the world and they’re setting an example all of us canNOT admire.

Who allowed this? The German Chancellor herself Mrs. Angela Merkel. To say she is hated by at least half of Germany is an understatement. The Trumpet (and I in agreement) have predicted K.T. zu Guttenberg will finally be Germany’s next ktChancellor and I’m pretty sure a lot of abusive Muslim boys and young men are going to be leaving Germany or fertilizing German cemetery soil. The citizens don’t want this anywhere in Europe and it’s going to end with a test run of some of the worst weaponry invented.

Therefore, as I implied, all of “the friends” of the USA are turning away from the US and England now. Even Japan, which is happy to have US alliance regarding protection from the Chinese in the South China Sea and beyond, is forming alliances with Europeans while the US is left as unwelcome. Mr. Trump’s “Art of the Deal” appears to be much more like the MAFIA art of the deal. Trump thinks he can make Europe “a deal they can’t refuse.” Europe thinks otherwise, and is bonding together for military and economic purposes. The US well-lit ship of state crossing a near frozen dark sea is destined to slip below the unforgiving waters into impoverished oblivion.

(Yes I’m an US Citizen. NO I’m not happy about this and I do agree with much of Mr. Trump’s views. I also agree with believers in the requirements of the older US Constitution. By your standards I’m an old man and the culture from which I came was well-mannered, respectful and law-abiding. That’s a USA young people don’t know and can’t imagine.)

The late Mr. Armstrong explained how American and European banks are tied very closely together as one financial structure, which in a way includes much of the world. He predicted a financial crisis that would cause these 10 European nations to unite.

Events are moving rapidly in that direction. This world is going to be  shocked when this great European superpower bursts on the scene. You are going to see that happen in your lifetime—very, very soon! I dare guess by year 2022 that union will be well underway and the USA will be evermore pushed out of the world economic trading picture.

One of the most dominant Globalist/Socialists is present Speaker of the House, The Honorable most despised Nancy Pelosi. Here’s some of what she said in 2008.

Flashback of the 2008 Banking Crisis

              When I asked [Fed Chairman Ben] Bernanke what he thought he said: ‘If we do not act immediately, we will not have an economy by Monday.’ … Everyone in the room was flabbergasted.  NANCY PELOSI

            “Five years ago … when I was the speaker, I gathered the other Democratic House leaders in my office to discuss the latest financial news.” Nancy Pelosi wrote those words in USA Today,Sept. 17, 2013. She continued: “I told them that, as a matter of course, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson briefed me on the state of the markets and the financial system, but had not done so that week.

            “In that time, Lehman Bros. had filed for bankruptcy; Merrill Lynch had faced failure and had been purchased by Bank of America; and, two days earlier AIG (Insurance firm) had survived only after a Federal Reserve bailout.

            “After the meeting at 3 p.m., I placed a call to Secretary Paulson and asked him to come the next morning to brief the leadership. Then came his stunning response: ‘Madam Speaker, tomorrow morning will be too late’” (emphasis mine throughout).

It’s important that we remember how precarious America’s financial situation was back then. It’s important that you realize that in year 2018 and 2019 it’s been in the same condition and worse! And…. A great many American’s don’t know anything of finance and cannot self-discipline their minds to read more than 25 words at a clip. They won’t know the economic disaster looming until the steel wire net falls over them!

            Nancy Pelosi continued: “We then planned to meet at 5 p.m. that day, and I invited Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to join us. Later that evening, the meeting commenced with Democratic and Republican leaders from both the House and Senate.

            “Secretary Paulson described a meltdown and financial crisis from the depths of hell.

            “When I asked Bernanke what he thought of the secretary’s characterization, he said: ‘If we do not act immediately, we will not have an economy by Monday.’ This was Thursday night. Everyone in the room was flabbergasted.”

            Other reports said everyone in the room had white faces they were so scared. Most of those people have had some college training in economics. They KNOW the Federal Reserve has been decimating our economy. They know dark forces push the US into more and more wars until everyone around the world hates us and we citizens are bled dry of real buying power. You might have more zeros at the end of your annual tax return, but those dollars buy much less than they did when your parents were keeping a roof over your head.

