American Undoing – Another Observation

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Here is one man’s view about what happened in American society and what happened to women and men!
Traditionally in America, women were happy to be house keepers, mothers and lovers. They wanted a decent home, expected their job was raising the children and having meals ready for everyone, keeping the laundry clean, keeping the house clean, and perhaps two or three nights each week the husband would make love with her, and that was just normal life. There were few job openings for women. Traditionally they worked in offices as secretarial staff, in doctor’s offices as assistants, in hospitals as nurses and sometimes lab technicians and doctors. Once in a blue moon you might find a woman working in commercial art. My aunt and her husband were commercial artists for text books, books about nature, plants, birds, work like that, but they worked alone at home! Why the (!) mark?
There’s a story about the first women who went to work as a cartoonist for Disney. She wrote them a letter requesting to apply for work. She got a letter back that simply stated all the artists in the art department are men. The woman who wrote the letter said nothing more. I think that was unfair and stupid, but that was the way it was. Even banks mostly were operated entirely by men.
In the 1940’s most men ended up going to war and the nation so desperately needed people in manufacturing they ran advertisements saying they wanted women to come to work making weapons. The factories would train women to piece together the parts for aircraft, bullets, bombs, guns, and there were now famous posters of women doing industrial labor. This really was a huge change for American society.
When the war ended men returned, married, and women started families again. Some wanted to graduate high school and work but still there wasn’t much work variety available for them.
I was a child and my older sister would come home and tell my mother about her day at school and discuss “Home Economics” class. The girls were being taught their gender/social role in society. They learned to wash dishes, cook, clean, do laundry, iron shirts and slacks, how to properly feed children including something about nutrition. They were being trained to be house wives and though it sounds like drudgery many women admitted they were happy with this life style.
American men, the ones I knew, did not drink heavily, no one did anything with drugs back then. Sex was never on the table for discussion – which I think was bad and was leading to something more.
The something more came around 1960 with the very daring two piece swim suit. When the Bikini came out it nearly started a revolution. A designer, Rudi Gernreich, produced a topless swimsuit. You can see in the photo I’ve included, the people standing in the background watching. This was OUTRAGEOUSLY daring. It was not popular.
The British Invaded Again! In the form of several rock-n-roll groups and from them came the implication that taking illicit drugs was very stylish, and having flocks of strangers for lovers was the best way to live. One group, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young from America sang, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”
By 1965 America was in the middle of something like a soft civil war. College students were massing on the streets decrying the police, (calling them “pigs”) and protesting the American involvement in the Vietnam War.
Young Americans demanded more equality. Black people in the South were rioting because the White police of that day persecuted them sometimes just because they were Black. If a Black man was possibly implicated in a crime it was assumed he was guilty. Black people had to use separate public toilets/comfort rooms and sit at the back of a bus, go to the back of the line, have their own separate churches!!! They were 3rd class citizens. This was turning into a social explosion!
During all of this young women were swept up in a “movement” for equal rights for women, and “Women’s Liberation” which actually was an attempt to tell all girls they should be Lesbians. But along the way those women who listened to this trash learned that it was “demeaning” for a man to treat her as if she is special. Men learned to change their speech might be insulting women by opening a door for her, (oh that was terrible) and basically I were there to be used and abused.
One young woman finally said to me, “The Women’s Lib movement was a failure.” Yes it certainly was, but not before many young women didn’t know whether they were women or men!
Women began getting more jobs in business, and even starting their own businesses. They were moving into executive positions and earning good money, some were earning more than their husbands. This was somehow seen as insulting and belittling by their men, and even today many young men are in hiding because they imagine they should be superior in every way. Even right now there are nearly the same or more, young women in executive positions than men, and many young men are busy playing video games but they’re not working!
Meantime the national teacher’s union magazine was beginning to tell teachers they had to teach differently. A New York City teacher wrote several books beginning with “The Dumbing Down of America.” He explained how they changed the methods used to teach reading, writing, arithmetic so that today many young people cannot read or write and few can barely do basic arithmetic! It has only gotten worse. A girl told me in her senior high school year, English class was mostly reading stories and discussing their social implications. In other words, they were being brain washed! No one was learning to be a better writer.
