Have Courage and Hope

The musician writes:
gregplaysthestick Published on Sep 15, 2015
I was thinking about how lucky I am to have a safe and pleasant place to live. I wanted to capture that feeling of “home” in a tune and put it out there, as a sort of prayer for all the millions of displaced people struggling to land where they can be at peace. Thanks for watching and listening
I’m sorry to say there will be many more lost, homeless, displaced people as 2018 – 2020 wear on. Worse, those who have much often look with distain upon those who struggle. The unforgiving curse themselves by their distainful thoughts and soon find their own financial moras and even oneday discover they are sleeping in their car and cooking on a little gas stove beside it.
We who Love The Lord know that the Tribulation Time is developing now and all the numbers indicate for America serious pain is inevitable. This website/magazine (“magazine:” a repository, storage space for anything, including articles and books) is here to help you know that there is protection, and perhaps some persecution and pain on our path, but we do have a wonderful home awaiting us, and before the worst happens, we will be at peace and joy there — joy beyond anything you have heretofore been capable of experiencing!
My advice, the advice of a man like Rabbi/Pastor Jonathan Cahn remains: Study God’s Ways deeper and deeper. Pray more. Pray that we may escape all these things. This is why I work, write, and select the material here carefully so that it will assist you along your path.
Faithfully yours,

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