How To Care For Your Painful Low Back


This began with a friend requesting help and turned into a PDF downloadable booklet. Clearly; This is for minor problems you might be able to solve from home. If you find this is not helpful or you feel certain yours is a long standing and gradually worsening problem, seek Chiropractic help. If you’re in Texas look at our Referral Directory.

This is very down to earth and practical. There are many illustrations with labels here so you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ll get into DOING something for yourself right from the 2nd page. And it works! I’m often alone and must take care of myself. It’s a successful action and will be for you too.

The book is seriously going to save you trouble and money. It’s worth some money but I’m going to give it to you, with only the request that you subscribe to my email list (which I never sell or share!)

You’ll be informed occasionally about new articles added. You’ll enjoy learning how to get healthier and stay youthful and healthy as the years progress, and most of what I teach is natural and costs nothing, thereby reducing your healthcare costs. (What proof do I have of that? That photo at the top of this page is me just after my 69th birthday. Still fit, active and still going. You can do it too!)

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