Dr. Newdell’s Credentials

Of course I understand, any idiot can get in front of a camera and claim to be a doctor. I have yet to see anyone display papers proving it, so I will be the first or one of the early ones. Lots of people get on YouTube and say they have a degree. They should show their credentials and prove it.

By age 20 I had an Associates 2-year degree in Television Production with extra studies in Advertising and Marketing. It was from there I went back into the advertising business for 4-years before matriculating into Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. 

BS Degree

These were shot with a smart phone. Some are angled or tilted a little because of my position over a table and camera angle.

Lillian school

Chicago school of massage

While going through Chiropractic college I met one of the students there who was a massage therapist running a massage school That was Lillian Koolbaugh (of blessed memory.) From there I went for more study in Chicago. I could have stopped there and made a living but I wanted to know more and wanted to complete my Chiropractic Doctorate.  Above you see certificates for massage study.

Iowa/Illinois Institute of Massage Therapy — International Myomesthetics Association.

Chicago School of Massage 300 hour course and 30-out-patients visits. I studied classic Swedish Massage.

All of this made me a “Registered Therapist” before there were licenses for Iowa and Illinois.

x-ray proficiency

This x-ray proficiency was a required course at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. This was followed by an orthopedics course taken by the famous Dr. Russel Earhardt. He covered more about diagnosis of bone diseases. He had graduated from Princeton University and was brilliant and extremely competent. Someone wrote when an old person dies it’s like losing a library. When Russel Earhardt died we lost a great intellect and a huge walking library.


I was straining to learn everything I could. This course Applied Kinesiology basic course was not required but it helped me to understand how to use physiology to help me diagnose the cause of a problem and it looked like magic but it really worked! In a minute without a word from a patient I could read his/her body while standing. I saw all the symptoms of muscular imbalance and it all told me a story. I knew where to look for the cause of problems, fixed those and told the patient to expect to be sore for a couple of days. Uniformly 97% of patients said they had remarkable improvement after they had failed in other practitioner’s offices. Most Chiropractors will say 70% get better. In my office 97% reported better or completely “cured.” Word spread and without advertising I ended up with 263 new patients in my final year in practice because I provided superb service. I intend to provide superb service with this magazine, too. Applying the basic Applied Kinesiology diagnosis with massage and Chiropractic gave me a big practice in the college clinic and a busy small community practice in Washington State.

Dr. of Chiropractic Degree

I received my Doctorate degree in March of 1977 and by August I had my license to practice Chiropractic in Washington State.












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