Bill Bonner's Template Example

Now, My Friend and Good Pastor, I want to show you something before I stop chating with you here.
I have debated for a long time about what this website should look like. I was very interested in a template that will make it look like the New York Times feature “T-Magazine? — big boxes, pictures, very flashy. But is that the best answer?
I wanted something non-distracting, easy on the eyes and the mind, and I think I’m offering that now, but YOU may tell me “It needs more flash” and I wonder, should I make it look like T-Magazine? Does it have to look like a website from a big city car dealer?
This example is from a template that comes in my email from Bill Bonner, an economist — and extremely famous and successful, and very well read. He keeps his very simple and clean and advertisements fit between paragraphs here and there? 
Is this the better answer? I’d be thankful  to have your opinion about it! 
Take a look here and help me set a pattern with your input. What would YOU like?

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