Churchill’s Final Warning


     British statesman Winston Churchill sits at the writing desk of his country home in Chartwell, Kent.


The man who rallied Britain to face down the German threat and save Western civilization gave a warning to us. Shouldn’t we heed?


If Adolf Hitler had won World War ii, all of Europe would have been dominated by a homicidal madman. He threatened the survival of Western civilization itself! And he would have succeeded if not for one man: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Many historians recognize this truth.

Throughout the 1930s, Churchill warned Britain about the danger in a rising Germany, but no one heeded him. He tried to convince the leaders of Britain to rearm, but they only wanted to disarm. The nation’s leadership was dedicated to appeasement, and America was committed to isolationism. Somehow, the liberals thought that disarming would appease the tyrant. Instead, Hitler made slaves of most of Europe.

Churchill was alone. The media and academia scorned him. He risked his reputation, his political career, even his life, to publicize the truth about the threats facing the nation. God’s work must do the same—even to a world increasingly hostile to the truth. Churchill had to overcome a lot of personal fears to do what he did. We all must overcome fear. God offers the solution in 1 John 4:18: “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear ….” We all have fear, but if we have the love of God, that will cast fear out and motivate us to do what needs to be done.

Churchill stood alone against a sea of enemies. Where would we be today without him? Would I be allowed to speak God’s message freely if Hitler had imposed tyranny on the Continent and then the world?

Only after all other options had been exhausted did Britain finally acknowledge that Churchill was right and turn to him for leadership. This experience should have taught the world a lasting lesson. Sadly, it did not.

Today, it is possible to deploy devastating nuclear weapons in war. The consequences of another worldwide conflict will be far worse than World War ii. Churchill delivered a warning about this—a warning about something terrible that would happen if we didn’t make some radical changes. Considering how accurate his vision proved to be before that war, surely we ought to listen.

What was that warning? And what changes must we make to avoid the fate about which he warned?


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