Get More Hotel Customer Traffic. Reach Florida Vacationers More Effectively At A Lower Price!

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Hello Hotel Business Builder,

I’m guessing  — you want more guests this winter, and even more in the next seasons! Through all the concerns about winter weather, work, politics, economics, and the hospitality business, there are ways to lead people to be YOUR guests. I will explain how I can help you.

What follows is a Media Kit combined with an explanatory letter. Make the time to read it because it is destined to save you money and earn you many more customers and guests.

Download this presentation as a PDF to read at a better time for your schedule.


You know very well how expensive advertising has become. I’ve developed an interesting solution and I’m inviting you to take good advantage of it at a special introductory price.

I am qualified to help you. I’ve been interested in advertising, marketing and sales in print all of my life, beginning with a first face-to-face sales job at age 12!

That was several decades ago and I’ve had a lot of success selling space and writing ads that got results since then. Astute men can learn a lot over years of work and study and I have awards to prove I’m well qualified to help you keep customer traffic flowing. Recent economic forecasts indicate we’ll have to apply various solutions to help you and it must be done at a price that fits your newest budget planning.


You’ll reach a lot of eyes at a lower cost, and these readers will see our ad in several locations in the same magazine.

We both know the stock market is making people nervous, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take vacations. What it indicates is, you must find ways to reach potential guests at a lower price, which is one of the reasons I began this website.

I am NOT suggesting that I rewrite your advertising. I am suggesting we can reach more people with links to your website and continue to suggest your hotel to them regularly. “Familiarity breeds comfort” and when people see your ad often and regularly in a comfortable venue they accept the thought that your hotel is a reliable destination.

I’ve developed a general interest, general audience magazine especially for the Jewish, Messianic, and Christian audience. (I refer to this as the Judeo-Christian audience.) This magazine is relatively new and becoming more popular every day!

These conservative, decent, affluent people want to shop and visit restaurants, stores, tours and special events around the South Florida and Miami area. They come to do business and stay in a fine hotel.


Sure I know about the Red Tide worries, but winter will come and the waters will return to normal. People want to vacation and many visit hotels where they swim safely in the pool.

They come for more than the beach. They love the Miami area, and YOU are in the right location.

Demographic and Survey Information about Christian church attendees and Christian literature readers, and Jewish Synagogue members indicates they are well educated, earn more, read more, and pay higher prices for things they buy including everything from meals and hotel rooms to clothing and vacation expenses.

Some marketers wonder, “How do I market to “The Faithful?” Well…. They buy the same things most other people buy. The big difference is they behave like Ladies and Gentlemen wherever they go and they are the sort of customers you want and hope will return!

There’s a long story about marketing and about reasons why before sending this letter and the magazine attached. In a moment I’ll show you what I offer. For now, I just want you to know, while we’re getting started I’m offering special lower pricing for the first 12-new clients in the Miami, and Fort Lauderdale area. I’ll cover all of that as we continue together and you should also know before you begin, I have a Travel and Vacation section. Your ad can appear within that section and in articles about places to go, and activities to experience.

That Travel and Vacation section will eventually spin off a free-to-read Travel Magazine. If you get started with me early here, I’ll be sure to arrange for your ads to appear there too, at a reduced price.

Your ad will appear not once, but 10-times in 10 articles! It will also appear in social media notices pointing to my blog which leads to reading the magazine. Your ad may also appear from time to time in email sent to subscribers. (Subscriptions are No-Charge! They read for FREE!)

I have another great surprise for you. Let me tell you a little more about this magazine, show you the product and what I can do with your ad, and explain the audience and ad size and pricing.

We WILL Bring You More Guests/Customers

This Winter

And Through The Rest of Year 2019 and beyond!

Not so many years ago there were magazines for a general family audience. You did not find sexual materials in those publications, but you do now. It’s a travesty really, that publishers think they must add salacious material into their magazine, and on the cover, to get it sold. This idea is contributing to a corruption of morality across the entire social spectrum!

Many potential buyers don’t want to buy magazines that get attention this way. They don’t want to bring them home! Heaven’s Way 2022 Magazine is fulfilling that need. We are becoming the General Audience and General Interest Magazine with a strong Judeo-Christian leaning. We have a growing loyal audience, happy to read this library of articles, and comfortable letting their kids read it!

They will see your ad repeatedly in several places, and be repeatedly reminded when they think about vacationing, that you are supporting their “Faith Based” magazine; that you are there for them, and sympathetic to conservative, cultured, proper behavior.

It’s fine to have your ad in expensive “Vacation and Tourism” type magazines. But what are you doing to reach people long before they plan their vacation? Maybe you would like to reach them but the price tag for advertising has been too high. I’ll show you a solution to this problem.

There is presently — no other general interest, general audience magazine, which we might call spiritually/socially “clean,” proper, morally upright,  with a God-Fearing leaning, intended for the entire family. There is nothing like that available now.

The venerable Ladies Home Journal looks more now like Cosmopolitan (“Cosmo is like Playboy for girls” one woman told me.) There are some scholarly news magazines like The New Yorker but that’s not for everyone.

The New York Times Travel Magazine  sets an artistic standard for design and I’m working with technicians now to develop our appearance to be very similar. I do not agree with or promote their social commentary. My focus is on the model their graphic artist has presented. 

We offer a better variety, a mix of longer and shorter articles and quick interesting “print bits.” (… like sound bites without the sound…) Sometimes we have video links.

Where can a conservative Jewish, Messianic, or Christian family turn for entertaining and informative reading that won’t offend, won’t embarrass, will teach something useful (learning without trying to learn) and covering a broad array of subjects? Right now, it’s beginning to look like I’ve got the only medium! I’ll tell you why….

Big publishers saw that the “niche” magazines that specialized in a particular theme were making more money, so they too began to specialize.

There are magazines that are safe enough …. and THEN we get into fashion, make-up, lingerie, popular music and movies, travel and vacations, fitness and health — and many of those promote gratuitous, salacious, loveless sex with no purpose but lust, how to be more popular, for teens, and the promotion of promiscuity. Even some of the N.Y. Times is doing that.

People generally want to be needed, wanted, and appreciated, but there must be some guidance about why a potential partner should want you. He/she should want you for kindness, decency, honesty, and good future purposes and values.