Why were they so terrified? The 2008 financial crisis was bound to be an earthshaking event that would negatively affect the United States, Europe and the rest of the world! And the world—especially Europe—rightly blamed America for that crisis.

Many experts said the financial crisis in America was within hours of a total banking breakdown. If you are not at least a student of economists you could be expected to wonder “How can it be? How can “the money go broke?” The answer is very short terms is, men are always dishonest with paper money. Now they produce money as computer notations. How many billions do you want? It’s only a few key strokes away!

Every nation that has inflated its currency in these ways finally had a complete economic and social collapse. Now, the USA and its dollar are not isolated to our borders. The US economy has affected the economics of the entire world. When the US catches cold the world gets the flu. If the US economy this time gets Dengue Fever much of the rest of the world will look like it’s dying of Malaria! This is going to be terrible!

In a Sept. 18, 2008, article for Spiegel Online titled “U.S. Financial Crisis: ‘The World as We Know It Is Going Down,’” Marc Pitzke accessed: “[I]t really does look as if the foundations of U.S. capitalism have shattered.”

My answer is, Marc Pitzke’s comment came way too late! Just before Christmas 1913 when the Federal Reserve formed, the foundations of U.S. capitalism were shattered, and no one heard the ring of tinkling glass. The newspapers published Yule Tide Greetings, the lives of people who had only newspapers and radio as national communications went on peacefully until 1914 and the launching of World War 1 on July 28th 1914. Suddenly the world was at war and American blue-collar workers were being offered good wage work in munitions and arms factories. They thought “Happy Days” were here….

When the foundation of something is shattered, it can be weakly patched but can never be perfectly restored. That is certainly true for our economy. It was true for the world’s economics and geo politics. I contend it was THEN that the world moved into a new phase which would culminate in an incredible Third world war yet to be experienced but coming all too soon.

The 2008 financial meltdown was fueled primarily by America’s outrageous debt, which began building in earnest in 1913. The U.S. did nothing to correct that problem. In 2008, the national debt was soaring and growing worse every day to the tune of $3 billion!

But, don’t do what so many do and try to isolate this issue only to economics. This was a morality issue from top to bottom Immoral people played in the bars and the streets. Immoral people played in the banks and at the Federal Reserve branch banks. All together the society looked away from the growing development of immoral/sinful behavior. The Lord allowed it to fester until the entire society would become like a purulent wound.

When the “O’Wammo” administration came to power on Jan. 20, 2009, outstanding federal debt was $10.6 trillion. Mr. Flurry wrote, “Now the debt currently stands at $18.1 trillion. President Obama has added an astounding $7.5 trillion during his terms—more than all the debt accumulated by all the presidents from America’s founding to Nov. 23, 2004, right near the end of President George W. Bush’s first term.”

But wait! There’s more!!!

“At the end of Fiscal Year 2019 the gross US federal government debt is estimated to be $22.7 trillion, according to the FY20 Federal Budget.” (so saith unholy Google this day 1/18/2019.)

Can you imagine 22.7 TRILLION dollars? No. You can’t — and neither can anyone else! Can you imagine being run down by a Tsunami so big it covers 30-story buildings? I think the answer is about the same. You can’t imagine it and can’t survive it, and that’s where we are headed today.

My “friends” at Facebook spend their retirement hours wasting electrons and fiat money chattering and arguing about politics, sociology and morality while we watch US society melt down to what appears to be becoming a muco-poly-proteinatous slime, tainted with more indecent, unholy human filth than anyone can imagine.

One of the lowlife boys in my high school pops up like an evil troll occasionally just long enough to hurl epithets at The President of the United States. He then sinks back below the muddy waters again like a demon from one of the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies. This grumpy old soul has totally bought into the Socialist propaganda and believes the only way for life to get better in the US is for us to go Communist (which obviously didn’t improve life in those unfortunate dominions of peaceful coexistence where that experiment was attempted.) No one is really aware of what condition the US is in. When the tsunami washes ashore they’re going to drown!

