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drnewdell1992This blog and website are developing into a general interest and general audience magazine. Before the 1960’s there were several similar magazines but after around 1965 they began to specialize. Now we’re hard pressed to find a general audience magazine that won’t embarrass us with salacious covers and promotions of what God calls evil. So, I’m attempting to fill the gap with a magazine full of interesting posts and articles about many subjects including, Food, Recipes, Child Raising, Better Family Life, Vacationing, GeoPolitics and Economics, and Theology. I’m pleased to say there is a growing audience and I am thankful for every reader and every recommendation to friends to come look here.
I am the Editor. I spend a lot of time reading, writing, and pulling various materials together to benefit all of us. I do not have any absolute doctrinal answers. As I continue my study I “meet” many scholars who argue well for their point of view, and none of them are 100% right or certain about many doctrinal points. I’m not running a church and I’m not attempting to claim I have all the answers. Certainly, I do not.
Our advertisers will gain benefit from your patronage and you will gain benefit dealing with honest God-Loving people. I recommend them to you.
Expect more and more articles as time passes.
Kind regards,
Dr. Stephen Newdell
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