These days, what were once called “crimes” are considered good and glamorous. Who would have dreamed our society would descended so low? So now please….

….We mentally picture a Judeo-Christian married couple with two kids age 14 and 16 with nothing to see or read on a Saturday, but the sinful temptations of the world on TV, on the Internet and in print. They’re riding home from a worship service but there’s nothing entertaining to read or page through. Mom and the Pastor or some other church staff get a few minutes to speak to those younger people every week.  But…

…But “the media” pours immoral ideas into their mind through ear buds and “sharing” on social media, videos, TV, radio, there are even outrageous computerized games and children’s toys. 

I ‘imagined’ I was getting a divine directive; I decided to jump into this fray, to fill this huge gap of unmet need with something to influence people to return to morally upright behavior, and teach what the Bible says and how to properly understand it. About 75% of young people have never read any of The Holy Bible! (To many older and more faithful people that statistic is shocking.)

Heaven’s Way 2022 Magazine is intended to please families that want such reading material and they are responding! The magazine’s readership numbers are growing. Maybe my views and yours don’t agree, but there’s a huge market that does, and they also go on vacations to Miami and the rest of Florida, and other popular destinations on North America! Our focus at this moment is about getting more customers through your door! Let’s keep our minds on that.

Our Audience


Heavens Way 2022 Magazine is a fresh, new, interesting medium offering a General Interest magazine for the Christian, and Jewish-Messianic Family. The website covers a variety of subjects free of salacious and otherwise morally reprehensible material. Among the subjects you’ll find are Travel, Biblical Archeology, Health, Food Preparation Recipes, Science articles proving the Universe and all life was Created by God, Respect for Marriage and a growing Marriage Counseling series of articles, General Interest, some editorial commentary, God-Loving music videos, discussions related to geo-politics and prophecy…and much more.

We deliver honest, relevant commentary from a biblical perspective, covering a broad variety of interests to modern Christians and those considering turning away from “The World” to find the True and Living God.

THE THEOLOGY LIBRARY for students, teachers and pastors, is well worth digging through.

The Typical Reader:

The God-Faithful Judeo-Christian Reader is in general a thoughtful person and active in the church or synagogue body. Many own small businesses. The questions about “marketing” to “Christians” are actually unnecessary. They buy what you buy! They buy groceries, and visit the pharmacy and buy beautiful clothing and jewelry, cars, books, weddings, house repairs,  and they often visit restaurants. They go on vacation for all the same reasons most people go. The difference is, they’re peaceful, quiet, respectful people – never raucous, drugged, drunk, or troublesome.

The Christian and Messianic Judeo-Christian customer is generally a person you would like to have as a repeat customer.

This reader is an avid reader and purchases books, Bibles, Religious DVDs. S/He’s often comfortably affluent, travels for pleasure, and gives generously to ministries and charities. Many of them are teachers, doctors, and higher level professionals with Masters-Ph.D. degrees.

The public you’ll reach is aware, and intelligent. They are watching world changes and preparing for difficult days in the future. What do they need or want that you can provide? We know these figures from other Christian magazines and expect similar numbers.

  • Male: 62%;  Female: 38%
  • 74% are between age 25-64 
  • Average household income: $65,000
  • Gives an average of $2,500 per year to non-church Christian organizations 

Committed to Education

Attended college: 94%; Undergraduate degree: 78%; Graduate degree: 48%
Plans to continue education: 22%

I cannot find figures for specifically Jewish readers.

We see an increase in readership every week both at the magazine and at the Facebook page. We’re expecting at least 50,000 readers visiting several times each month by April 2019.

We expect continued growth thereafter and the numbers will be reflected in the advertising information pages as they are tallied from Google Analytics and other analytical sources.

The Product

Right now promotional-space to get your message to those eyes, will be available at a reasonable price. You have to see samples to know what I’m talking about. I’ll show you and include links further on, so stay with me here….because there’s improved business profit in this for you.

The e-magazine is free to read. I’d like for you to make time to see it. There’s no log-in required. Subscription is optional. It’s growing in variety of subjects and interest, and it’s gaining a larger and ever growing audience. Friends, (old professional writers and a now retired famous journalist) are contacting me with complements.

When you see it, and realize new articles are added nearly every day, you’ll be better able to decide if it’s a medium through which you want to reach decent people with generally better income and invite them to your hospitality industry related business.

At this writing the total number of articles and print bits is closing on the 700 mark. We publish over 25 pieces every month. There’s plenty to read there. It’s all no-charge for them to see and enjoy.

The website magazine will soon be attached to its own social media platform where people can discuss anything they read or want to talk about, and meet new friends. Of course we’re connected to Facebook now, with more social media connections very soon, to be handled by a social-media specialist. 

We’re using all methods available to build a big reading audience which will see your ads not in one spot, but in several. Your ad can appear in the travel articles, of course, but also in other areas of their reading interest. This idea was pioneered by the Telephone Yellow Pages publishers and has proven to be extremely effective.

Working together we bring in more visitors and turn them into vacationing customers, and do it for a price lower than it costs to place an ad in most other magazines or large city newspapers.

And here’s something important that even most marketers don’t know. You must reach the potential “client/customer” at the right time for him or her, with the right message that “plays the right cord in his / her ears.”

Ad Options & Pricing

I have several options by which you and I can work together and THIS OPTION will Cost You NOTHING for 2 -Months! You’ll pay for 10-months of advertising space and get 12!  (This is only for the first 12 Business owners willing to get started with ads for the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. That can include Marco Island and Naples)

I know this is going to be effective for you, but YOU need to test it yourself for a year, so I’ll get you started with a special offer. 

I’ll place your ads, in SEVERAL locations – 10 of them! I can take an ad like this below, and place it in 10-locations some related to travel, others interrupting other general interest articles, AND include the ad attached to our developing Travel Section. This is the lowest price you’ll find for good, carefully developed promotional space anywhere. (NOT JUST ONE placement. As I’ve been saying,) but at least 10 placements through the magazine and free notices on FaceBook and other social media!

This (below) is another from the New York Times, a bit slimmer. With the monitor set to 100% it is 2.75 x 9.75 inches. That works out to 26.8 sq. inches, and then we multiply:  $12.00 x 26.8 and we get $321.60/month x 11 months = Just $3537.60 for the entire year! (You got the 12th month FREE and saved $321.60.) Who else will give you such a bargain price and a growing audience of exactly the sort of people you would most want doing business with you? Don’t let them go to Hanoi when they can come to exciting Miami!


