Can Well Meaning Modern Prophets Be Deceived?

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Can Well Meaning Modern Prophets Be Deceived?

Stephen Newdell

March 16, 2019

I am lately looking upon a new prophet with a jaundiced eye.  He’s a well meaning man but his prophecies are in opposition to the ancient Biblical prophecy as I have been given to understand it. It also is in disagreement with the best modern economists. It could be part of a grand deception which even he, Mark Taylor, doesn’t realize is leading to a yet greater deception. I’ll illuminate.

The Bible as I understand it’s prophecy, after years of study and rereading the works of the late Herbert W. Armstrong, and others writing with Mr. Armstrong’s remaining loyal followers, tells us the expect a terrible war. I have run my own study from Cabalistic rabbis, and several other “predictors,” and connected my calculations to the works of other Christian teachers. I find many paths to the same general conclusion.

My conclusion was/is, something monumental would happen in year 2018. This agreed with other calendar and prophecy students. I believed then that this monumental activity would start a final 7.year prophetic clock counting down to the last most terrible war and the return of Jesus the Christ to rescue us and restore His Kingdom on earth.

People who are expecting the earth to flip over or Nibiru to come screaming out of the night after the setting of two suns say, “nothing happened” because they don’t recognize when something did happen! I think that “something” may have been the moment Donald Trump and the United States recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of a real country that is not going to disappear, no matter how much howling protest comes from the world.

The world hates God’s Family and when God said, “I will be your God, and you will be my people” I think He really was at that moment effectively saying, ‘I’m adopting you as my family and one day I will “marry you all” to myself and raise you to be like me! (Which, oh by the way, is the true gospel in a very few words.)

That was the monumental moment. The US fully and completely said, Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel and we won’t tolerate any more nonsense about this. Love, like, dislike, or despise Donald J. Trump, this much we know for sure. The man is a “do it now” sort of personality does not tolerate nonsense. He sets goals and goes for them. Don’t stand in his way!

Several excellent economists point out that the US government statistics are lies. Job numbers are horrific. The banking community is up to its chin in debt. Houses are standing empty, which you will note does nothing to move ANY money onto the bank’s ledgers and doesn’t do much good for the people who are struggling or dying on the streets, in the woods, in their old cars, and so forth. This also does nothing good for appliances that should be used before they seize and go to ruin, and nothing good for the house that should be kept dry and maintained properly! People filthy and miserable without a home have no chance of finding employment, or even employing themselves. The situation has only been made far worse by the banking system, which loaned them money for overpriced housing when they were unqualified to take the loans! Certainly the central bankers knew this was the morass they were creating! They knew it when they caused the 1927 stock market drop and the 1929 “depression.” They orchestrated another of the same for their own evil reasons.

The retail sector has lost thousands of stores. The industrial sector has lost thousands of jobs. People in South America, Asia and Africa are happy to take the same jobs and produce the same work for a fraction of the total business expense.

Hundreds of thousands of people after years of honest labor are desperately attempting to survive because of this. The weather services predicts terrible storms. They never report how many dead bodies are found frozen to the sidewalk after the ice melts. That is not what the news media prefer to report.

The numbers indicate the economic condition of Europe, England and the USA are worse than ever and an economic collapse is possible at any time. I personally believe it is delayed by the evil ones who run the Federal Reserve and other central banks, but this cannot go on indefinitely. Very possibly before the end of 2019 the already frightful stock market will have collapsed and some say as much as 90%. The entire world could go into disarray and war!

Mark Taylor’s prophecies ignore this and say “The Lord” says He will turn the US government around, cause the evil ones to be arrested, the Federal Reserve and it’s Satan faithful minions to be murdered or jailed, and the world will become an orderly, peaceful place. There’s no mention of Jesus the Christ returning to establish His wise and peaceful kingdom on Earth forever, or for 1,000 years. Nothing like that. I wonder why?

Could it be even Mr. Taylor is horribly deceived. I think perhaps “yes.”

Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, North Korea, China, Nigeria, and a few other weapons wielders all appear Hell bent on killing Israel, taking the oil and gas they found (which was prophesied, and anyone could have figured out how that story would go along). I don’t think any of those nation’s leaders know Mark Taylor or have any interest in a peaceful world.

My feeble and aged logical motor tells me The Bible has been right all along. Prophecy has been right for centuries. Mark Taylor the newcomer cannot also be right. God can and might change His mind. But, it seems to me he wrote what he did about the future, and taught us that what He says will happen, and that He never changes. I’m inclined to believe God and doubt Mark Taylor.

Maybe one day standing in the holy place where he doesn’t belong, will be a demon possessed antichrist character and Mark Taylor will be telling us, “Thus Says The Lord, this man is your savior.” Suddenly a small remnant of faithful will see the true light and recognize the deception for what it has been: a double crossed deception within a deception.

I think as the writers at say, Germany and Russia will launch military conflicts that will eventually involve AT LEAST all the major military mighty nations and finally, by the inspiration mostly of The Damned, will come to the most unimaginably terrible final battle anyone never wanted to imagine.

Mark Taylor is interesting. I think he means well and is a good man, but is a plastic chess pawn on the playing board of the Devil’s Final Game.

Now to finish, please look at this from here:

Does God really talk to Mark Taylor, is he a prophet?

Does God really talk to Mark Taylor, is he a prophet?

 January 9, 2019 by Dave

Last October about 1,200 cinemas in the US screened the movie “The Trump Prophecy“. This is a religious propaganda movie in which a supposed prophecy by retired firefighter, Mark Taylor, is promoted. The claim is that he was told by God back in 2011 that Donald Trump would be elected president of the United States because Trump had been divinely chosen for that purpose.

It’s a crap movie, and I don’t express that as my own personal opinion, that’s the official IMDB rating. On IMDB it scores 1.6 out of 10. To get such a low score is amazingly impressive, not many can manage that. Here are some reviews …

… Most of the film is painfully dull, with tediously endless long dialogue sequences only intercut by the occasional unintentionally funny moment. Many characters (actually, practically every single character) announced that they don’t much like Donald Trump. However, the film implies that God opened up all eyes of true Christians to help them see Trump was the worthy candidate, and that God himself stopped those crazy anti-American liberals and the she-demon Hillary Clinton.

… This movie was extremely tedious and boring. I am a Christian, but this movie was total propaganda.

… This review has nothing to do about my political views. In fact, I voted for Trump. With that said, this was THE worst movie I have ever seen. Poorly produced and up until the half way point, the script could have been written on a Post-It note. Lot’s of dead space and very little substantive dialog.

… etc…

So when did Mark Taylor actually start promoting the idea that Trump would win?

Taylor did not publicly promote this idea until well into the 2016 campaign and Trump was already ascending. There is no credible objective evidence to backup his claim that he received this prophecy back in 2011. Until some is available you should also not believe the claim.

Has Mark Taylor promoted any other claims?

Yes lot’s, and most are utterly bizarre. Let take a brief look at some …

In other words, Mark Taylor is a gold plated grade 1 paranoid religious conspiracy nut who has a track record of being consistently and persistently wrong about anything and everything he says. He has never managed to successfully predict anything … ever.

How does “Prophecy” work?

There are multiple strategies that grifters such as Mr Taylor deploy to fool people, for example …

Strategy 1 – Predict something very vague, then claim a hit later. For example, “next year the stock market will go up and down” (as it aways does), or “there will be a political scandal in the next 12 months” (as there always is). Just predict something vague then when something specific happens, alter the original a bit and claim a victory.

Strategy 2 – Toss out lots and lots of predictions. With enough material you will quite randomly get a few hits and nobody will remember the vast bulk of the fails.

Strategy 3 – Make the “prediction” after the fact or when it is quite probable and simply claim it was made prior to the event. For example at the end of 2017 predict a Royal baby will be born in 2018. An easy one because the Royal pregnancy was already known about by the end of 2017.

Bottom Line:

There is no evidence that Mark Taylor has ever successfully predicted anything. Instead there is rather a lot of evidence that he is a paranoid right-wing religious drifter running a con.













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