I suppose you might guess that I was making another of my infamous dry jokes but I ask you to look at Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cuba, and Venezuela, just to name a few. They WERE warm and sort of Catholic/Christian. Many African countries also were living in relative peace. Communism came in and peace moved out! It’s easy to find their killing fields. Just look for greener grass.

America’s politicos are out of touch with reality. These monitary sums are old figures! Indeed many authorities are warning that a worse crisis is coming. And that dust-covered Bible some readers use for an occasional summer doorstop has been warning of it too, for about 5,000 years! The final crisis will cause gold and silver to be worthless and the entire world will be in chaos, misery, poverty, sickness, filth and starvation. But, of course you knew that because you’re a reader.

The neighbors who don’t read are the ones who will be in the most trouble and looking to your home for a temporary respite from the misery. Oh! Pray God through the name of Jesus the Christ that you may escape all these (terrible) things, because they are even at the door. I’m sorry to admit the next 7-years are not going to be easy or overtly happy for any of us. If you can manage it, I recommend you move to a country cabin near a stream of healthy water and settle there, even if in a travel trailer. It may not seem convenient but I promise it will eventually be far safer. People leading simple lives with a water source, chickens and a vegetable garden will be seen by some as The New Rich.

If the infrastructure collapses and there’s no delivery of fuel those cloistered and unseen growing “heirloom seeded vegetables” and drawing water from a well with prayers of thanksgiving are going to be the hidden wealthiest people in the United States. Fi on the gold coins. They’re too difficult to digest. Grow food, cut fire wood, and keep the roof well maintained. Remember to buy insecticide to protect your home. I wouldn’t worry much about boys coming from the city to find you. They’re clueless, and out of gas. If there’s an EMP event their engines won’t start anyway. YOU need to be out of the city before this happens! Even if you have to ride a bicycle to a pre-arranged location, have some way to get out, or do what I did and move out of the country.

A Crisis for The Wretched

The Bank for International Settlements (bis), one of the world’s leading financial authorities, warned June 28, 2015 that when the next crisis strikes, central banks won’t be able to save the day again.

The Telegraph called the bis report a “scathing critique of global monetary policy” (June 28). Whether in America or in Europe, financial authorities won’t be able to save the day—because so much money is fake money there’s no restoring normalcy to the disaster created by the various countries which have inflated their fiat currencies to nearly no end.

According to the bis, “In some jurisdictions, monetary policy is already testing its outer limits, to the point of stretching the boundaries of the unthinkable.” Remember that was in 2015.

Ponder that: We are stretching the boundaries of the unthinkable. Is it possible this could wreck the entire economy? That is what the bis was warning about.

The bis report noted that “the policy mix has relied too much … on the very debt-fueled growth model that lay at the root of the crisis.” And the United States has by far the worst debt of all in the world.

Famed investor Jim Rogers warned just days prior to the bis report: “I suspect in the next year or two we will see some kind of major, major problems in the world financial markets.”

On June 16, the Congressional Budget Office warned that debt threatens to send the U.S. economy into a death spiral. Oh but that was 2015 and surely things have been improved. No?

from:   https://www.bis.org/speeches/sp180814.htm

The level of global debt concerns me

Translation of an interview with Mr Claudio Borio, Head of the Monetary and Econc Department of the BIS, with Portafolio, conducted by Mr Ricardo Ávila on 9 July 2018.

BIS speech  |  

14 August 2018

by  Claudio Borio

Italian economist Claudio Borio is considered an authority in the areas of monetary policy, banking, finance and financial stability.

Borio heads the Monetary and Economic Department at the Bank for International Settlements. While at a seminar organised by the Latin American Reserve Fund (FLAR) last week, he gave an exclusive interview to Portafolio.

What is your opinion on the performance of the global economy?