The usual price for a cross page banner as an “interrupter ad” in the middle of an article (extremely effective) is $12.00/square inch Per Month.(This is the bargain price of the century!) It’s A Big Ad and all the studies prove repeatedly, bigger ads get bigger response! This special offer cannot go on indefinitely. Later the other ads will be smaller boxes in a side column, so get these bigger ads at my lower price while you can!

One or two guests per week pays you more than the month’s advertising expense! It’s obviously more than well worth its price.

Reaching At The Right Moment

We know that prospective customers cannot be approached just any-old time. Potential customers, like you are busy. Sometimes they’re emotionally on edge. Any time is the wrong time! We have to reach them with the right message in the right medium at the right time. They have additional subliminal requirements before looking at an attached website.

When your advertisement appears in Heavens Way 2022 Magazine You’ll reach the right audience at the right place for that reader, with the right message at a convenient time for that person to read it. Reading is No-Charge (that’s the right price) and your cost to continue advertising is very reasonable.

Being in a magazine like mine is a good investment for you, and considering the present economic conditions it could not come at a better time. I know the economy looks like it is improving just now but there are excellent economists in agreement saying this present improvement won’t go on indefinitely. Therefore, (as we know from past studies) you should advertise in the good times to build up your savings, and advertise through the tough times to keep customers coming to you.

If you stop advertising, customers stop coming, and end up going to your competition! Inaction is begging for a disaster. Continue advertising through good times and bad times.

See More Beautiful Sample Ads,
and how to estimate prices as we continue.

1I am working with graphic designers to develop the most beautiful and exciting General Audience, General Interest Magazine with a Judeo-Christian emphasis — in the world, and you’re going to be part of it — at a bargain price!

This will fill in a huge gap long missed in the Judeo-Christian Media world and make reaching potential new customers for you, easy and low cost.


The first twelve businesses willing to show a little courage and do business with a prepaid agreement at a reasonable price will get 10-months of service for the price of a year! When you think about this, you’re taking a much larger risk buying into one or more of the many travel magazines and brochures all vying for attention found in hotels and many other places in your area. Potential customers see that once while visiting Florida. I am putting YOUR hotel into their mind repeatedly All Through The Year making your hotel “A Destination.”

Our readership is expanding. We are sending out mass email invitations to conservative God-Fearing readers. It’s working. Readership is rising rapidly and I’m intending to reach for over 10 Million Readers. That would make us one of the most read magazines in the world! The numbers necessary to reach this goal are in place and I see this as entirely  possible. You can be part of it.

People are now, and will continue avoiding vacationing abroad. Your Southern Florida area is a great place to visit and enjoy, and has the language, food and culture to which Americans are accustomed and which they appreciate. Europe is too dangerous now. Asia is interesting but distant, it’s expensive to fly there, and there are worries about tropical diseases. The American public is showing a preference for vacationing in the USA.

As the magazine grows and has more readership you’ll be getting continually more value for your money. No other publication will compare to this. Once we complete these first 12 new special agreements, this one time offer will be deleted. If you’re as smart about business as I think you are, you’ll get this while you can! Don’t miss your opportunity to buy at this discounted price!

It’s my job to help hotels and small businesses in and around them to stay busy and to be sure those visitors HAVE KNOWN for a long time about YOU and want to come to you for food, fun, special events, and The Best Shopping In The World!  Even as they travel from home they are anticipating coming to you! What can be better?

Look around. Try to find a better offer than this one. I am certain you won’t find it.

I’ll tell you what I think you should do — what I am requesting you do.  Take a look at what I’m building starting here or from the link further on.

Make a point of subscribing to the blog and site. Notes about new publications will come to your email inbox.

New articles and postings notices will reach your email in-box, Just watch what is developing. Grab this special offer while you can because I can’t continue it for much longer. Others after the first 10 will pay more.

I’m confident, you’ll find taking a little piece of this intellectual real estate will benefit you far greater than its cost. At a cost of under $20.00/day, I’m offering 10 big display ads in a magazine that is worth far higher prices. In many places you can’t even buy a classified ad for that money. I’m certain you’ll be well pleased.

Right now the first 12 Miami area hotels accepting this offer will pay for 10-months and get the final two months FREE! Your ad will appear in 10-locations!

This multiple placements methodology was developed by the printed yellow page independent (non-utility) phone directories. They kept careful records and proved it was very valuable to advertising clients to be seen in various subject categories. I mention them because they were very successful until the Internet began replacing the printed Yellow Pages.

Your advertisement will be seen amidst articles and with postings, and also connected to a listing with the  “Travel Destinations” page. This is another way readers can find you easily.

Your ad naturally links to your website. Of course your site gives you unlimited space to show and tell anything you want in “print,” and even on YouTube videos.

Just thinking about costs: Most everywhere you look, you’re in a specialized magazine and paying a high price to advertise to the wrong reader, who might at that moment have the wrong mood.  Thus the message is reaching mostly the wrong people who have no interest in your offer, you’re reaching them at a bad moment for them and that reader might have no interest. Consequently they skip right over it and register a “no interest” in their mind and might remember instantly “no interest” forever. 

That is not going to bring you more visitors and bringing you more visitors, and buyers, is the only real reason to advertise, because the advertising must pay for itself and yield a profit. Branding is fine but we need more customers/guests making reservations.

And you should  know the same can be said for so many travel brochures and magazines in the city’s hotels and restaurants. There are too many!

When your potential customer has seen your ad in Heavens Way 2022 Magazine several times s/he has written it down, maybe saved it on a smart phone, and it’s in mind as a destination. That person will want to come to you!

Can you imagine trying to place thoughts about vacation travel in the general newspapers? What a waste of your money! It’s the wrong medium….And running in a big newspaper like The New York Times is so expensive you just wouldn’t believe it! 90% of that audience has no interest and perhaps no plans to visit Florida, or Saigon!

Most of the magazines and on-line publications are not the right medium through which you can successfully reach the vacationing public. Travel magazines are good but their prices are astronomical! 

That leaves hotels like yours leaving brochures in other hotels, motels and restaurants, running ads in several local magazines, all of which are competing with one another. It’s very much a hit and miss situation. Going on-line at Google or Facebook is far too expensive. Such prices will push you out of business. A public in a motel is not your market anyway!

