An Easy Way For You To Gain More Potential Church Members




There is little to no opportunity for a church to promote effectively in a reasonably priced medium. One is left to wonder if “someone” wants to force churches out of the marketplace, and keep truth seekers out of churches!

Dear Pastor and Church Builders, 

(This continues the email you may have received which was what you see in red type. The message continues beyond.)

I’ve been working these past 8-months on a website project to help churches reach potential new congregants and spread the gospel. I’d be thankful for you to see it and tell me what you think.

I’m not expecting to sell anything today. I just want you to see what I can do for you, then contact me with any questions or comments.

There is a sociological change happening, and it is affecting your future.

America is divided over political views and social expectations.

More and more we observe, Conservative Christian people want to polarize away from the sinful craziness of “the world.” They want to stand up for their rights to love God and to worship as they believe.

They want to tell the government they’re not going to tolerate these many new policies and reductions of our freedoms of worship, speech, press… and … Christian people want to follow God’s precepts, want to return God to the courts and class rooms, and restore a general sense of higher morality across the nation.

We have been tolerant too long and we have been silent while the government has walked all over us for these past years during the Obama administration, and longer. Even now, though the President is working to make changes, we still have too many problems left to us by the ultra-liberal past years. The core of the Democratic Party is more openly Socialist all the time.

We can look from January 1993 when President Clinton took office and see so much change “to the left.” But together we can help to roll the calendar back much further to the behavior of a more God-Fearing country as it was.

Some extremely interesting ancient Biblical patterns have repeated in our time and the punishment accorded Jerusalem in ancient days is likely to fall upon the USA if we don’t work together to make some serious reversals.

Here is what has really been happening. I’ll explain the what and the why, and tell you how we can bring more potential church members through your doors. 

Continue Consideration 

At least since the time of Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War years beginning in 1969 our country got into serious economic trouble and the societal changes were obvious then too.

But even before that, in the early 1960’s and the Kennedy years, people and government around Capitol Hill were abandoning God’s righteous behavior, not just a few as in the 1920’s but by then en-masse.

 As it was in the ancient times of King Ahab, (1 Kings Chapters 16 – 22)  government and the general public first abandoned and then attacked the righteous precepts of God, which is what we see more obviously since the Bill Clinton years.

To understand this better you need to know a few secrets about Bill Clinton’s history. He was during his time as Governor of Arkansas involved with illicit drug trade flown into our country. This has been well documented but is officially hidden. King Ahab’s society also was involved with “witchcraft” and if you follow that word to its origin you see it means to use herbal drugs mixed with alcohol to bring about similar symptoms as we see from illicit drug abuse today.

He endorsed abortion from his first day in The White House in January of 1993. King Ahab endorsed Ba’al worship and child sacrifice. Thus, Clinton from the beginning of his presidency, began to follow the pattern set by Ahab, though he didn’t know he was doing so.

Mrs. Clinton followed the patterns set by Ahab’s wife, Jezebel, seeking to follow many gods and ignoring the precepts of the only true and righteous Living God. I hope you’re courageous enough to recognize this truth even if at that time you may have thought the Clintons were wonderful people. Maybe you have known this information. But if not, it’s easy to look up, read and compare in 1 Kings 16 and forward.

Just for an easy reminder:

When Ahab married Jezebel, he became the first Israelite king in the Bible who allied himself to heathenism through marriage. Jezebel was a pagan princess of a religious leader in Tyre named Ethba’al. He was a priest of the god Astarte (also called by the name Eastre).

Persuaded by his wife, Ahab built an altar in Samaria (capital city of the northern ten tribes of Israel) dedicated to the false god Ba’al. Needless to say, God was not happy with the king over His people (1Kings 16:30 – 33)  (from:

Jezebel promoted infant sacrifice on the Ba’al alter and Hillary Clinton promoted abortion as a woman’s right. People today for many reasons, refer to her as “Killery.”

