A Private Letter to Mactan Resort Operators

 An Easy Way For You To Gain More Hotel

Guests From The USA

at an Affordable Price

This offer is exclusively for resort operators on Mactan Island and will close soon. I’m waiting for ONE manager to accept this offer and run with it.

 Hotel operators must feel a little bit trapped. If they want to buy advertising the price is ridiculously high. If they let the travel agencies do the work they often gain and then lose reservations and this mixes up their scheduling!

 Is there not some good medium in which we can advertise Resorts and Hotels at a reasonable price?

 Now There Is!

DEAR Hotel and Resort Manager, 

I have a very important offer for you but cannot show it to you on your email form, so I have requested you see this page.

I’ve been working these past 9-months on a website project to help resorts like yours reach potentially new vacationing guests and better guests than you might find anywhere else.

These past months I’ve been building a magazine especially for Christian Church members. These honest, good, decent people have a problem. The US magazine publishers have changed their ways and now there is too much of exactly what decent people do not want to see or show to their children. So, they’re not reading general interest magazines. They want a good magazine they can relax and enjoy, but can’t find anything they would leave lying around in the house for fear their kids will see all the sexual content slipped into every magazine these days! There are two big name “Christian Magazines” but they are very heavy theology reading and not something to relax and enjoy.

I decided I can solve several of these problems and began developing a magazine – a repository of articles about many subjects. We’re new and I’ve been reaching “Mega Churches” with 10,000 and more in the congregation every weekend. Yes, in America there are many that large and many more larger than 5,000 and I’m reaching them all with an offer to begin with me for FREE.

In exchange I am asking them to let their congregation know about the magazine. This is destined to develop a readership of over 500,000 per month very quickly. You can be one of the very first resorts in this magazine and get service for a bargain we can work out together. I’ll tell you how and why in a moment, but first read a little further.

Would you like your advertising to reach that number of readers every month? I can help you do it and YOU can make an offer I’d be crazy to refuse!

I am not doing this for every hotel. I chose YOU and I plan to reach a maximum of 5-resorts on Mactan Island just to get started.

I know you want a sample of what I might do so I built a sample page. Just click anywhere on this link and it should open in a separate tab.

Now that you’re seeing this sample I want you to remember what it might cost to buy a full page like this in a magazine or on line in a popular website. It’s probably a price higher than you can afford. But you can afford me and I’ll tell you why.

Firstly, I have a very special guest visiting me from Leyte Island probably on the 18th or 26th of July, and I want to take her for a walk on the beach, buy meals at your restaurant and share a rest for us overnight at your resort. Many resorts would give all of that away for a good article in a travel magazine. That practice is quite common.

Normally I would charge for a page as you are seeing at that link, about Five Thousand US Dollars for the year, or about P22,223-per-month. That’s an impossible figure for a Filipino hotel to pay. Americans in New York and Chicago or Miami Beach can pay such fees but not here in Cebu. So why should I do this for you?

I will do it because I want your resort-hotel featured in the travel section! It’s good for you and it makes my work look good!

I will also place 10-small ads for you in other travel articles and featured general articles. Also, on Facebook and other social media postings. I want to bring more business here to The Philippines and your resort is a great place to begin. I can even place a picture ad for you in a special page displaying all travel articles. You’ll be seen everywhere. This will be VERY good for you.

That means, every time someone looks at the travel section page your hotel is beckoning them to look at the page featuring YOUR resort, which, like this sample will include your photos and any YouTube videos you have.

I will change photos as you send new ones. You can hire young people in Cebu who do TV Production study and there are several that would come to you, make up a beautiful video, upload it to YouTube at a reasonable price and you have advertising there forever – and it will be “embedded” into the page as you have seen.

So, this is good sampling to other hotels in the USA and Europe and elsewhere to see. It shows them what I can do, and it’s GREAT advertising for you … AND …

Prospective new guests can make reservations anywhere you choose; your hotel front desk, or your favorite travel agent, or a phone call center. That’s up to you. You just provide a number or email address or travel agency web address, or all three and I’ll include them. Once that ad is placed and completed it will be on the website for an entire year. I’ll contact you to get your decision about continuing before the year ends.

The magazine looks good now. I’m getting more technical help and soon it will look MUCH better. (I don’t want to explain the technical end of this but you can be assured I’ll have much better control over all of the styling.) I plan to model after the New York Times T-Magazine. (see that here: https://www.nytimes.com/section/t-magazine/travel )

So, good things are happening and I’m offering for you to have a big start in it at a price YOU can propose and we can bargain around a little from there.

It’s best for you to respond to me at this email address:

SteveNewdell2022@yahoo.com  I like this much better than the website “professional” address. I have trouble hearing on a cell phone. My old ears aren’t so good as when I was a boy. It’s better for you to tell me you’d like a meeting and I’ll come to visit. I don’t speak Cebuano, only English for just now. But I’m sure we can work through that alright.

You are the only one I’ve written to on July 8, 2018. I’ll wait a couple of days for your response and if I don’t hear from you I’ll contact another resort. Don’t let this great offer get away from you. Respond immediately!

REALLY, no joking, it can be a price based around your offer, a price I’d be crazy to refuse. Just think and make an offer. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Best regards,

Steve Newdell


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