My offer to you is hands down the best for price and best for readership, and these readers tend to be better educated, higher income, quite, decent, peaceful people with money to enjoy.

I have the only medium that covers a broad area of interests for a broad audience – most ages, most interests, and most socio-economic conditions. They all want to vacation. They’re afraid of Europe nowadays, and flying to Asia seems like a very big, expensive project. The Eastern Seaboard seems to be a very good choice and Florida is a winter favorite!

Places in the USA are comfortable and familiar by culture and language and of course there is comfort using the same currency/money. I’m here just giving these potential vacationers more reasons to visit your warm sunny area this winter.

In Heavens Way 2022 Magazine  the reader finds articles about child raising, nutrition, Health issues, perhaps a little politics, Bible Archeology, Christian apologetics, marriage counseling, food preparation recipes, geo-politics, social, and economics commentary, and even perhaps something written about a vacation event or shopping — by you!

Yes! Why Not?

If you like to write or have someone at your business offices who writes for you, I’m willing to work with you to place a well written piece. Lower down the page I’ll cover that further with pricing.

A Feature Article for your hotel can make you a fortune! Your writing of course will link to your website. Pepper it with all the links you want. Just consider, you can have an article with your ads within it. You might talk about food, different special dinners you offer, add in photos and prices. You might write about Jewelry or clothing, display several items and prices. Link to as many of your website pages as you like!

Want Bigger Ads?

Of course you can order a larger ad. Just ask your artist to send what you want and state pixel size or inches. I’ll set it up and charge at the same rate stated above — $15/square inch. Some Miami area businesses are very “high end,” lush, beautiful, high quality, catering to a clientele that can afford more expensive products and services. I’m thankful to have these high prestige businesses included. If you want something more I’ll be happy to hear from you. Make an offer I’d be crazy to refuse! Asking, even a positive critique, is a way to teach me, and I’m open to learn what you want and need.


BVLGARI ROMA, 9700 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour, FL 33154 305.861.8898 

You realize of course, a beautiful ad like this sample, including a link to your own web pages, can do wonders for you. I can place a link to the bigger ad in a new Fashion Section and then add smaller ads you’ll send to me in more locations. Of course it will be good for you! This ad is linked in the picture and text and, For This Year I’m giving you the white space around it FREE! That’s a bargain price if ever I’ve seen one!

Pay for 17-months and I’ll lock in your low price and run the ad for 18-months. You’ll get a month of run FREE and have the introductory price extended just for you, Prices may rise for those who come later but for you, because you joined early and helped me reach more audience which obviously will benefit you too, the price remains stable for 18-months from the day your ad first appears. It’s the best offer in the magazine world. You can’t beat it for price and we have more readers every month.

The Link to get started with this offer is here.

I will show you more examples, explain how to closely estimate your costs, AND give you more special offers as we continue together down the page.

Smaller Ads, Smaller Prices For A Limited Time

For the First 20-advertisers buying small ads, you’ll see as you look through from the examples, I open up a great many options. I’m flexible and willing to “negotiate” with you a bit to get what you want at a price you think is fair.


Pasta ad 3.5 x 11.75

A Banner ad like this is very effective. (This one was lifted from the NY Times) and works out to about 3″ x 9.5″ (again on a 15.5″ diagonal monitor set to 100% size.) That multiplies to 28.5 square inches. So we have 28.5 sq. inches. x $15.00 = $427.50/month x 10 months = $4275 for the year. You got the 11th and 12th month FREE. I think this is the best offer you’ll ever see. Let’s talk about what you need and want. I’ll tell what I’ll do for you. I’ll give you 3 months run FREE if you want to have ad space for 18-months, and “pay for it up front.”

The great thing about dealing with me is that I’m real, I have a face and a voice, you will actually chat with me over Facebook Messenger, and we’ll work through details. The chat line costs us nothing. Look for me at Facebook Stephen Newdell near Cebu City, Philippines.


(I’m here in The Philippines about half the year. Banking goes through PayPal and Suncoast Federal Credit Union in Tampa. Actually Filipino banks are more security conscious than American banks! But for now, to make you comfortable, I’m dealing with for all banking in the US.)

I honestly believe this online magazine is going to grow to become one of the most wanted, needed, and significantly read magazines in the Western World! I believe it and I know enough about marketing and good content to make it happen. A year from now you’ll be shocked at how large our readership has grown. It will benefit you to be riding along as the readership numbers continue to rise!

Truly, you can’t find any sort of 15-square-inch display ad in any large reach publication, for these prices. If you were to mention $427/month to anyone else in the ad business they’d laugh. “Impossible,” they would say!

Just watch it happen. Smarter….Join in.

Get in now while I’m able to hold that $427 price for YOU and the special 3-months Free for an 18-months, paid-up-front run. This is an offer only for the first 20-takers. There after the offer is closed. Don’t wait because you don’t want to be sorry for being late. Take the offer for 18-months and pay for it at the time of your order and get 18-months advertising but pay for just 15-months. You’re getting three months FREE! This offer gives you a half year more at a discounted price.

In this example we worked with 15 sq. inches x $15 x 15 months = $225/month. Pay for 15 months (get 18) $3375 FOR THE YEAR; for a  3″ x 5″ ad! (My accountant thinks I’ve gone crazy.)

 Pay Monthly?  You can choose a Monthly Payment Program. Pay for 3-months to begin. At the end of the 3rd  month, PayPal will automatically withdraw the appropriate monthly payment each month for the entire length of the ad run. You can contact me to kill the ad at any time. No discounts are applied to this offer. If you prefer you can choose to pay every quarter. Again, the PayPal invoice system takes over and does this automatically. You’re safely protected through PayPal and, again money moves from there to my account with Suncoast Federal Credit Union based in Tampa. My home area is just across the way from you, in Fort Myers. If you want further assurance you can contact Suncoast here:
Business Has Ups and Downs. That’s the Seasonal Hospitality Business! And as I said, there is a convergence of events happening (political, secular, and economic) destined to cause changes to the usual customer traffic estimates. What should you do? In bad times continue advertising because if you don’t the business will die! That is what all the historical studies have proven.