George H.W. Bush in 1981, though a Republican, did nothing to slow the headlong rush to economic disaster. As the economy changes, the sociology also changes.  We’ve been in real trouble economically and sociologically for a long time and the overall Christian Community in the United States has suffered. Church attendance has also suffered, but working together, we can change that!

I will be daring and tell you to be courageous. We are discovering, churches that stick to the Bible are filling and those that depart from The Bible are seeing diminishing visitor traffic.

There is a great falling away in progress as prophesied, but that give us all the stronger reasons to work more diligently to bring more truth seekers to Jesus Christ and knowledge of His gospel.

Nowadays, I think you are a witness to a real welding together of Christian people who want more and better communication between themselves, their churches, and other Christians.

In your church and outside in the media, we must be more effective at reaching people who want to fill that void they feel, with God. Those who have never really understood the Good News about or Gospel of Jesus Christ feel — I understand — an emptiness, a homelessness because they need and want God but don’t realize it is He and the Christ, Jesus who can fulfill their need and satisfy their silent pain ridden longing!

If we don’t do more to reach them, they will accept the deceptions of the ultra-liberals, who are led, (whether they know it or not) by The Evil One and his minions. Yes, I do believe the devil is real and I believe what I’ve said is the truth.

It’s important we evoke strong emotions in our message, because we’re living in an emotionally highly charged era. Many believe this is the final 7-years before the return of Jesus Christ. Some calculate 10-years. In any case, we’re expecting vast changes. 

We men often miss this. We’re so busy being very logical, doing our jobs in logically planned steps. We relegate our emotional self to “left field.”

However, anyone who knows something about sales and why people buy, (what motivates them) will tell you, people use logical ideas to justify a purchase, but the emotional impact of a message is what helps them to take a decision and get into action.

That emotional impact gives reason for them to listen more carefully, draw their friends to your sanctuary, get off their seat and come to an alter call, seek repentance, beg for God’s forgiveness and salvation, and come back to you weekend after weekend for more education and uplifting.

They do this because in their mind YOU were instrumental in their salvation. Of course then, they will look to you for further advice and guidance, and though we know there is a churning of people going from one sanctuary to another, the 90% that come back every weekend do so because they’ve learned to trust you and look to you for further help. And…Of course after 3 or 4 visits they feel something between an obligation and a desire to tithe. 

During the past December I was working on this website many hours as we were getting closer to Christmas of 2017 and a woman friend came to visit. I asked her, “Have you heard this piece of music I displayed to introduce a page of Christmas music? It’s “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” by Rascal Flatts.

Three men sing.  I would call their genre modern-contemporary Country & Western style sometimes with a Christian and generally decent proper bias. In this case they sang in close harmony without music behind them, like the old Barber-Shop  Quartet. “I’ll be home for Christmas, IF ONLY in my dreams.” She cried listening. Many people do, and their tears and the very thought of their tears bring others to tears.

Our friend got on Facebook and found my post sharing that music and wrote, “It made me cry.” I think a lot of her friends, particularly women, listened in because it made her cry and that emotional impact is what drew them to listen and feel the emotional impact too. They want to share their emotional sensitivity!

This is good to know for a pastor running a church. It’s also good to know for someone running an online magazine.

There is presently — no other general audience and general interest, spiritually clean, proper, morally upright magazine with a Christian leaning, intended for the entire family. There is nothing like that available now.

The venerable Ladies Home Journal looks more now like Cosmopolitan (“Cosmo” is the Playboy for girls one woman told me.) There are some scholarly news magazines like The New Yorker and the New York Times Section Magazine but most of those articles are rather long and pedantic. Many people will complain, “It’s too much to read. I want something shorter, and simple.” (NY Time is going too liberal for my comfort.) The New York Times has run articles promoting “the gay lifestyle,” which I’m sure you know, the Bible warns against in several places in severe terms.

So we need a better variety, a mix of longer and shorter articles and quick interesting “print bits.” (Print bits are like sound bites without the sound.)

