From Asia To America, With Love. Lessons in Family Raising


Americans will complain they need more money to make life go well and raise superior children.  This family of dearest friends proves what is required is a lot of Love and Care.


Economizing, growing food, recycling items for other uses, making do with what they have,


Budgeting carefully…. And a lot of  






Goal Setting


Acknowledgment of Achievements


And Mother at the center of her family expressing Love.


Raising two little boys makes for a busy life but it does not have to be an expensive life, and this couple and their little family, including a 90+-year-old Grandmother, and the private schooling at a 7th Day Adventist Church express my point better than all the sociological reports, charts and graphs I have gathered that would likely bore you to tears.

American families can take lessons from people who live on a 5th of what Americans have. These people raise beautiful, healthy, educated, well mannered, multi-lingual, capable, competent, morally upright, God-Loving children.

Americans who wish to believe God is a myth are losing in every aspect of their lives, most notably in their family! Lately, I heard Pastor Dr. Perry Stone say American young people are ignoring the atheist movement, and returning to churches seeking salvation in the thousands! Where are YOU in this consideration? Reach back to God and He has promised to heal our land!*

Make Mother the center of the family. Father works outside the home. Mother is with the children always. I know it’s not the American modern style but we can see many American families are not families, they are related people living under the same roof — in a house that is too big and expensive, with debt piled to the clouds!

Return to God and His Ways because if you don’t center your lives around God, soon you’ll have no life!

Consider this because your future depends upon what you’re doing today with your lives, your money, and your children.

From South East Asia With Love,

StepheN and Friends

As a follow-up I must add this note.

Time has proven it is nearly impossible for a  family to be well guided by a mother who is also trying to be a full-time career woman.
The best sociologists, child psychologists, and pastors I know encourage women to remain at the center of their family at home with their children.
Super-moms usually end up divorced and their kids end up being raised by television programs which only brainwash them with thousands of messages about deviant sex, violence, murder, and all forms of evil.

Children without the good guidance of Bible Believing fathers and mothers end up as barbarians giving their energy to every angry and biological urge. If parents won’t civilize their children, nothing will!

Until the early 1970’s American mothers seldom worked outside the home. Working full time for both parents began because people wanted more material comforts, bigger homes and more expensive cars (2-please! One in pink for Me!)
The results has been that American families began to fall to pieces, and society began to fall apart simultaneously.
Many of today’s American young can barely spell or read, few have truly marketable skills, many young males are afraid to be real men and think for themselves, be strong willed and GET JOBS DONE!!!
The “Liberalist” media has ruined America BY DESIGN. The Stalinist Communist model demanded that they must ruin a generation or two of children, turn them into thoughtless immoral robots and then the society would easily accept a Communist dictatorship. Signs are, the young people are presently begging for a dictatorship and have no idea the hot water they’re diving into!
I advise all young mothers to pay no attention to people who might speak out of their jealousy. Do a superb job raising your children. Ignore these critics. The mother at home should be and often is the best teacher the kids can have. The work mothers do at home for their children and husband is the most important work of their lives and this work benefits their family and all the wider society.

* 2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV)

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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