I have a head full of business stories. They all come out the same. Those who persevere and continue to provide products or services people want and need, survive wars and horrors and grow larger.

Those who give up emotionally, also cease doing anything logically and physically, and they eventually diminish and often die a slow, painful death.

  • There was that hot-dog seller on the streets of New York City. His son told him “There’s a depression on. You can’t sell anything now.” The old man just kept selling food to hungry workers and made a good living.
  • There was that little place called Robinson’s Hardware Store in Ohio. Papa refused to advertise. The son took over when Papa retired and advertised everywhere, even in the high school year book! The business grew so big he had to build two huge warehouses to keep up with demand!
  • And who was “Soichiro” Hamamatsu Shizuoka…..?He learned bicycle repair from his father, grew up and began making motors for bicycles. Despite a terrible war, bombings, and a government business department that told him he was doomed because there was too much competition, he carried on, placed THE FIRST Japanese cars into the American market, and today Soichiro Honda’s cars are all over the USA and everyone knows the name and loves the cars for their quality and longevity.

In their own way, those business managers were there, either waving “hello” with a smile, and calling “how about a hotdog?”  or advertising in one medium or another. They survived because they had to, and believed they could.

Even if half the US stopped working, that would leave the other half working, earning, and buying things, including vacations, hotel rooms, restaurant meals, travel tours, getting married, buying real estate, and so on….

If it ended up at worst that just 116-million Americans are working, that represents a gigantic market for you to satisfy and a piece of it belongs to YOU!

If that hypothetical situation happened, and only 1/3rd of these people, that is 40-Million people would go on a vacation, that is more than one can actually imagine and visualize. It’s more than you’ll ever handle and more than you need to stay fully-booked and otherwise always busy all year.

But presently the reports are coming in that the job numbers are improving. More people are returning to work and seeing rising wages!

Would you be inclined to say, “The economy is bad. Politics are awful. I’m going to give up, crawl under a rock and die!??!” (ha!) I DON’T THINK SO! Not Me and Not YOU! Women and men like you are too wise to fall into that trap!

Certainly someone selling a product or service might hear more “no” answers than he did before, but every 10th one on average, is a customer. The advice I have from my early years working in and studying the advertising, direct-sales, and marketing business (continuing even while going back to college and later running a little clinic) is, “Carry on. Stride confidently into the future. Look to Heaven for guidance and carry on your daily work!

If you like my offer but right now is the wrong time, just get in early when you’re satisfied my offer is right for you, and your timing is right, and make the most success of years 2019 through 2020!! You need that and I’m willing to work diligently for you (for us) to have it!

new 4 seasons ad

A Few Final Advertising Examples

All advertisement sizes measured in inches are based upon what you see on a PC monitor set at 100% because it is impossible to discuss anything like this based in a smart phone. I cannot name a price for every size monitor. I’m using a 15.5″ monitor for my measurements. If the customer reading has a larger monitor your ad just looks bigger, that’s all. This is the major reason big ad agencies and print media won’t give you a price directly. You have to call and negotiate with them.

Of course it cannot be compared to printed paper. If you prefer to work in pixel sizes and then tell me how big you want the ad to appear that’s fine, but I must always refer to square inches for a size standard.

I most strongly recommend a cross page ribbon as you’ve seen, 3 to 4 inches tall and stretching across the page like this one for Four Seasons, which I created just for illustration.

I am using what you’ll see below only for examples to show you how we can presently place advertising. As I get more technical help it’s going to become more creative, including slide shows displaying several articles and ads and smaller boxes to point to articles. Again, remember I’m modeling from the New York Times T-section Travel Magazine I think that designer has set the standard.        

The Blog   is seen daily in various “Social Media” and in this way I can present articles combined with advertising as an “Advertorial” on social media at no cost. We can reach a great many people and point them to the website and to you. You’re not paying to be in social media, but you’re in there and your ad may be passed around and around! I see many notices about people discussing a hotel I’ve pointed to. It can happen for you too. I am not charging for this. It’s simply part of the extra service I provide.

There is a blog “post” (blog notice) and the website “page” that may include embedded videos, so viewers can see whatever we want to present, even a “full page” advertisement promoting your business as for example the one coming up for Cartier Jewelers. (That linked word “post” goes to the Facebook posts page so you can choose to see more. The “post” is a short introduction with a link taking the reader to the blog and the page with the named article. I make each article separate – not several articles on one page, so this way you get better exposure if you are on that page.)

These sample ads you are seeing were created by ad agencies. Ask your graphics people to produce what you want, get final approvals, and then send it to me as a gif, png, or jpeg.  Local web developers can do this, and many sign-making companies have artists employed who can also take something you produce in Microsoft Word, and improve it to your final satisfaction.

Generally a big hotel has graphics people to contact, but if you want something special just created by you or a local ad writer, it’s easy to find graphic artists at a sign company who will do this for you.

Generally, when you pay for an ad in a newspaper, you OWN that artwork. You could send it to me, like the ones you saw above, and ask me to insert it into 10-locations PLUS “posts” that are seen on Facebook and other social media. Again I say, make a request, figure up the number of square inches, offer what you consider a fair price if you really think I’m priced too high, and we’ll work out an arrangement. I do not know any other magazine offering to negotiate arrangements this way in such a low price range, reaching a Judeo-Christian Family audience. I think I’m making the best offer you’ll ever see!

We can do a big ad like this for Tap42 (just below). As I get more technical help it will look exactly like what I’ve seen in the mall catalog. I can place nearly anything you send! And to prove it I’m displaying these two coming from a mall catalogue. We’ll work out a price for it!

I WANT major names here and if a major player like Cartier is willing to advertise with me I’m willing to bend over backward to satisfy that client. I’m not playing games here. This is not a hobby. I’m going to prove to the world that we can do more great advertising for lower prices and give the small business owner a chance to be seen, and the big Hotel operator/manager a chance to say something special about an event in his hotel!

In that same thinking; if you have a seminar leader who wants more notice about his teaching, I can run the ad for him/her for any length of time s/he wants, and of course you offer convenient lodging. Let the seminar leader know I’m reaching a big general interest audience with a magazine for God-Faithful readers and say you have me as your contact.

I’m the owner of the magazine, so I’m free to publish to your satisfaction. I’ll do what we must to satisfy everyone, including run a big page promoting the seminar. I can also arrange mass emailing as a ride along with my invitations and special bulletins at a very reasonable price. This would ensure the seminar leader gets a full house and you get lots of calls for room reservations.





