Bad Breath, Proper tooth brushing, Communication and “Her Headaches.”

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Bad Breath, Proper tooth brushing,

Communication and “Her Headaches.”

Dr. Stephen Newdell

What could your sex life have to do with Bad Breath? Maybe Everything!

Too many man have no idea how to be good lovers and the young writers on the subject don’t know anything either! My solution has been to learn a little Swedish massage and massage my woman for at least 20-minutes and then gently, slowly the rest develops until she’s begging me to enter her. There are many good free videos about massage at YouTube. That’s a good place to begin. I will have a course available soon too, and of course I’m biased but I think my technique is better than most I have seen.

Sometimes couples ruin their relationship simply because they won’t speak out and tell the truth about what they need or want or don’t want!

I had a man friend — a manager at an insurance office. He was tall, young, intelligent, good looking, slim and fit. He would say his wife suffered from “headaches.” I, being a Chiropractor, retired from clinical practice, would take what he said literally, but that might have been the worst mistake.

I suspect what he really wanted to say but was not telling me, was that she always said to him, “I have a headache” every time he wanted to make love with her.

MY communication problem was that I was afraid to speak frankly with him and this was a very private subject! Secondly; the solution was right in my nose, so again I was afraid to speak. Thirdly; I was not thinking! I was saying that I was interested in the case and she probably needed care for her neck and upper back. But that might have been entirely the wrong path!

Every morning he would stop at a Starbucks and buy a cup of coffee with milk and sugar in it and then drink it at work. That mix in your mouth and under your gums will be broken down by bacteria. After two or three hours your breath smells like a sewer. His entire office smelled like a sewer even when he left the door open for ventilation. Coffee breath is disgusting. I had a music teacher who smoked cigars and drank coffee all the time and he smelled like dog poop! Most people cannot smell their breath so they never know they have very bad breath.

Maybe his wife never had a headache. Maybe HE needed to quit coffee, brush his teeth with salt in the usual way the dental hygienist teaches (little circular motions from tooth to tooth) AND also tilt the brush up so it scrubs (like scrubbing along a line, as if washing a counter top) under the gum line and gently across all of the gums and tongue. That will clean out 95% of the smell and it’s FAR better for your teeth too.

Just put a tablespoon of salt into your palm, dip the brush into the salt and scrub and keep doing that. Scrub every tooth surface, front (outside) back (inside) and the crowns and then your gums and tongue. Use plenty of salt and then rinse it all out. All that disgusting stuff you taste and smell is between your teeth and behind the wisdom teeth and under your gums. What a surprise this is to most people. They have no idea their breath smells so bad.

Sometimes a dentist will protest this is “rough on your enamel.” My answer is, “dental caries (cavities) are worse. Teeth are live bone. They can replace the enamel if you scrape the surface with salt. I’ve been doing this for the past 37-years and 3 times per day. I have not destroyed my tooth enamel. I think this method will prevent tooth decay and gum diseases! It’ll also make your lover more inclined to want you.

I wonder what happened to that man and his marriage. Maybe his problem was a lack of communication with me and with his wife and mis-understanding about how to really clean your teeth.

Can you imagine destroying a marriage and family over such a small thing that could have been solved at nearly no cost and in 5-minutes, 3 or 4 times each day??? It also would have reduced his coffee and cake expenses by $5/day which multiplies to $100/month quickly. Take up drinking ginger in hot water instead of coffee. Just refuse to buy coffee or any sweet drink. Drink hot water. Anything to avoid this problem and avoid divorce or a ruined life together. It was his fault, it was HER fault, and I’m sorry to say it never came to my mind to realize “have a headache” is just an expression American women use to avoid sex because they don’t want to tell the REAL reason. And believe me, this excuse has ruined THOUSANDS of marriages.

If a man has poor understanding about how a woman’s nervous system works and how and why she needs more “warm-up time” and what techniques feel good and which ones are just for dirty videos and are actually terrible in bed, it’s easy to learn the good techniques and avoid the bad ones. No man is born knowing it all. Most women are hopelessly lacking in bedroom wisdom too, so the courses and books for women are equally valuable and there are even some intimate massage videos at YouTube…free!

Yes, it’s possible there are digestive issues that I haven’t mentioned. Look at my Digestive Health page to discover much more. 

The best answer to tooth problems, breath problems, “headaches” and bedroom difficulties may be in your home to communicate clearly, honestly, openly, avoid coffee breath, and scrub with salt instead of tooth paste. Most of your marriage problems can be cleared away quickly and easily. And believe me, salt is cheaper than a divorce. 

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