Where can a Christian family turn for entertaining and informative reading that won’t offend, won’t embarrass, will teach something useful (learning without trying to learn) and covers a broad array of subjects? Right now, it’s beginning to look like I’ve got the only medium! I’ll tell you why….

Big publishers saw that the “niche” magazines that specialized in a particular theme were making more money, so they too began to specialize.

There are magazines for hunting, fishing, wood working, cars, boats, arts and crafts, furniture, interior decorating, (those are safe) and fashion, make-up, lingerie, music and movies, travel and vacations, fitness and health — and many of those promote gratuitous, salacious, loveless sex with no purpose but lust, “being more popular,” and the promotion of promiscuity.

People generally want to be needed, wanted, and appreciated, but there must be some guidance about why people should want you. They should want you for kindness, decency, honesty, and Godliness.

These magazines actually promote destruction of marriage as God wants it, and are working to promote the worst sorts of sex crimes. This also implies the promotion of convenient abortions – which I expect we both agree – is anti-God to the maximum.

The modern teenage girl/woman is barraged with pictures and explanations about making herself look like a Las Vegas prostitute, and the magazines and music YouTube videos glamorize it.

Not only is this behavior made to look glamorous with photographs, it’s seen as modern, chic, and stylish to have many different lovers. The more trysts they can count up in a year the better it is to prove their beauty, and allure.

This constant desire to receive approval is the root reasoning for so much of what goes on in magazines, music videos, and social media.

Some of these women brag about their sins in social media. These days, the devil’s work is considered good and glamorous and the work of God and Angels is seen as ridiculous mythology. Just consider the disgraceful disrespect pointed to The President during the May 5th Saturday Night Live show involving a skit with “Stormy Daniels.”   (Ms. Daniels, you may be reminded, was an x-rated movie actress who claimed she had an affair with Donald Trump.)

Who would have dreamed our society would descended so low? So now please….

….Just mentally picture a Christian married couple with two kids age 14 and 16 with nothing to see or read on a Saturday, but the sinful temptations of the world on TV, on the Internet and in print. Mom and the Pastor or some other church staff get a few minutes to speak to those younger people every week.  But…

…But “the media” pours sinful ideas into their mind through ear buds and “sharing” on social media, videos, TV, radio, even computerized games and children’s toys. A huge population takes in at least an hour of this propaganda while getting their day started in the morning, and at least potentially 6-hours after school, every day, and more on weekends. It’s a continuous sin-filled indoctrination.

Some even sleep with music playing into their ears half the night! Some of that music has subliminal Satanic messages embedded in it and parents don’t realize their children are being indoctrinated, actually “brain washed,” by their smart phone – the smart phone they bought for their daughter or son!

These young people spend their free time poking their smart phone. Many don’t talk to “friends,” actually have a lack of conversational skills, or a fear of starting a conversation, and are quite lonesome. We see this is tied to more drug abuse and teen suicide!

By age 18 and 19, modern American women are telling “friends” in social media, about the latest new sexploits they had over the weekend. They broadcast it complete with photos.

Someone should jump into this fray, fill this huge gap of unmet need with something to influence people to return to God, turn back to Christ, come into a church at least once a week, (at least!) and patronize Christian owned small businesses. That’s what my magazine is intended to do. This is what we’re doing, and why the magazine’s readership numbers are growing. …AND….

Promotional-space to get your message to those eyes, will be available at an extremely reasonable price. You have to see samples to know what I’m talking about. I’m linking to them further on. 

The e-magazine is free to read. I’d like for you to make time to see it. The theology section will provide ideas for sermons if you searching for a good idea to get you started writing.

There’s no subscription required. It’s growing in variety of subjects and interest, and it’s gaining a larger and ever growing audience. Friends, (old professional writers and a once famous journalist) are contacting me with complements.

When you see it, and realize new articles are added nearly every day, you’ll be better able to decide if it’s a medium through which you want to reach lost souls and invite them to your sanctuary.

