Empire of The Damned!

Empire of the Damned cover

…The Empire of The Damned.

What could be the impetus for a man past age 60 to leave the country of his birth and make his home abroad? Why would he call the greatest and perhaps the kindest empire the world has ever known by this new, shocking title?

I will tell you, but more, I will show you as others teach us.

The file of papers I am offering here are not my own writing. I insert a few comments between articles and you might find a short article by me under another name.

I have been gathering a lot of information for a long time, and I’ve cobbled together several books about the USA and its own self-destruction, as she follows the world’s course as predicted in Biblical prophecy.

You may be inclined to say Biblical prophecy is nonsense. Only someone who hasn’t studied the subject and compared the prophecy to history would do so. Anyone who really has a mind open to learn would say it has proven itself to be correct.

The USA has in every respect destroyed its moral character. Young women think they are glamorous to be seen almost naked at the summer beach, and they pick up one lover after another whenever the mood strikes.

Babies are born and never raised in a proper nuclear family. These children grow up to become teenage criminals uncertain about what society is, what it was, what it should be, or where their place in it might be.

The world’s weather is changing as prophecy said it would. I watched an interview with a 90-year-old farmer in year 2012. He said even in the drought of the 1930’s they got some crop. He had never known a year of no harvest, but this year, he said, we would have no harvest!

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