Are You Too “Self-Sufficient?

Jesus Teaching

Jesus the Christ was God walking amongst women and men. And when God said to Moses, “I AM” as it is translated it actually meant, (from the Hebrew word definitions) I am everything you need, your provider, your protector, your ever-present help in times of trouble. I am all I want to be and anything I want to be.
As such, Jesus the Christ is entirely sufficient to meet our every need, but if He is going to meet our needs we must be willing to recognize our needs and call upon Him. There must be a turning to Him for help. He can supply every spiritual need we face in life if we respond to His abiding presence. The problem, as I allude to it in the title is, we are too proud, too personally self-sufficient, too “independent” to look to God and say, “I really do not run my life well and I’m going in the wrong directly. I am spiritually lost. Please help me!”
At the feeding of the five thousand Jesus provided food in abundance, and it is always that way with God (Matt. 14:15-21Mk. 6:33-44Lk. 9:12-17Jn. 6:1-15). The interesting thing is, Jesus initiated the feeding of the people. He knew in advance that He was going to meet their need. He was interested in their welfare. He was able to do it.
What is your attitude toward being fed by God? Do you feed upon His holy word and the ideas that he provides to you? OR, are you too entirely self-proud and self-independent to seek His help and advice?
God never ceases granting our petitions until we cease asking. True, He does not always answer the way we would choose, but it is always with our very best interest in His mind. I thank God that He has not always granted my requests from my selfish, ignorant perspective. He often says no, in order to guide my life in the way that is best for me and for the future as God sees it.
Jesus returns to morally bankrupt sinners again and again, forgiving and giving us another chance to mend our ways and follow His Ways toward health, happiness, and physical and spiritual abundance.
We have so little faith in things unseen and eternal. We draw so little on the resources of our heavenly Intercessor. “My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory,” Jesus tells us. But the world did not receive Him and did not believe him, and modern society more than ever now, calls that which is truth a lie and that which is obviously a lie, the truth! They call what we knew to be good, evil, and they call that which we know is Evil to be “good.”
Listening to a year 2012 speech by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, I heard him tell us that a supreme court Justice (in the USA) said that a law had passed through congress calling those who loved God, enemies of Humanity!!! Can anyone imagine such insanity? A governor of a state simply said, “I believe in traditional marriage” and the media turned that into an opportunity to nearly destroy the man! If nearly 5,000 years of following God’s Commandments about marriage ae any indicator of right and wrong, then we might conclude, these people who say/call a normal marriage between a man and woman who raise healthy children are evil and enemies of humanity are abnormal and insane.
The only way to a healthy society is through God and The Christ Jesus.
Have you humbly asked God to supply your needs? He is able. Jesus tells us He is always willing to help us.
The wise person recognizes his need and asks God to meet every need as it arises.
God has not forgotten you. He knows every hair that falls from your head and every thought that goes through your mind!
He is fully aware of your need and He is vitally concerned about your Christian life. He will supply all your need according to His abundant resources in accordance with His eternal purpose. And if he says “no” to some foolish request, it is for your own best good.
How do the circumstances of your life fit into His will? He is committed to helping you have the life that will grow into eternal happiness with him. He sees your full life span and your current life situation.
Has God forgotten you? Certainly not!
He does not base His giving on our merits, yet He invites us to come to Him again and again. His abundant supply never runs out.
“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).
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