{At this writing the total number of articles and print bits is heading toward over 400 mark. I publish close to 50 pieces every month. There’s plenty to read there. I’m working at this many hours daily because I feel that God has given me this assignment!}

The website magazine will soon be attached to its own social media platform where people can discuss theology, anything else they read or want to talk about, make new friends, bond with more Christian and God-Loving people, draw friends in who are beginning to take the big dare and reach for that “mythical” God to find out if He is real or not!….

…. Is God real or a myth?

That’s a big subject I pound on. As a man with a science background I think there is a need to contradict or argue against the views propounded by most of today’s college professors.

The devil wants college students (and younger) to believe God is a myth. We know God is real. How do we prove it? I do it with articles and videos applying Physics, Astronomy, Biblical Archeology, and Biology, -– and some news tied to history, and proofs of prophecy.

I, and writers I draw from, prove that The Bible is Truth and God is Real! And I prove that the evolutionary thesis is mythology. The soon to be attached social media will pull in more readers. I expect this reading population to grow dramatically. There’s a broader sociological reason for this. You see….

There is a very pointed, obvious polarization of society in play. Those who want to live for the sex, drugs and rock-n-roll distractions of life, verses those willing to take the slim rocky uphill climb to eternal life in the Heavenly Kingdom, as subjects of God and Jesus Christ. 

The Satanists are not hiding any longer. They promote their lifestyle and their lies are “extravagant.” God fearing people are facing a spiritual war and we must not shirk our duty.

There are those happy to “Dance Until The World Ends.”

We must support and strengthen those who want to take the advice given in Luke 21:36 and pray to escape all these coming horrors.  (NIV: “Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”)

Obviously some leaders in big government are pointedly pushing kids onto the broad downward grade to condemnation. Many people discern what is happening. They are pulling away from that influence. Instead of their feet running to sin, they are running to God!

Isaiah 59:7  King James Bible 
Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths.

1 Corinthians 6:18   Berean Study Bible
Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a man can commit is outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body.

Those telling Christians that they are the problem, and the Christian philosophy is the source of social ills are going to be met with a Christian Army of decent morally upright people who say, “I’m not going to tolerate your socially/politically  correct, ultra-liberalist, Marxist reforms masquerading evil and claiming it is good” any longer. I will fight to rescue a few more souls for Christ!

I honestly believe that’s where we’re headed. Christians will know persecution even in America, as they do now in various other places across the world. That’s prophecy as I understand it.

Who is writing about it? Yes, of course there are a few Christian magazines, but a slim few indeed making any effort to reach a general audience for ages 14 to 94. I am doing it with the help of other writers. — Heavens Way 2022 Magazine is doing it.

Working together we will bring in more visitors and turn them into congregants and people willing to contribute their energy and money toward your good efforts, and do it for a price lower than it costs to place a mostly unseen classified ad at the back of a specialized magazine or large city newspaper.

And here’s something important that even most marketers don’t know. You must reach the potential “client/customer” or prospective new church member at the right time for him or her with the right message that “plays the right cord in his / her ears.”

Three Superb Options

1.jpgGet Started FREE!

I have several options by which you and I can work together and THIS OPTION will Cost You NOTHING for 4-Months!  (This is only for the first 20 “Mega-churches.”) 

For Churches ONLY…

Because you manage a major population of faithful seekers, you can begin for 4-months at No Charge. This is my promotional exchange program. I’ll place your ads, in SEVERAL locations – 10 of them! In exchange you will please place a little ad box for me on your local church home page, wherever you think it is best so most of your members will see it. If you are printing on paper a notice on the printed hand-out would be very helpful including the address: and please announce it to your church body in a 15-second sound bite perhaps every Sunday with other announcements.

That’s all I request because; The more God-Loving people we get reading the magazine, the better it is for YOU, for all of the Christian body of believers, and those seeking God’s truth!

With Heavens Way 2022 Magazine  You’ll reach the right audience at the right place for that reader, with the right message at a convenient time for that person to read it, at no charge to the reader. Reading is No-Charge (that’s the right price) and your cost to continue advertising after the 4th month is ended can be less than $1.51/day.

