How The Flat Earthers are Chasing People Away From Salvation

flat earth

I have previously stated that the Bible cannot be understood properly by taking every word literally. There are idioms and odd expressions that should not be taken literally. An expression about the earth having 4-corners from which wind blows and that earth is flat as not only made a few video producers look like fools, they have made the entire Bible and modern Christian thought look like only the mentally limited could believe such nonsense!

All the material in the attached PDF is available free by searching Google. Obviously many people cannot or will not trouble themselves to do that. Ahh, for the days I had to ride a bicycle on bad sidewalks 3 miles to a local library and carry 20-books to a table to find what I was looking for. Everyone needs that experience to realize how convenient is  Google Search. Read it, learn a lot, THE BIG BONUS at the end explains better how to understand what you’re reading as you go through The Holy Bible!

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Here’s PROOF Earth is a Sphere. Download the PDF


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