Is Ours The End of The Age?

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More and more people are beginning to ask: Is this the end time? It is and I can show you why I think so. 
Notes from Trumpet Magazine With Additions by Stephen Newdell

Have we come into the end of the age?

For those convinced God is a myth and the Bible is nonsense that cannot relate to present time, that seems like a crazy question, but when you look at what’s happening in the world, and compare to Bible Prophecy, you realize prophecy is coming true in your lifetime.
So many try to deny, ignore, answer “It won’t happen in my lifetime” and now it is happening, has been – and these people will face that reality one way or another.
 The phrase “time of the end” comes from the Bible. It describes the period leading up to Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. And it culminates in a short, intense period of unprecedented violence—worse than any in history. Violence so bad, it could annihilate all human life.
Prophecy spoke of a last generation, a people born at the time of and after the rebirth of Israel, which happened, as prophecy foretold, in one day, in 1948. The British Balfour Declaration of 1917 promised a Jewish Homeland in what they then called the territory of Trans-Jordan and Palestine. World War I would come to its close in 1918. 10-Bible prophecies demanded that the Jewish Homeland be re-established, and that Jerusalem, the real estate that God had said was His, would be retaken as a home for God’s ancient times people and His Temple.  This is NOT BECAUSE God was playing favorites with the Jews. He desired ALL the world’s people to be part of His family. He chose to complete history through the Jewish people. “The Chosen People” – I sometimes say “Yes, chosen for trouble.” This “race”  would take the terrible punishments for the sins of the world, and particularly, Jesus the Christ would take the sins of the world upon himself, and later return to restore order to a sick and chaotic world.
Palestine had been in civil war for 6-months and The British Mandate (including British protection) was about to come to its legal ending at the end of May 13th. The political wrangling had been going on for years and it was obvious no one amongst the British and League of Nations would solve the problem to everyone’s satisfaction. The only way to make a homeland for Jewish people suffering at the close of World War II was to take matters into their own hands!
May 14 – The Israeli Declaration of Independence was made in Tel Aviv, a few hours before the British Mandate was due to expire. At midnight the British Mandate of Palestine officially ended and the State of Israel come into being.
May 15 – The United States granted de facto recognitionto the State of Israel, eleven minutes after it come into existence,[1] becoming the first country to recognize the Jewish state.
May 17 – The Soviet Union granted de jure recognition to the State of Israel, becoming the first country to do so.
Each nation had its reasons. The US wanted peace in the Middle East and The Soviets wanted a warm water naval base and of course wanted oil too. Both countries (and many others) realized the strategic location was important to maintaining a world in some sort of order. Declaring the area a Jewish Homeland certainly did not also guarantee peace.
Jesus Christ forecast this period in detail. In Matthew 24, the Christ explained, “You shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet” (verse 6).
So wars, of themselves, did not then and do not now signal the end the age.
Jesus then said, “[T]here shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places. All these are the beginning of sorrows” (verses 7-8).
As we see wars increasing, and news of more wars, and see famines, wide spread diseases or “pestilences” and earthquakes becoming more prevalent, we take notice.
Also as prophesied we see the world going into chaos socially and financially. Our world is in a lot of trouble!
Jesus then explained a specific sequence of events leading to what He called “great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be” (verse 21).
If you are studying the development of modern weaponry, you can see advances coming so quickly they appear to be beyond mere human intelligence capability! It appears to me (Newdell) Satanically inspired designs for aircraft, electronics, missiles, drones, communications systems, are what are coming out of the secret design offices in The US, France, Russia, China, even perhaps Israel. We are at this date already looking at aircraft for 5th and 6th generation designs that will fly at over 4,000 miles per hour, have unimaginable destructive power, and might literally wage war while in orbit outside of our atmosphere!
I think we’re headed for a hot war beginning in 1918 or 2019 and the worst of it after 2022. Let’s hope I’m wrong. If I’m right, the 5th generation aircraft will not be in production. In any case, it’s a moot point. The combined capability of mutually assured nuclear destruction is sufficient to kill all life on the planet. This is the first time in known history that modern humankind has had such capability. That fits prophecy better than anything in the past 6,000 years.
The world is buying more weapons and gearing up for a catastrophic world war—on a scale human beings have never experienced.
