End of The Age (Free Book)

End of the Age
Musings of a Modern Mystic

An End Times Seeker Explains How YOU Can Connect To
The Power of God’s Ever Present Grace
And End Time Miracles!

Dr. Stephen Newdell


By divine inspiration, nagging questions are at last
answered. Secrets are finally revealed only to our
generation, now, as we enter The End of the Age.
Understand the sources of catastrophe. Why is there
such turmoil in world geo-politics, economics and
forces from outside the 3-Dimensional physical
universe? Secrets are revealed here.

Where must you be physically (and mentally) to
survive the coming military and natural catastrophe?
How can you receive miraculous Divine Protection for
yourself and your family in the most difficult days
ahead – days such as have not been known for the
past 4,280 years?

There is NO Price that can be set for this information.
It is truly worth any price anyone can name. But it is
given to you at a very low price as a divinely inspired
message. Read it now before unseen forces ban its

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