The brain washing has continued. Little kids in America are being taught from age 6 that they should question their gender. Are you a girl or a boy or both? Would you prefer to love a girl or a boy, or perhaps you would like sex with an adult!
Oh believe me. They ARE teaching that and it is one of the reasons God is going to allow other countries to finally destroy America!
College age people are regularly having sex parties. Everyone connects with everyone and they don’t even know the name of the person with whom they’re having sex. Sexually transmitted diseases are rising to epidemic numbers.
They spend a fortune for college and the college professors tell them twisted lies about economics and politics. VERY few are really learning any good physics, chemistry, law, sociology, higher mathematics, and a few I’ve seen can’t write a basic report for their work.
I spoke to a young woman law student once. We were discusing this new legal concept called “sexual harassment.” Of course there truly have been some men who have misbehaved in the work place but for the most part men don’t do that. Todays, my observation has been, the lawyers have stretched the definition so far that if I said to an American co-worker, “You look good in that dress” or “I like your smile” or “Let’s go to lunch together” or even if I looked at her for more than 5-seconds, I could be fired for these actions because they all might be considered sexual harassment.
When I was a little boy, giving a woman a complement about her dress was considered the gentlemanly thing to do and indeed the teacher in 2nd grade taught us that. Now the entire idea can be enough to get a man fired.
The management of these big companies do not want to be involved in a long court battle, and certainly do not want to be all over the newspapers about it. They generally will find one of several ways to eliminate that man from his work even if he did nothing wrong! I’ve seen it!
Now, let’s suppose a 23-year-old girl who generally hates men decided she wants a 55-year-old man out of the work place because he reminds her of some uncle who tried to rape her when she was age 15. (Yes that happens too, I’m sorry to say.)
So the girl brings a charge to the upper management. “He looked at me a long time. I think he was flirting with me. I will take this to the company lawyer and file a law suit if something isn’t done!”
The 55-year-old man will never be hired anywhere ever again because (1) Big companies are often run by younger people who don’t want “old people” around. They want young party animals, and (2) They will file a complaint against the man in a national employment back ground check database and every time that man applies for work anywhere this complaint will appear. He will never be hired again. He may end up sleeping homeless on the streets and the girl who did this to him gets away with it!
NATURALLY THEN many men over than 40 have been a bit traumatized by young women in general, and young American women in particular. Some men have had unjust legal actions taken against them. Many such men live alone. Some move to various countries in South East Asia. I live in The Philippines these days, for financial reasons.
Many I see won’t even speak to me. They’re afraid this will lead to a discussion about “Why did you come to live here” and they want to avoid making up excuses. They want to avoid talking about!
There are other good reasons to live here. In America my pension would leave me starving. Here I’m “middle class.” Here people treat me decently. So long as I am polite, they are too. Young people offer for me to step ahead of them at the grocery line sometimes. Young people smile and say hello to me. They have good manners, respect and appreciation for a friendly mature man. Not in America. Young people in America often treat older strangers as if they are stray dogs!
Many American men live in Saigon for half what it costs me to live here. Vietnam’s average monthly wage for an upper executive is about $150 = P7,000. One can live there, find some woman to translate language (and a little more) and be comfortable on a small pension from the US. The American government has found a way to require older men to leave North America, and apparently their method has been effective!
America has lost examples of older real hard working men who could teach valuable skills, and good manners. America has lost a core segment of conservative society. American younger men are feeling like lost souls and many are in hiding unwilling to seek good employment. Many have such terrible skills in communication and mathematics they are unemployable.
God sees and knows. This upside down society with social arguments that are illogical and social behaviors that are anti-Biblical cannot stand for much longer. Every week we observe more trouble and more signs that the last days are with us and we are heading into the time of the trouble such as the world has never seen before.
We who love HIM are awaiting a rescue. Those who mock God will experience tribulation and final condemnation. Seek God and The Christ and ask for salvation.

Stephen Newdell



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