AIM #1 Joining

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Global Package

Reasons to Join AIM

The Value of this package is FAR greater than its cost!

This is so good it looks like fringe benefits for a major executive working in a big corporation.
The only thing you do not get is a salary — but that’s GOOD because no company can pay you as well as the money you can earn as a busy distributor. If you want a raise, just work more and invite more people into the company with you.
If you’re new here, read to the bottom of this page, and then take this opportunity and run with it. You will have to work. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It’s the most rewarding work you can find in all of The Philippines, and it is open to anyone regardless of age or education or sex, size, weight, looks or religious affiliation. Just get started. You’ll always be glad you did!

Consider with me — the benefits here are numerous.

  1. It’s a career. No one can fire you. There is no contract! It’s your business and so long as people live they need what we offer – for the rest of your life! (read through and see #6)
  2. You make your own hours. We will guide you. You can decide more about how you want to market the products.
  3. Work smarter and more and earn more.
  4. Fear of starting your own business should really be ½ of the fear of working for someone else who can abuse or fire you at any time.
  5. There is no personality profile during your application process. We don’t hire based upon anything other than your willingness to join and work the system. Work a proven system and it always pays you back!
  6. This business provides “Residual Income.” In many cases you’ll give information to someone once, and that customer will buy from you repeatedly forever. You worked once, and get paid every month for the rest of your life! That is what can make you comfortable – even wealthy!

Someday — You get old, you get tired, you want a long vacation, you would prefer to work only in the morning? You can do that with your own business because YOU built the network. Your downline people are with you helping provide a living to you. And …. The same opportunity is applicable to them! They have the same opportunities that you have.
There are more pages and more information TO BE LINKED HERE

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