For less than the price of a morning cup of coffee, each day you can invite new faces to your church – and those are going to grow into the perhaps hundreds of new visitors every month! They tithe. It all pays for itself. You’re not “spending” money. It’s a good investment, and considering the present economic conditions it could not come at a better time. I’m talking here now about an ad approximately 4-square-inches.

This works out to:  $499.00 for the year 499.00 divided by 11=$45.36 per month divided by 30 = (a fraction of a cent over) 1.51 per day. …..  You’ll get the 12th Month No Charge when you pay for the entire year at once.       

The Link to see sample ads and begin this offer is here, and further down the page. 

This is the lowest price you’ll find for good, carefully developed promotional space anywhere. (NOT JUST ONE placement. As I’ll explain and you’ll soon see,) but at least 10 placements through the magazine and free notice on Face Book!

I want to tell you — brave soul — from the outset ….

…. This magazine’s entire appearance will be changing to give advertisers like yourself MORE SPACE, BIGGER SIZING and a far better looking “platform.”

I’m obviously just getting started into what I believe will shock the Christian Media world and make reaching potential new church members possible at a much lower cost for you. I will give a special reward to the first one who gets started with me. Some of the mega churches are dealing with well more than 50-Million dollars per year and what I’m asking is like pocket change to them.

The first one willing to show a little courage and help us both with a prepaid agreement at a reasonable price will get 2-years of service for the price of one, AND the ads and pages will be bigger than what you’re seeing now! Pictures will be bigger. Ads will be able to cross the entire page. Make an offer that seems fair to you and we’ll agree to it. No One in the advertising world will do this for you.

I’m not requesting charity. I’ll earn your trust and prove your purchase was worth far more than you’ll pay for it. Do you want a full page? Do you want bigger ads on several pages? You tell me and I’ll do all I can to leave you satisfied that I gave you much more than you might expect for the price. As the magazine grows and has more readership you’ll be getting so much value for your money no one else could compare to it. Once we complete this agreement, these red paragraphs offering this one time offer will be deleted. Get this, O’ ye brave soul, while you can!

You’re welcome to make me an offer I’d be crazy to refuse. We can work together to give you what you want in exchange for helping me. I’ll bend over backward for someone who will help me expand the gospel and reach more Americans who REALLY are deceived and need to know the truth.

Look around. Try to better that offer. I am certain you cannot do it.

I’ll tell you what I think you should do — what I am requesting you do.

Take a look at what I’m building starting here or from the link further on.

Make a point of subscribing the blog and site to your email so new articles and postings notices will reach your email in-box, and just watch what is developing. When you’re ready I’ll have available space for you. The No-Charge for Churches for 4-Good Months begins now and is available for the first 20-church organizations. After the 20th church orgs signs on, the offer is closed.

I’m confident, you’ll find taking a little piece of that intellectual real estate will benefit you far greater than its cost. I’m certain you’ll be well pleased.

As I just said, The space for a promotion in this magazine is not just one box! 

Right now for first 20 churches this is FREE for the first 4-months….

During the first four months, and thereafter — for the price of just $45.36 per month I’ll guarantee your 4 square inch advertisement box will appear in at least 10-different locations across several subjects, in the midst of interesting articles and postings. This will also include your appearance on the “Churches Listed” page, and in Social Media postings. You’ll Get all of that for just $499.00 for the first year!

This multiple placements methodology was developed by the printed yellow page independent (non-utility) phone directories. They kept careful records and proved it was very valuable to advertising clients to be seen in various subject categories. I mention them because they were very successful until the Internet began replacing the printed Yellow Pages.

Your Church advertisement will be seen amidst articles and with postings, and also on the “Churches Listed” page you’ll be listed by State and City so people can find you easily.

Your ad naturally links to your website. Of course your site gives you unlimited space to show and tell anything you want in type, and even on YouTube videos.