This Tap42 ad is 7.25″ tall x 7.75″ wide including the logo and phone number box. That multiplies to 56.18 square inches (rounding down to 56.) 56 x $15.00 = $840.00/month x 11 months (He’ll get the 12th Month FREE) $9240 for the year. You get the 12th month FREE when you pay for the entire ad run at the time of advertising insertion. And…. If he told me, “I want to run it for 18-months,” I’d give him an additional discount or more small ad placements — something that seems fair to both of us. 

In a situation like this where I cannot make the logo place where I want it, I’ll order my web technician to place it correctly. When we’re done, it WILL be prefect!

Contact me with an offer I’d be crazy to refuse. I’m likely to tell you “Yes.” I’m completely responsive. If you find a mistake or need for a change just tell me and I’ll make it right! You can make changes for sales and holidays at little or no charge. Speaking of that, I think we could encourage more Florida visits during Mid-December through Mid-January and I’d like to help you make the best of that season.

Here, you can see we might agree about advertising tying your hotel to a famous restaurant, mall or other destination!

Why Shop Just Anywhere When You Can Shop Here?


@ Adventura Mall
Find Us Here:

The size of this ad is 7.25″ tall x 5″ wide = 36.25 square inches. I’ll round down to 36. 36 square inches x $15. =$540.00 This will price at $540/month x 11 Months (12th month is FREE when all of it is paid at the time of the insertion agreement) so he’ll pay $5,940 for the year.) Compare to other advertising media and you’ll see this is an excellent offer.

The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort

 9703 Collins Avenue, Bal Harbour – Miami Beach, Florida 33154 USA
Imperial Suite – Bedroom



Largest standard guest rooms in Florida, starting at 650sf

Direct ocean views from every guest room, each with oversized balconies.

Premier location steps from world-renowned Bal Harbour Shops


Situated at the intersection of art, fashion, and design, the Forbes Five-Star and AAA Five-Diamond St. Regis Bal Harbour offers an unrivaled South Florida vacation experience. Rising 27 stories above the Atlantic, The St. Regis features spacious, luxuriously appointed guest rooms and suites, all with direct ocean views from expansive balconies. The resort also offers superb amenities, including a 14,000-square-foot Remède Spa, gourmet cuisine at Atlantikós and BH Burger Bar, beautifully appointed Oceanfront Day Villas and signature St. Regis Butler service. One of the most distinguished neighborhoods in South Florida, Bal Harbour sits at the northern tip of Miami Beach. An oasis of pampering and privilege, Bal Harbour has long been a favorite destination for jet-setting travelers worldwide.

I just created this as an illustration. You can see I’ve created a large ad for this well admired hotel and tied it to the nearby famous shopping mall. You know enough now so you can determine the size of your ad, multiply by $15/square inch, tell me that’s the size you want and offer to pay up front to get 12-months for the price of 11, or 18 months for the price of 15! (This is a limited time offer.)

Over time you’ll realize we are reaching many more people than you reach in other media non-specific to travel. To presume that you should reach exclusively, people who are in Miami and have traveled to Miami in local travel magazines, is to presume 99% of the U.S. readers have no interest in Miami. That would be a gigantic mistake!

They are planning and thinking about a vacation and something like this linked to the Bal Harbor Magazine is going to benefit all the shops and the entire mall! (This ad is hot linked to open in a separate tab. If you click on it now you’ll see and you won’t lose your place here.)Linking the hotel to the ad, or simply requesting to be close to the same neighborhood of ads, benefits your hotel dramatically!

I’m Easily Reached.

I keep my office and business small so any issues can be brought to me immediately. Often you’ll email and get response directly from me, the business executive director, Dr. Stephen Newdell. Deal with big publications or corporations like Google, Facebook, Yahoo — and “good luck to you” if you’re wishing for immediate response. I’m usually able to answer within 24-hours, often sooner. This is even more so if you send a note to me at Facebook….even if it’s just, “I sent you at note at Please look.” Now you know a secret to reach me faster.

I was born into a small business family in 1950, and learned from my youngest years to do all we can to be responsive, concerned, and helpful to customers. That is a completely different attitude compared to today’s younger generation’s attitude. Do business with me and I will do whatever is required to meet your expectations and have you pleased with the work. I invite you to click the embedded video for Cartier. I applaud the movie director. The work in the top video is astonishing.




More about Cartier here:


  Special Offers and Ideas

Regency ad

My point in showing these to you is to emphasize that I will be flexible to meet your needs. For example, you might have had a fabulous wedding reception or bar mitzvah at your hotel and you have photos or video. Now you want it on your website for YOUR hotel, but the corporate office won’t do anything for you ever or perhaps not for months. Corporations are notoriously slow.

I will set up a page for you here, show the photos and videos and add YOUR link to your reservation desk and/or your official website. Anything you need…. I’m happy to help you. 

You know you can be very wise about this. You want more Jewish traffic? Just hire a Chef who understands Kosher laws and rules and within most limits he can help you assure customers you’ll have the right foods fitting into their dietary requirements. Probably every Rabbi in town knows a Jewish Chef.

This sort of ad you see here for Regency Hotel Miami follows me around when I view Facebook. If you want something like this on the other 10 or more placements, let me know. I’ll make it happen. If you want more than 10-placements I’ll state a price. If you want to bargain about that price, I’ll negotiate until we find a price upon which we both agree.

Provide your ad as a jpg, png, or gif and I’ll be able to size it to fit perfectly.

Minimum Size: For big retail names, shops, hotels in Miami and the like I place a minimum size of 10 square inches and the cost then is $120/month x 11 months = $1320 for the year. Again you’re getting the 12th month FREE-Of-Charge as my way to thank you for coming aboard as a charter advertiser in my first year.

Just remember, if you’re a bigger business with customarily a larger advertising budget, bigger ads get bigger and better response. Buy a cross page banner and also give me a smaller ad if you want more placements in articles. We’ll find a price about which we both agree.

I can move very quickly on this. If you need something for a holiday I can get the job done in a day or two, maybe the same day I get the piece and any payment involved.

