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Briefly, The Purpose of the blog is to work like a big neon sign over a pizza shop. I invite you in to look and learn more. Salesmen are taught to say, “Some will, some won’t, some do, some don’t. So what? Who’s next?” 
In the same way, God seeks after those who want him. Many hear the call but few are chosen. Many hear the Gospel and are excited about it for a little while and then slip back into their old habits and old beliefs. 
The true gospel Jesus taught explained how you could become part of His family and be like God! Do miracles and have what you want through an eternal life.  If you’re brave enough to have your old thinking shaken and stirred, I’ll explain all of this (appearing in January) in my introductory new book pages God’s Amazing Future Plans For You! The book is free of charge. Many people won’t read something they got for free. They only value what they paid for. That’s part of the “magic” of the gospel. Everyone got it free, but very few valued it. What about you? 
In the near future there will be a website library which will house articles and books for you to download, keep and SHARE — most of them will be free. Jesus gave to us freely and told his disciples to give freely also, so, that’s what I’m doing.
Some of this material is scientific proofs God Created the universe. Much of it offers encouragement and warnings, and help for true Christian development — which we all need because the End of this Age is very near!
Finally please see this: PLEASE NOTE: As of July 2017 the U.S. Government through the Federal Trade Commission has developed rules that can very easily apply to any website, including of course, Christian/Jewish Theology Websites and blogs. (Of course they will leave pornographers alone and go on search and destroy missions for Evangelism sites.)
This material can do a disappearing act at any time, and so might I! Therefore, if you see something you want to read and perhaps pass to friends, download it to your hard drive and keep it. I’m abroad and the gov’t will have difficulty clamping down on me, but they could. I might disappear and reappear under another name in an effort to continue to teach God’s Way, but that’s the best I can offer to you. See and Save is the motto here. 
My interest is to save lost souls and help those who have been deceived discover the truth, come to God, and be set free by the experience.
The Governments of the world are aligning with “The Evil One.” They hate freedom and don’t want you or anyone else to be happy or free.  (By the way, “the pursuit of happiness” was an entirely new idea when first penned in the Declaration of Independence of the original colonies. Previous to that, people were subjects of a King and the only person who expected to be free and occasionally happy was the top royal.
Come to Jesus the Christ and find the truth that will set you free and allow you true happiness forever. Our Lord truly wants you to be happy and free.

Statement of Faith:

 I have too many doctrinal questions, but this statement works best for me. Find it Here.
*NB: The website operator maintains the legal position that anything on line has violated its own copyright and is public property.


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