End of the Age 2: Date Codex For The End of The World


Dr. Stephen Newdell

The Date Codex
“The End of the World”

May the wise open their senses to see and hear.

An insidiously creeping change has overcome our
social, political, economic, even natural present

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We are convinced that our world grows better, more
technologically advanced, and that life is
dramatically improving all over the world.
We’re given to understand that we are getting
through a short time of difficulty and heading
toward a new golden age. But…We’ve been

Within this decade your life and “the world” will
experience monumental change.

Millions will die of starvation and disease, even in North
America and Europe. It is likely the world will experience
the introduction to a war of such ferocity as mankind has
never known.

Millions will be protected and enjoy ultimate comfort, joy
and “security.”

I’m talking to you about The End of the World as we’ve
known it.

You have a choice as to when and where you will fit into
this picture. Joy and Protection or HORROR? Read on
and discover Ultimate Answers. I promise this book will amaze you.

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