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To Readers: Why Is Dr. Newdell Producing This?

More about the philosophy and business side.

There is a short list of reasons I write and post this material. But before we go into it you should know, I’m NOT getting rich doing this. The little I earn helps keep me and the website going, but rich? (ha!) No, certainly not!

I earn a little when people advertise and I keep ad prices low because almost everywhere you look advertising prices are sky high and the small business person cannot afford to reach people with his offer.

The new book author or newsletter author wants to reach people and can’t afford to!  This is a good place for him/her to reach potential new customers at a decent price. He probably cannot find any other offer that reaches a broad Christian and Messianic-Jewish (believers that Jesus is the Messiah) public at a very low price.

Hotels love decent, quiet people who don’t drink, ruin bedding and furniture and are just peaceful, proper ladies and gentlemen. So hotels and small B&B Boutique Hotels and similar are happy to reach God-Loving people.

Likewise, every business related to travel and tourism is happy to see a Christian conservative public.

There are a million and one other businesses in cities across the US, Canada and England, even Australia and New Zealand, and old British colonies and many there are interested in what I’m producing. They are Bakers, Sweater shops, Custom Tailors, Doctors, Gift shops, Furniture makers, Small Wine and Cheese makers and retailers –  even Car dealers and many more – there are many people who can benefit from advertising here, especially if they sell through their website and ship to the customer.

Our readers have for a long time been looking for family oriented, general subject reading material that the entire family can see. I don’t suppose I have to explain too very carefully how many magazines are selling salacious material these days and teaching immorality to everyone who reads including teenagers and younger! Even old fashioned conservative magazines have a bit of that woven into them now and many more conservative “heads of the household” are distressed over it. So, I do my best to avoid that and keep things pleasant, calm, and enjoyable to read, and INFORMATIVE. If I speak about sex in an article it’s theory related to marriage counseling. I’m not adding photos.

Finally the Gospel: The True Gospel is unknown to most people. Jesus left us with standing orders to continue to teach that message, and so this is my effort to do so and include many excellent thoughts, short articles and sermons from modern pastors and old masters.

Many don’t want to attend churches for various reasons including the feeling that some churches teach everything accept what they should be teaching. Or the local church may be teaching what you think is apostate! Maybe for you travel to a church is difficult, maybe so much time in a crowd is uncomfortable, maybe you don’t see or hear well and the time is wasted. Maybe your body these days requires you be nearer home for continual maintenance. Whatever the reason, this magazine is here to help you, children, and grandchildren to find the true light of God, our true savior, and the true message He spoke from The Heavenly Father to us.

I think most of us know we are in the final years before the return of Jesus. The world is becoming more lawless and distressing every week. Prophecies are coming true and some don’t know anything about them. To help you learn more I link to other great teachers.

The magazine is free to read. The advertising prices are modest, and as a way to earn a little more to support myself I also promote health-care articles and in good time I will make some better-health-related products available. I was a working and licensed doctor for years and I know the products I will recommend will be made to the highest standards and will benefit those who buy and use them.

Many of these products I’ve tested myself. Friends remark that I’m the youngest 68-year-old they’ve ever met. This good nutrition and natural-care concept is well proven. You will do well to take my advice, because I have proven it for myself.


Thanks for reading. From the Home page you can learn more about advertising here or read the blog and articles, and in a short while you’ll be able to get free books too.   HOME


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