Here is a Hilton Hotels and Resorts Promo Video. It’s here just to show you I can do this for your hotel or hotel chain too. I snatched a photo out of that video – sadly the only one with the Hilton logo in it – just so you can see I will do anything like this for you. (I cannot provide videos. That’s for you to do. Place it at YouTube and it’s quick and easy for me to embed it here.


I am reminding you:  There will be additional technical improvements in weeks to follow but you will not pay anything more!


I know! I know!  I’m well aware most ad agencies won’t do this. They require you call them and they’ll work up numbers and charge as much as they can get! I’m not doing that. I’m giving you the ability to closely estimate your cost for ad sizes before you inquire and buy. You can even send an ad and tell me what size you want it to cover so it fits your numbers. This gives you much greater control over your budget. You will know very closely, how much you’ll pay to get placement within my magazine and you’ll have the entire price for the year.

You can pay for it for a year, or even 18-months. AND RIGHT NOW the first 3 buyers will get 2-year’s run when you pay for 18-months. For example, you want a cross page banner on the home page 4” tall x 12”across x $15.00 = $720/month x 18 months = $12,960. But for the first three buyers, you’ll get 24-month’s run for that price. You’re paying for 18, but you’ll get 24!

This includes the cross page banner on the home page  AND  smaller ads OR video’s imbedded as you’ve seen above, or a combination of these, in 10 locations. You Decide tell me what you want and I will make it happen!

Why I am doing this: There’s a simple reason. You’re helping me gain the money I need to arrange bigger mass e-mailings through a trusted mailing list broker (big name, many years in business in New York City) who also guarantees over 90% of his mailings will not land in a spam folder. This will get thousands of subscribers to the magazine very quickly. The magazine is free so there’s nothing to stop the potential reader/subscriber from signing on. This of course gains big readership for you.

I already realize the “Travel Section” I’m developing will spin off as a new travel magazine and you’ll be in it at a super-discount because you helped me here. I absolutely promise: If you are willing to be helpful to me by buying advertising space and paying for the arrangement from your start, I will deliver much more than I’ve promised. You’ll get much more for your money than you are expecting.

I am measuring with a ruler against my 15.5 inch diagonal monitor set to 100% I’ll measure and set a jpg for you as close to your request as I can. And… if I make it a little bigger than you expected you’ll still get it for the price you wanted to work in. You might chat with me and ask to make it a little larger for a slightly higher price. I’ll be flexible with you.

Remember I’m modeling after the best at The New York Times T-magazine. Other general consumption Theology or Christian magazines do not compare to this. They are niche magazines. Mine is a general interest magazine with many different topic areas. That’s why we draw a larger audience of more mature and prosperous people. (You’re looking at an earlier produced page. The newer ones will be different and better.)

Go ahead and compare to what other publications charge for advertising space. You’ll see you’re getting much more here and paying far less, and you’re reaching an audience the other magazines will not reach!!!

The size and price calculation is easy, and I’m willing to be flexible about measurements to make life easier. Just measure for square inches.

Send an ad to me and your estimated size. I’ll figure up the final price and make an invoice offer. Send ads to [The “Professional” address automatically forwards there anyway. This just makes it convenient for me to find everything in one place.  I’ll return an invoice from PayPal to your email. Follow the instructions. Pay the invoice with your bank card or Paypal account, see the ad for your final approval and then I’ll place the ad in ten good locations.

We’ll send you a reminder to renew when your present term is about to close. There’s nothing then for you to remember. We’ll remind you.

Please remain aware of the audience we reach and be conservative with your images and offering.

Special Location Ad Pricing Placement on The Home Page

Price/sq. inch for the Home Page is presently just $36/Square Inch/month. To be on the home page of a magazine website or the cover of any magazine would cost you THOUSANDS elsewhere. Maximum available spaces = 12. I’m making just 12-spaces available so get that valuable real estate while it’s still for sale. I recommend cross-page banners 3 to 4 inches tall and approximately 10 – 12 inches wide crossing the monitor (as measured on a 15.5 inch diagonal monitor.) If other monitors display it bigger, that’s okay. Your graphic artist can send it to me dense enough to make it fit for any webpage size and I’ll make it stretch across my entire page, as I have been promising….just $36/

Buy An Advertorial.

[An advertorial is an advertisement in the form of editorial content. The term “advertorial” is a blend of the words “advertisement” and “editorial.” Merriam-Webster dates the origin of the word to 1946.]

Submit an article you wrote, or an article a publication produced as an Advertorial. Change a few words to make it your own! Your links and any special additional advertising on the page are included for a negotiated price. Make me an offer I’d be crazy to refuse. Let’s do some honest business. If you need ideas for what to write about ask me. I might be able to help.

In general writers are told to write about what they know and love. Never assume, “Everyone knows that.” They really don’t, and if you tell the story first, you own the story!

If you’re a restaurant operator within the hotel you might write about food, wine, food sources, buying foods during various seasons, paring wine to food, fine dining, a fine pastry chef and his/her works, and then of course add links to your pages.

A Jewelry store operator within the hotel might talk about 100 different topics from gem cutting and setting to watch making. It’s all fascinating. Then link to your pages, pictures, make comparisons, explain why one watch or setting is superior, explain why diamonds have different colors and carbon inclusions. Most don’t know anything about this.

Hotel chain advertising is available for any location on the globe. Of course, be certain there are links to your preferred web pages, and reservations pages

This offer will also include several links in Posts (Posts go to social media) related to your subject (For example Restaurant ads go well with Food articles, or Travel articles wherein is your restaurant, or near a featured hotel or Mall.

In the case of an Advertorial: The end of your advertorial will be separated from ads below it by a horizontal line. As an example: Ads below it will be shops inside your hotel, or near to it of interest to hotel guests. This might include beauty salons, shops selling high end clothing and handbags, or restaurants at a nearby mall.

Placement within an extant Feature Article:  For example, request placement for Miami Beach area if your business is in Miami. I might have an article about the 10-Best Events Around Miami. Add your business print bit (150 words or less describing what you offer with a good photo is considered a print bit.) The title of the feature article will be changed to suit the number of places featured.  Price for YOUR hotel or business advertisement, IF it is in the greater MIAMI area is $14.00/square inch for ads 12 -square inches and larger.

Print Bits and Larger ads placed in a  featured article are sold at $14/square inch. Pay for 11 months, the 12th month is free when you pay for the year at the time of ad insertion and order placement. 