World War i was called “the war to end all wars.” It was a hopeful sentiment but obviously a misjudgment. At the end of World War II, General Douglas McArthur warned the world needed “a spiritual recrudescence” because the problem we had was in our spiritual lives. He and others, including the physicist Albert Einstein, said another world war would be our last. Einstein quipped, World War IV would be fought with clubs and stones.
World War ii was even worse. More than 60 million people died. That war ended with two atomic bombs exploding over two Japanese cities. Suddenly, mankind had entered the age of weapons of mass destruction.
The killing had only begun. 40-million murdered by the rule of Vladimir Lenin, 20-million more murdered under the rule of Joseph Stalin, spreading Communism across Asia has been responsible, some scholars believe for 100-million murders. I’m pointing to 160-million people dying by murder and as war casualties until the end of the Viet Nam wars and the North Korean, Middle East Arabic speaking people, and Northern Africans are busy shedding more blood as if human life were no more valuable than swarms of ants!
We have had “wars and rumors of wars.” In fact there have been over 250 significant armed conflicts around the world since 1948! But none has been as deadly as World War ii. Yet Christ’s prophecy shows that another, even worse world war is coming!
Look at the devastating weapons mankind has created since those first two atomic bombs. Bombs that can incinerate skyscrapers. Pathogens that can poison millions of people. Toxins so dangerous they can kill even the armies that deploy them. A wind shift can wipe away millions overnight – and it can be a long and painful death!
Now, notice the very next thing Christ said in His prophecy about the time of the end: “Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved [alive] …” (verse 22). Christ Himself said that right at the end, human beings would reach a point when our weapons could destroy everyone on the planet!
Not in your lifetime? Are you certain of this? In January of 2018 those involved in estimating how close we are to a nuclear exchange reset their “clock” to 2-minutes before “Midnight” as a warning that we are indeed VERY close to a war that will only precipitate more and more war.
Only since 1944 has the world’s powers possessed weapons of mass destruction. As always, someone sees an opportunity for money and power. Someone cares nothing for his fellow man. Someone says, “I don’t care what happens to them. I’ll be dead!” They sell more and more nuclear warheads.
Some of us want to make a living rescuing life. Others are willing to earn much more murdering life. That is the stark dichotomy, the split, the difference between good and evil, love and heartlessness.
More recently, we have entered the time of the proliferation of these weapons. Today, unstable Pakistan and unpredictable North Korea have nuclear weapons. And terrorist-sponsoring Iran is about to get them, or does have some they’ve purchased “under ground.” (I wouldn’t be surprised. If I were with the Israeli Defense Forces I would assume they have at least one ready to launch to explode over Jerusalem at any moment.)
Many former Soviet nuclear sites have lax security, and even sites in America and Europe are vulnerable to theft. Weapons have gone missing and someone got a big payment for moving a weapon from a military base into the hands of the highest bidder. With all the petrodollars Iran has, they logically must be the highest bidder.
In our ever so modern and improved times, we can proudly admit we presently live in the age of terrorism. Terrorists have proven they are willing to use any weapon they can get their hands on, even if it means committing suicide. Their Satanically inspired religion says they have an instant ticket to an adolescent fools “heaven” if they will die in battle for Allah. That’s why they’re willing to drive a truck into a shopping mall and blow it up, their own self included.
Considering world events and the intelligent minds predicting another war worse than anything we have ever seen, those who say “Not in MY lifetime” look rather like they’re too terrified to face the truth.
We presently have the weapons that can fulfill Jesus Christ’s own prophecy. We have new forms of “electronic currency” and we have people receiving computer chips in their hand tying them to a developing One World Government and One World Economic and Banking System.
To finish the evil prophecy, all we await as we enter 2018 is a one world religion and an Anti-Christ. It appears to some of us, he has been revealed. The young, handsome, intelligent looking, and massively intelligently capable man I’m thinking about is, if not THE anti-Christ, some sort of usher for that one yet to come onto the scene.
Our world is getting increasingly unstable.
All of this fits specific signs Christ gave that we are living in the end time, the end of days, the end of the age, the end of the world as we’ve known it. The time of a final war and return of Jesus the Christ.
The Christ Jesus said,  “those days should be shortened.” If HE would not force peace upon the world, nothing would be left alive – except, some scientists say, roaches. The roaches will survive as a final sarcastic irony.
