God Created Everything — 10.25.19

Excerpts from an earlier 2017 article.


(The true path to The Way Home)

We’ve been told the universe somehow came into existence out of nothing,…

…and it all fell together by the actions of unexplained forces. That somehow gravity was enough to cause stars and planets to form and that life formed from multiple accidents.

All of these stories are deceptions. They began with the  Georgian/Russian leader Lennon (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov), better known by the alias Lenin. He lived between 1870 and 1924 (born 22 April 1870 – died 21 January 1924). Lenin was a Russian revolutionary, politician, and founder of the communist party. He got a copy of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species, which was published on 24 November 1859. He conferred by letter with Karl Marx, one of the early writers of the Communist ideology, and in his letter said he thought this thesis could be helpful for their cause.

Since then and until now various people have continued to preach that God is a myth and that life formed accidentally. But, as you may see in my writings, there is more than sufficient science produced by men far more learned than I, to prove that life falling together in that way is absolutely impossible.

What can we make of all this then? We can be certain when comparing what we know of science and history to the theology and prove that the only logical conclusion we can draw is that God is real, Jesus the Christ is the savior all Judaism was awaiting, and as prophecy has explained (if we understand it right) we are presently headed for World War III and the end of This Age.

The age that will follow will be a new age when God through Jesus cleans up the disaster man and Satan have made of this world and replace it with the world God intends for us to have.

The true Gospel is another subject we’ll cover carefully and probably more than once. In brief, I want you to know it’s not a story about a baby born in a manger. It’s the final GREAT news that God will raise those who love Him as his own children and eventually we will mature and be like him!

Oh sure, Satan tells that story too. He says you shall be gods. But in truth, it’s a lie. He cannot offer that benefit to anyone, and in the end, he will be absolutely vanquished and punished for his very long history of evil deeds.

What I want you to really think about is, that you will drop all of the notions you’ve heard before. I am not running a church and I’m not sending you to attend any church!  I am also not asking for donations. My only interest is to do what I perceive is my job here. My job is to get this information out to those who need it, and speak to YOU in a way that you understand.

I want you to know the truth and be set free by that truth. And if you discover that the truth is not for you, then you’ll have heard/read it right and you’ll make your own decision as to what you want to do with your life.

Part of my purpose here is to bring science to you proving that God Created The Universe. It’s easy to get evidence of creation. It’s nearly impossible to find any proof that the universe and life just “fell together” by error. Even in your lifetime, you can see materials dis-integrate over time. Homes fall apart. Steel rusts to iron oxide with other minerals. I know of nothing that improves or grows more organized with age.

The other purpose is to bring you solid, honest, Bible-based theology – not traditions from some man-decided agenda, not even from a mainline church that has taught their own ideas even for centuries! If it’s in the Bible I accept it. If it’s NOT in the Bible I don’t. If I don’t understand what I read that is not the fault of the Bible. It’s my issue and I need correction. It’s that simple.

Jesus in Matthew 10 sent out the 12 to preach and teach. At the end of line #8 see what I have in bold type.

 As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy,[a] drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give! 

This is exactly the way I see it. I have received my knowledge freely and freely I must give! I will do all I can to help you learn and charge nothing for the student who wants to know! 

There are many proofs. My strong interest is in Biology, Theoretical Physics, and of course archaeology which brings us historical proof that what has been reported as history in The Bible is proven by findings. 

My view of our lives and this world is, we are in serious trouble. The world is getting more and more insane as we go along. More people are constantly distracted by music, entertainments, seeking for money, fame, pleasures, and they are given to understand that if they’ll just go along with what their government tells them they’ll get along just fine.

You can go along and get along but at the end, you will not be free. You will be a slave. You’ll grow old and sickly and die too young and then at the end you’ll meet God and he will say, “I never knew you” and then you’ll go to The Second Death – a SPIRITUAL death and as I express it, you’ll be Blanked Out. Your awareness of being aware of yourself will be gone. It will be as if you had been a computer file that was deleted and you’ll simply no longer exist.

Some people who have been truly evil will get a punishment. Many who did not intend to be evil but turned away from God will be blanked out. That will be the end of their story.

Those who Love God will have eternal life, and a very very Good and Happy life with God on the New World God intends for us. Your emotional upsets will be cleansed and you’ll discover who you really are. You’ll be happier than you ever knew you could be!

Lots of people have run into other people who claimed to be Christians and they were confused or even abused, and they ran away from the abusers and perhaps away from churches in general. I completely understand and empathize. After talking to people who have suffered, I have a strong idea about what you went through and I realize you have false impressions about everything related to what most people call “religion.”

So I ask you to do your best to approach all of this with a clean slate, an open mind, like a little child who never heard any of it until this minute.

In this magazine section you’ll find the science to prove God is real. I’ll contradict some of what you may have heard in University and college lectures. I’ll place on my website articles for you to instruct yourself, and I’ll help you understand why this world is getting crazier and more distressing every week.

These are the last days before the worst war you never wanted to imagine. These are the days when the world is about to go into economic and social chaos! The best defense is your good knowledge because God saves those who love him, and he has promised to take those who love him to a place of safety, which I believe is a parallel universe, better known as The Heavenly Kingdom.


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