In the short term, over the next year or so, the outlook is favourable in spite of the soft patch we saw at the beginning of 2018. Nevertheless, I would point out a number of specific features. The first is that it is highly unusual to see such strong momentum so late in the expansionary phase while at the same time inflation remains under control. The second is that we are seeing rising protectionist pressures. The third is that financial markets appear overstretched. But perhaps the biggest concern is that aggregate debt levels in relation to global GDP have continued to grow.

Why does that concern you?

Because that was the problem that ignited the 2008 crisis, and the scope to respond is much more limited now than it was then. From both the monetary policy and the fiscal perspective, the room for manoeuvre is much smaller.

Are things different this time?

It depends on what is meant by “different”. On the one hand, some tensions are very familiar and they are never going to change – that is, some mechanisms behind instability are always present. And of course, there will always be challenges and recessions. On the other hand, many emerging market economies (EMEs) are better prepared now because they have a good international reserve position and they allow their exchange rates to float more freely. Another thing that has changed is that banks have retreated internationally, and now capital markets are the most exposed. Any problems will be seen more in the asset management sector

Europe’s Reaction

Greece is the latest European victim of America’s debt crisis. That nation’s troubles are threatening trouble to other nations in Europe.

But they are also presenting opportunities for a more compact Europe.

The prophecy in Revelation 17 discusses the seven times that the Roman Empire would be resurrected as the Holy Roman Empire—from the Middle Ages all the way up to our present day. These resurrections are depicted as the seven heads of a beast. The free book, The Holy Roman Empire in Prophecy, will shock and inspire you with an understanding of those prophecies. Find it here: https://www.thetrumpet.com/literature/books_and_booklets?utf8=%E2%9C%93&%5Bview%5D=All

You might also appreciate one I turned out: the-prophesied-final-rise-of-europe’s-most-devastating-power/ pt 1 of 6 Knowing what I wrote there will help you make better sense of the entire picture.

There’s no charge for any of these and they’re available as PDF files so you can download them immediately.

Revelation chapter 17:12-13 are about a more streamlined Europe, and Greece’s crisis is showing us how it all will happen. These verses say, “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.”

Precisely the thing that Germans were most uneasy about, and their neighbors, too, has now occurred. Germany dominates Europe to a degree unimaginable even 15 years ago.    ROGER COHEN

This is the last head of that Holy Roman Empire, and it will have 10 kings. It won’t have 28 kings—it will have 10, and that is what this financial crisis will trigger and promote powerfully.

Most Americans do not read the Bible and many have found it such a puzzle they have no idea what it says. The prophecy interpretations turned out by the church supporting www.TheTrumpet.com  is the only reliable source for understanding future prophecy and planning based upon their assertions.

YOU are one of the few who do or can understand this. All the other pastors I’ve listened to are guessing. Lacking the benefit of Mr. Armstrong’s tutilage, their interpretations of prophecy are often severely incorrect. Some of them live in the society destined for the most future trouble and still can’t see it or refuse to preach it.

Verse 17 further explains: “For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.” You do well to read that again. You can’t pick a fight with God. He said it will happen and His words don’t return to him “empty.” It will happen!

It is God’s will that this happens. Why? The Bible shows that this is going to happen because of America’s sins! America leads the world in vile sins. Our brilliant politicos are exporters of sin.

I (Newdell) can personally tolerate some people exchanging lovers every weekend as a forgivable sin. One day when they’ve aged a bit they’ll recognize their folly, if they haven’t died of their diseases. But telling the world’s women that infant “abortion” (often called infanticide or mass-murder which not so strangely looks much like ancient Ba’al Worship) is an acceptable form of “Family Planning” is certainly atrociously UNacceptable. God will punish the source of this sorcery, and the USA will suffer even more painfully in her sins than does England (which has had tenacious Satanist activities for centuries.)  

God indicated this was coming and He indicated it would be punished even more than the punishments received by several ancient cities of the Middle East. This society will self-destruct because of its tolerance, even its celebration of sinful behavior.