Just thinking about costs: I’m a retired Back Pain Doctor with a life-long interest in writing and marketing.  The cost to get into a massage magazine – just for their classified ads, (over a million readers) was one hundred dollars for one month. That was five years ago. The price is higher now.

Ridiculous! My back pain massage course text-book sold for forty-nine dollars. I sold two and the ad cost me more than I got back. It was a first try. I did better with time. But the point is, most everywhere you look, you’re in a specialized magazine and paying a high price to advertise to the wrong reader, who might at that moment have the wrong mood.  Thus the message is reaching mostly the wrong people who have no interest in your offer, reaching them at at a bad moment for them and in the wrong location.

That is not going to bring you more visitors and bringing you more visitors, or readers, is the only real reason to advertise!

Can you imagine trying to place thoughts about God before young girls paging through a magazine discussing cosmetics and skimpy tight clothing? What a waste of your money! It’s the wrong medium.

Most of the magazines and on-line publications are not the right medium through which a church can successfully reach the lost souls who need advice and salvation!

That leaves a church with the one option of placing big advertisements, at very high cost, in social media like Face Book, surrounded by many other distractions. That works out to a price so high, it prohibits you from reaching out to help others!

I suspect someone who hates God’s Ways is trying to squeeze churches out of the advertising market! I’m covered with God’s armor. We’re at war!  Ephesians 6:14 New American Standard Bible  Stand firm therefore, HAVING GIRDED YOUR LOINS WITH TRUTH, and HAVING PUT ON THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS,

I have the only medium that covers a broad area of interests for a broad audience – most ages, most interests, most socio-economic conditions.

In Heavens Way 2022 Magazine  the reader finds articles about child raising, nutrition, health issues, perhaps a little politics, Bible Archeology, Christian apologetics, proper fashion is a future possibility, marriage counseling, food preparation recipes, geo-politics and economics, and even perhaps something written by you!

Yes, Why Not!?

If you like to write I’m willing to consider a piece from your desk too. Why not? I have no space limitations. I have no page limitations. Featuring you and your ministry will benefit you and add another good article to the magazine. Your writing of course will link to your website.

An Even Better Reason To Start This Hour!


Because you manage a large church body you can begin for 4-months at No Charge. That’s the advertising exchange program I described under option #1. I’ll place your 4-square-inch ads, you place a little ad box for me on the page your congregants normally visit first, or anywhere you think will be most noticed, and announce it to your church body in a 15-second sound bite. That’s all I request for a free “ad-exchange.”

But, WHEN you become one of my first 50-advertising accounts, I’ll lock in your low price for 18-months (beginning at the date of your advertisement first appearing). Prices may rise for those who come later but for you, because you had courage to join early and helped me reach more audience which obviously will benefit you too, the price remains stable for 18-months from the day your ad first appears. It’s the best offer in the magazine world. As I write, we have growing readership every month.

The Link to get started with this offer is here. 

I said when you began going through this, I wanted to know what you think. So now I want to “thank you” for looking and reading. Please see magazine here and You are welcome to tell me what you think, or would like to see changed or added. I’m interested and listening.

Reach me here:  This is the address I check most often. My website “Professional Address” automatically forwards to the gmail address. This is for business only, please.

Thanks very much for giving me your kind attention today,

God-Loving Regards,

Dr. Stephen Newdell 

P.S. PLUS Exclusive Offer #3  

You’ll see as you look through from the link I’m giving you, I open up a great many options when you read through what I offer.

   I honestly believe this online magazine is going to grow to become one of the most wanted, needed, and significantly read magazines in the Western World! I believe it and I know enough about marketing and good content to make it happen. A year from now you’ll be shocked at how large our readership has grown. It would benefit you to be riding along as the readership numbers continue to rise!

Truly, you can’t find any sort of 4-square-inch display ad in any publication for under $45.36 per month. If you were to mention that figure to anyone else in the ad business they’d laugh. “Impossible,” they would say!