The same God who told us about this dark world we’re entering also promised that He will cut these dark days short.
Christ said that “[i]mmediately after the tribulation of those days,” people will “see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory” (verses 29-30).
Of course that sounds like a fairy tale. They don’t want to believe it. Their grandparents thought air flight and television was a fairy tale too….
The Christ also referred to “This generation.” and said it would not pass away until all this came to pass. Now, we have sufficient evidence, OURS is this generation to which he referred. Our is foremost the generation that saw the rebirth of Israel in 1948. Many that went through World War II are gone but enough are left alive so that they will see the end and we with them. This is recorded in  Matthew 24:34Mark 13:30; and Luke 21:32. Jesus said, “Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.” The things that Jesus had been speaking of—the rise of the Antichrist, the desolation of the Holy Place, and the darkening of the sun—did not happen during the lifespan of people alive in Jesus’ day. Obviously, Jesus meant something different when He spoke of “this generation.”
The key to understanding what Jesus meant by “this generation will not pass away until all these things take place” is the context; that is, we must understand the verses that are surrounding Matthew 24:34, especially the verses prior to it.
In Matthew 24:4–31, Jesus is clearly giving a prophecy; He is speaking of future events. Jesus had already told those living during His earthly ministry that the kingdom had been taken from them (Matthew 21:43). Therefore, it is imperative that Matthew 24–25 be seen as dealing with a future time. The generation that Jesus speaks of “not passing” until He returns is a future generation, namely, the people living when the predicted events occur. The word generation refers to the people alive in the future when the events of Matthew 24–25 take place.
Jesus’ point in His statement, “this generation will not pass away until all these things take place,” is that the events of the end times will happen quickly. Once the signs of the end begin to be observed, the end is well on the way—the second coming and the judgment will occur within that last generation. Jesus reinforced this meaning with a parable in Matthew 24:32–33: “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door.” A sure sign of summer is the leafing of the fig tree; a sure sign of the end of the world is that “all these things” (of Matthew 24) are taking place. Those who are on the earth then will have only a short time left.
Take this as a warning. As Rabbi Jonathan Cahn advises us, “If you’re not into God, get into (study of) God and if you are into (study of) God go deeper into that study because the only place of safety about which we can be sure in under God’s protective “wings.”
Another interpretation is that Jesus’ prophecy in Matthew 24 has a “double fulfillment.” In this view, “this generation” is the people Jesus was speaking to at that moment—some of what He predicted was going to occur during their lifetimes. Thus, when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in AD 70, Jesus’ prophecy was fulfilled in part; the fall of Jerusalem provided a foretaste of worse things to come. However, many aspects of Jesus’ prophecy did not occur in AD 70; for example, the celestial signs of Matthew 24:29–31.The main problem with the “dual-fulfillment” interpretation is that it does not harmonize with Jesus’ statement that “all” these things will take place in “this generation.” Therefore, it is better to understand “this generation” as referring to the generation alive when the end times events are actually occurring.
We certainly have had many “signs in the sky” this past 5-years indicating something significant is happening. We have had more earthquakes, bad weather and other “calamities” in close succession as never recorded before. All of this points to our being in the end times.
Jesus is saying, once the events of the end times begin, they will happen quickly. The age of grace has continued for a very long time. But when the time for judgment finally arrives, things will be wrapped up posthaste. This concept of God’s drawing things to a rapid close is echoed in many other passages of Scripture (Matthew 24:22Mark 13:20Revelation 3:1122:71220).


The end of this Age will lead immediately to the beginning of a new world!
If you see the dangers in the world around you, and so much more economic and social immorality and chaos—and if you believe the Bible—you can also know that there is hope: Jesus Christ is about to return and set things to right and honesty again.
Christ prophesied in detail about the signs preceding the end time. If you want more proof that He was talking about our time today, here’s a great place to start: Nuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door.’ Also ask for your own personal print copy, and we will send you one in the mail, absolutely free.
You’ve read through all of this so we really know you’re interested. I have a bonus for you. I’m very impressed with this interview and particularly the answer to the final question. Enjoy this; I did!



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