This sinful freedom is not the liberty The Lord intended for us to have. If we as a morally bankrupt society refuse to see the truth of this, God will strike with an iron fist and the nation will be destroyed and finally plunged beneath the ocean waves. You probably won’t live to see this unless you seriously change your ways to God’s Righteous Ways and pray that you may escape all these (terrible) things.

The German Question (and German Solution)

How exactly do America’s problems tie in with Europe, Greece and Germany? How are they bringing about the 10 kings of the final Holy Roman Empire?

“Europe, once again at a moment of crisis, faces the quandary of how to deal with German power. The German question is back,” wrote the New York Times’s Roger Cohen on July 13, 2015. “Precisely the thing that Germans were most uneasy about, and their neighbors, too, has now occurred. Germany dominates Europe to a degree unimaginable even 15 years ago.”

Now in year 2019 Germany really is on the doorstep of a crisis. See this:  https://www.thetrumpet.com/18421-germans-are-losing-trust-in-their-own-institutions

The American-European financial crisis is empowering Germany to dominate Greece and the rest of Europe in a way that will ultimately pare the European Union down to 10 nations!

In his July 13, 2015 article titled “Greece Is Being Treated Like a Hostile Occupied State,” the Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote that the new deal for Greece’s bailout is “the worst of all worlds. They have solved nothing. Germany and its allies have for the first time attempted to eject a country from the euro ….” In other words, it is going to unravel and, as the Bible prophesied, it will lead to those 10 nations.

Pritchard said that the German-brokered Athens deal “offers no conceivable way out of the country’s perpetual crisis.” He likened it to a military invasion by the EU’s monetary union (emu) to enforce whatever it wanted.

Greece’s former finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, said in a July 13 interview with the New Statesman that the European Monetary Union is “completely and utterly” controlled by Germany. “It is all like a very well-tuned orchestra, and [Germany’s finance minister] is the director.”

Thanks to the Satanically inspired power of Billionaires like George Soros, Muslim hordes are “migrating” into Europe (invading) and adding to the social mix a budget breaking crisis that is destined to ruin Europe and perhaps completely destroy the remnants of Christian/Western civilization. We’re moving toward social/societal collapse. It appears dear old George is trying the same trick financing the push of South Americans to North America, which will lead yet faster to an US economic and social collapse.

Can you imagine Germany moving in and controlling your country? Something amazing is happening in Europe, and Germany has power that was supposed to be dispersed among and controlled by all these EU members. They were expected to control a dangerous Germany, but look. Germany is controlling them! 

Reuters quoted one diplomat saying that the austerity measures imposed on Greece are tantamount to turning Greece into a “German protectorate” (July 12).

Herbert W. Armstrong predicted years ago that the collapse of the Western world’s financial system, led by the United States, would unite those 10 nations into what is called the Holy Roman Empire—led by Germany.

It is a development that will shock the world! But if you study these events within the bigger picture of Bible prophecy, you realize that it is going to lead to Jesus Christ returning to personally destroy that great empire and to usher in peace and joy and happiness to our broken, sick and dying world that has no good answers to solve such massive problems.

Please don’t stop learning quite yet.

A great many people consider Europe’s storied history—its dungeons and castles, its ancient weapons and renowned battlefields, its celebrated medieval past, filled with royal and political intrigue—as valuable only as a lure for tourists. Europe’s days of conquest and empire are done. Aren’t they?

One can understand this perception. After all, the world hasn’t been frightened by a European military since the Second World War. Europe is multicultural and sophisticated, and a world leader in defending human rights and environmental activism. Besides that, Europe is struggling to ward off economic and financial ruin, as well as social unrest and revolt. The European Union is an inefficient, cumbersome collection of states beset with conflicting interests, bogged down by bureaucracy, and seemingly incapable of ever becoming a formidable global leader, let alone a lethal imperial superpower.

But 1,500 years of European history should warn us against underestimating the destructive power of Europe nations. Continue that thought here:  Europe becoming a 10-nation superpower


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