About This Site and GDPR Regulations


The GDPR laws were primarily written to stop huge firms like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, big newspapers and similar from gathering information about you (and me) and passing this information to advertising firms. It is highly unlikely the EU censors will complain about my general interest magazine. If they do I will remove or change any pages they indicate they don’t like.

This site is a free reading service. It is a library, a repository of articles, thus the definition of the word “magazine” fits. I continue to add more articles each month as most magazines do. We do not sell anything directly other than advertising space. It is the responsibility of advertisers to be GDPR compliant.

We do not use a contact form. We do not collect any information about you. Within the USA readers are welcomed to be placed on our Emailing list which will advise about new articles when they appear. England will have no objection to this policy when they leave the EU. My site is written in English only so the likelihood of Euro-citizens visiting my site is very slim.

This site does NOT use cookies. If you see a cookie notice it comes from WordPress where we host the site. It doesn’t come from this magazine and I, quite frankly, am not technically astute enough to know what I would do with cookie information if I had it.

The only acceptable reason to reach the editor is to discuss buying advertising space. I do not run a church and I do not discuss theology with readers. I simply do not have the time for that. If you want theology counseling I recommend you find a church clergy who can advise you.

So far as I know we do not have any articles that should be or might be listed by the EU as “hate speech.” If we get several complaints we will finally be forced to block the site from being seen in Europe. That would sadden me profoundly but again, there’s nothing I can do about changing European Union laws. Conversely I have no money to pay fines and there’s little the EU can do if I have an article on my site they don’t like! I’ll remove it, but if it stays a little too long and someone at the EU doesn’t like it, I will remove it.  I’m sorry but I have no money to pay your fines so don’t bother yourself with me.

We presently do not have our own social media. If you discuss this website do it at one of the listed social media outlets as for example, Facebook, Twitter and similar others.

I don’t intend to appear grouchy. I am just avoiding all problems/issues with the European Union GDPR laws. The best way for me to do that is to simply do NOTHING that collects information. If you would like to get notification when we publish articles you can do that HERE. Again, this is done by an advertising/public relations agency and I don’t have anything to do with that activity.

Thanks very much for your kind attention. Please feel free to enjoy the growing library of approximately 1,000 articles here at Heaven’sWay Magazine.

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