God’s Rest is YOUR Rest

Friday, January 11, 2019

Genesis 2:2 says, “And the Lord rested on the seventh day…” The word ‘rested’ is the Hebrew word ‘shevat’ from which we get the English word, ‘Sabbath.’ Hebrews 4:9 promises that for the people of God, there remains a Shabbat, a Sabbath rest. God wants you to find rest for your soul and peace in your life. But to do that, you have to learn of the ‘shevat.’

The Lord rested on that first Shabbat. It was His doing. It was His acting. So the key to finding peace in God is not to rest in your rest, but to rest in God’s rest. Rest in His shalom, in His peace, in the fact that His work is finished. That’s why God said, “It is finished,” when He gave up His life on Calvary.

That’s why He rested on the Sabbath, so you could find rest for your soul and peace for your life. Stop waiting for your works to be complete and your life to be perfect. Enter the Sabbath. Find your rest in His resting and your peace in His finished work.
From Message #125 – The Sixth and Seventh Day
Scripture: Is. 26:3

TODAY’S MISSION – Rest in God’s resting, find your completion in His completed redemption, and move in His finished work.

SOURCE:   Hope of the World Ministries:

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