Just watch it happen. Smarter….Join in. Get in now while I’m able to hold that $45.36 price for YOU for 18-months. This is an offer only for the first 20-churches. The 21st client will pay $45.36/month x 11 months with the 12th month free — but the difference is, the price will rise a bit for month 13 and beyond. So, get it while you can. I’m certain you’ll recognize you got in on an excellent offer.

For those big church body leaders that can take this offer it’s worth your serious

Get On The Cover Page! Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!


My Friend, Do you want to jump in and get an early start, maybe even place your mega-church on the home/cover page? (It’s a BIG “WOW” to appear on the cover page of any publication!) I’ll have an absolute maximum of 12-spaces for Churches on that cover page! Not more no matter what price is offered.

While space lasts it’s here for you. 

Placement on the Home Page  Price is presently just $36/square Inch per Month. No size limit. Maximum available spaces = 12.  For more about pricing go here,   You would be expected to pay for this in advance, of course.

      I’d like to recommend to you; the best size and shape on the Home Page would be a banner 2  to 3 inches tall and 10 inches – 12 inches long running across the page. If you want something much larger I can arrange a banner on the Home Page and the bigger ad for you in another spot, like attached to an article or sermon you’ve written. In that way you have your own page. If you consider what it would cost to have your own page in a magazine you realize the price with me online is ridiculously low.

      This is great advertising most ad agencies would pay a fortune to have. The readers see the article (which I would feature on the Home Page of course) then see your big ad below the article, then they go to your page where you present something more like a book or set of DVD’s teaching something they need to know. It’s good for the reader and good for you too.

      If you want something like that we’ll start with the normal price on the Home Page and work out a fair price for the combination of your article and ad on your page. I’d love to have your writing and additional work on a page just for you and I’ll do all I can to make it happen at a price you can comfortably live with. As I’ve said, make an offer I’d be foolish to refuse and let’s do business.

That price is still too low, because even to buy a year-long run of a 3-line classified in any decent magazine or newspaper you would pay much more!!!

You can have a noticeably BIG space box on the Home Page and it’ll stay there, making multiple impressions upon readers, for a year!)

I want to inform you: The entire site is going to have a big, beautiful upgrade, — coming very soon. It will look even Better, and your position on the Home Page will be More Prominent than ever.

I am working with a web development firm to have the capability to produce a magazine whose “Cover Page” can change every week, which is similar to what you see here: 

I must tell you, for a Christian magazine, this is going to be monumental and the other Christian magazines will scramble to catch up!

Take a chance because I’m so certain you’ll be pleased, if I’m wrong you can contact me, request changes, I’ll do all I can do to satisfy you, and if you require it, you can even request your pro-rated money back. There is no one else in the publishing industry who will do that for you!

By The Way: Any article you find on the site is yours to use, no-charge. Copy/paste it into any program, rewrite it, do what you want with it. You’re welcome to it. 

I said at the opening of this letter: “There is little to no opportunity for a church to advertise effectively in a reasonably priced medium. (That goes for Christian authors too!) One is left to wonder if “someone” (like Satan) wants to force churches out of the marketplace, and keep truth seekers out of churches! 

I am offering you an opportunity to fight back, take the moral and Godly high ground, reach a broad Christian public, and make a difference for God, for our world, for those seeking answers, and to win souls to The Christ Jesus.

We need MORE Americans returning to God, going to church, hearing sermons, changing their mind, behaving as God would have us to do, and replacing corrupt politicians with honest God-Fearing ones. We KNOW there is A Great Falling Away from the true faith occuring Now! We know this is the last hour before the return of Our Christ to rescue us from the insanity of this world.

It’s our standing assignment to continue to preach the true gospel until He returns. That is why I am writing to you. You are among the few who intend to save souls to the very end. Thanks to modern technology you can record your sermons and reach out to millions across America on YouTube and through other channels. You support them — and they support you and it’s all part of the work you do. Among those concerns is rescuing the lives of the unborn!

A nation that distains God Almighty and murders its children for convenience is a doomed society. If YOU won’t guide and God won’t rescue America who will, and when?

