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This blog and website are developing into a general interest and general audience magazine. Before the 1960’s there were several similar magazines but after around 1965 they began to specialize. Now we’re hard pressed to find a general audience magazine for the God-Fearing Family that won’t embarrass us with salacious covers and promotions of what God calls evil.

I’m attempting to fill the gap with a magazine full of interesting posts and articles about many subjects including, Food, Recipes, Child Raising, Better Family Life, Vacationing, GeoPolitics and Economics, and Theology. I’m pleased to say there is a growing audience and I am thankful for every reader and every recommendation to friends to come look here.

I am the Editor. I spend a lot of time reading, writing, and pulling various materials together to benefit all of us. I do not have any absolute doctrinal answers. As I continue my study I “meet” many scholars who argue well for their point of view, and none of them are100% right or certain about many doctrinal points. I’m not running a church and I’m not attempting to claim I have all the answers. Certainly, I do not.

Our advertisers will gain benefit from your patronage and you will gain benefit dealing with honest God-Loving people. I recommend them to you.

Expect more and more articles as time passes.

Kind regards,

Dr. Stephen Newdell

PS. If you need to reach me fill in this CONTACT FORM. If you prefer, for just now, write to me here:  SteveNewdell2022@gmail.com  OR  write to me here: sales@hwm.sgshopper.me 

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