Contact me

Contact me for an invoice for all ad insertions.  

You may use You may also send to  I’d recommend you send to both. If you’re afraid the note might fall into the “Spam” folder send me a short note at Facebook.

Reach me at Facebook on the Messenger service. Just look for the world’s only Stephen Newdell (yes, I think I’m the only one) listed as living in Cebu City (true half of the year). Living in The Philippines is very like living in Hawaii, less expensive, warmer, and peaceful. Communication lines are usually good. Banking is honest, extremely secure, and excellent. I can hire technical help here at a decent price and she speaks and writes English well.


Send an article you wrote. 

HOTELS and Resorts are welcome to present a feature to add to an existing article. I want more Hotels in the magazine. For example, I have an article about best hotels in the Miami Beach area. Send an addition to that article with photos. Just attach it to email from your Microsoft Word file (just as you produced it at your desk) and I can place it in the existing article and make it look similar to the other featured hotel pieces. I recommend you add a link address at the end of your piece. Link to pages and be sure to have contact information to your reservations desk. Make your writing any length you wish, including up to 3 photos. I’ll place your submission within the article for just $14/sq. inch/month. Pay for 11 months and get the 12th month free.

The hotels presently included in that article will gradually be replaced if they refuse to do business with me. Some want only to rely upon travel agencies for their advertising. I think they’re making a mistake.

If your submission is a bit longer that’s alright, I’ll welcome a longer, well written article-addition. Ask your ad agency or hotel main office to help you work up a beautiful feature including three photos and I’ll fit the submission into the extant article. This can also work for apartments, high-rise building offices, and condominium spaces from builders and realtors, and of course residences connected to the hotel.

The entire submission may be sent EITHER AS a Microsoft word file or as a big photograph that fits the same sizing as the article. That way you have your smaller ads including photos exactly where you want them, headlines and any fonts you want exactly as you designed it. I’ll simply append the article with your huge jpg photo. This is really important if you want a particular color or font or a photo rotated in some very precise angle. Just remember the Jpg will have ONE link to your site or whatever URL/address you give me. These type ads will include 9-more placements of a smaller ad you provide.

Consider The Audience: 

I’ll allow pieces talking about romance, weddings at the hotel and honeymoons, but please keep the women covered in a swimsuit that is not disgracefully revealing. (I’m sure you know what I mean. 1-piece, 2-piece, “Bikini” is alright. Thongs and see through are not. Consider your target audience here.)

This magazine retains the right to reject advertising that we think is inappropriate to our audience. Also remember many of your customers are well past their 18th birthday and tend to be uncomfortable comparing themselves to images of the nearly naked young beauties displaying themselves so openly these days. You’ll get better response when using images of women age 25 and older and because you kept your models a bit more modestly covered.

You can add links within your ad to videos, including a YouTube Embedded video link (the video is viewed on the article). I claim no control over what people wear in the videos but I hope you will consider your audience. 

These type ads will include 9-more placements of a smaller ad you provide which can link to the larger piece, or an article you submitted, or to your business website pages. This offer will also include several links in Posts (Posts go to social media) related to your subject (For example Restaurant ads go well with Food articles, or Travel articles, especially if your restaurant is inside or near a featured hotel or Shopping Mall.

You may let me know which placement locations you prefer and I’ll do the best I can to provide that to you.)

For just $1000 additional for the full year, your piece can be a FEATURED ARTICLE with promotional placement on the Page for that subject’s category: “Popular” and/or “Featured.” These will be included in a soon available rotating slide show (also called a “slider”) with other “featured” pieces. (The rotation is eye catching. Placement in a “slider” is more effective than placement on the page as “static.”) This feature should appear and be available after November 2018. That price is for year 2018 through April 2019. The price will rise after April 2019, so arrange it now! This is a “bargain of the century” price so take advantage of it until my space for these runs out.

Make Sure Your Links Make Reservations.

LINKS in a piece you submitted can link to anyplace you like.  A Resort Hotel could include links to your Reservations Page, or a video, or photos of your restaurant(s) and then a further link at the end of the video to your Reservations Desk. The customer can place His/Her reservation immediately there. Consider including links to, The Spa, Restaurant, Shops, and/or the Special Events Manager.

Ask your Web Developer to do something to keep a count of how many responses came from HeavensWay2022 magazine.

Add a code number to the address of that page. You’ll be able to count the number of reservations that came from the ad. A reservations operator can ask for a code number on the page because you ended the article with something like this: “Place Your Reservation. Mention this code number to get a 15% discount for your room or $100 in vouchers for meals in any of our on-site restaurants.” This provides a survey helping you to see how effective your ad was. Alternatively, tell your website developer make a separate page for that ad to see how many visitors that ad brought through the year, and track it month by month.

You can change the Advertorial the next year to compare which article/ad worked best. For a slight upcharge at the time of request, you can change it every 3rd month, or change the headline before the beginning of December. This allows for changes for high-season, holidays, or other special events.

Discounts for shops inside hotels:  If you run a shop inside a big hotel I’ll run your ad within or beneath the hotel featured ad or advertorial page for just $8/square inch. The hotel gets a boost from your ad and you get more notice. You’re helping one another. Of course this is generally specific to a hotel featured in a particular location. For example, you might sell high end handbags and better clothing in a shop within the hotel, or close to it, even at a shopping mall close to the hotel. Run your ad which can be linked from beneath the hotel Advertorial and get it for just $8.00/square inch. Perhaps the hotel management will help pay for your ad!

What else can I do for you? I know this page is long and is not the traditional inscrutable media kit. It’s more like a class in marketing. Throw an idea to me. Make an offer.

The Ad insertion order page and writing to me allow you a lot of leeway. You can create what you want and work up a price we both agree is fair and we’ll help one another do more business and gain greater prosperity!

I want to say “thank you” for looking and reading. I would be happy to hear from you. Tell me what you think, or would like to see changed or added. I’m interested and listening. You can be sure I will bend all I can to give you a better-than-fair agreement. 

Reach me here:  This is the address I check most often. My website “Professional address”  automatically forwards to the Gmail address. This is for business only, please.

Thanks for your kind attention,

Stephen Newdell

Advertising Insertion Order GO HERE

or To the link below, they’re the same. If one fails please tell me!



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