Bluntly, my friend, our nation needs YOU to get involved. The lost souls outside your walls need YOU to get involved. Help me to help you bring in more member traffic, and together we’ll make big changes to comply with God’s Holy Will, reach the lost and rescue them to The Heavenly Kingdom!!

Let me help you with Another Important Idea.

During A Depression Promote MORE!

Studies of what happened to businesses during the 1930’s depression and other “recessions” thereafter showed consistently that businesses which continued to write and produce effective advertising remained in business and often grew! Those that did not advertise shrank and often closed their businesses forever. Those that did advertise took the customer traffic from those who did not.

Those business managers who stopped advertising knew nothing about advertising, had no faith in the value of advertising, thought advertising was a waste of money, and were afraid to invest anything in more business development. Emotionally, they withdrew from the marketplace, went into hibernation while “waiting for the economy to turn around” and finally their customers were going to someone else, and their business died!

The same principle applies to churches. We must promote more!

Studies show it costs a small fortune to pull in a new customer. Who in his right mind would during a depression, give those expensive and valuable customers away to the competition? That’s what they did. You should not be inclined to make the same mistake.

Customers develop brand loyalty. Church members do too! Once they’re comfortable in a church and call it “home” they’re not likely to leave!

I have a head full of business stories. They all come out the same. Those who persevere and continue to provide products or services people want and need, survive wars and horrors and grow larger.

Those who give up emotionally, also cease doing anything logically and physically, and they, and everything they work with diminish and often die a slow, painful death.

  • There was that hot-dog seller on the streets of New York City. His son told him “There’s a depression on. You can’t sell anything now.” The old man just kept selling food to hungry workers and made a good living.
  • There was that little place called Robinson’s Hardware Store in Ohio. Papa refused to advertise. The son took over when he retired and advertised everywhere, even in the high school year book! The business grew so big he had to build two huge warehouses to keep up with demand!
  • And who was “Soichiro” Hamamatsu Shizuoka …..? He learned bicycle repair from his father, grew up and began making motors for bicycles. Despite a terrible war, bombings, and a government business department that told him he was doomed because there was too much competition, he carried on, placed THE FIRST Japanese cars into the American market, and today Soichiro Honda’s cars are all over the USA and everyone knows the name and loves the cars for their quality and longevity.

In their own way, those business managers were there, either waving “hello” and calling “how about a hotdog for lunch?” or advertising in one medium or another. They survived because they had to, and believed they could.

Even if half the US stops working, that still leaves the other half working, earning, buying things, including vacations, hotel rooms, restaurant meals, travel tours, getting married, buying real estate, and life insurance, and seeking God – attending a near-home church! If it ends up at worst that just 116-million Americans are working, that’s a gigantic market for you to satisfy and a piece of it belongs to YOU!

But right now the reports are coming in that the job numbers are improving. More people are returning to work and seeing rising wages!

You’ll remember, of course, the young prince who became ancient King David didn’t give up when times were tough. You mustn’t give up either because this is the time you were born for. This is the time for men and women like you to sheppard and lead!

Would you be inclined to say, “The economy is bad. I’m going to give up, crawl under a rock and die!??!” (ha!) I DON’T THINK SO! Not Me and Not YOU!

Here’s what you can do. Through your everyday work, and by survey, discover what church members need and want. and provide what they’re wishing for. Your church will grow over these next years no matter what happens socially and economically!

Certainly someone selling a product or service might hear more “no” answers than he did before, but every 10th one on average, is a customer or potentially new church member. The advice I have from my early years working in and studying the advertising, direct-sales, and marketing business (continuing even while going back to college and later running a little clinic) is, “Carry on. Stride confidently into the future. Look to God for guidance and carry on your daily work!”

Go HERE to get on the Home Page before I run out of those 12 spaces. If now is the wrong time, just get in early when you’re satisfied my offer is right for you, and make the most success of years 2018 and 2019!!

I’ll be watching for you to “follow” the website blog, and I’ll look for your reply. 

Thanks Again for Reading,


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