Four Signs the Return of Jesus Christ Is Near


What the Bible Says

In the Bible, “the time of the end” describes the period leading up to the return of Jesus Christ. It denotes the period just prior to the end of civilizations ruled by men and the beginning of Christ’s rule over the Earth. The Bible describes this period as filled with unprecedented violence—violence that almost annihilates all human life.

That is why people think of Bible prophecy when they see news reports about terrorism, religious clashes, trade wars, radical regimes and weapons of mass destruction.

Bible prophecies, including those spoken by Christ Himself, give specific signs indicating when human history is approaching that fearsome time.

For Christians who believe Jesus Christ, there is no escaping this fact: He personally predicted that He would supernaturally return, and that there would be signs immediately preceding that event—signs for which we should be watching with great anticipation!

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