How Young Robinson’s Daughter Pushed Her Dad Into Big Business Success

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Old Mr. Robinson’s grand-daughter was at it again. Her sunny blonde hair was reflecting the Illinois farmland sunlight as she shook her head.

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“No Grandpa they don’t know where we are! You say we’ve been here for nearly 50-years but the business is not growing because they don’t have any idea there’s a Robinson’s Hardware Store in town, and that’s because you refuse to tell them!

“We could sell more of these specialized PVC parts on-line too,” she said, with a perfect smile.

“There are stores on the Internet. People see and place orders, and money comes in. There are tens of thousands of potential customers, but if you don’t run any sort of advertising message no one knows anything about it. The money goes to some other merchant instead of you!

“I’ll bet I could sell enough PVC furniture-making parts to make me a living, and help pay for my college too.” Her beautiful grand-mother’s big green eyes were looking at him again across his desk.  “But I need your help and we need to advertise in the right places to the right people and reach them at the right time, with the right message.”

The old man’s weathered darkly lined face registered his resistance.  He was stubborn about any sort of marketing beyond his display window, which had not been changed for 3-months. He had been resistant this way for years.

“This is not the right time to buy advertising” he said. “The economy is sick and gettin’ sicker. And it’s gettin’ close to Christmas.”

“Yes,” she answered brushing a bit of dust off her white sleeve, “and then it’ll be the wrong time to buy because you’re recovering after Christmas and then it’ll be too close to Spring and you’re too busy thinking about Spring stocking, and then there will be Easter and that’s a bad time to think about advertising, and then there will be Summer and vacations and staff taking a week off here and there, and that’s the wrong time and then October ends with Halloween and then Thanksgiving  and that’s the wrong time and then we’re moving into Christmas and the New Year again.

“The truth is, Grampa, there’s never a good time to buy advertising space or time. But there’s always a good feeling when you have more customers and more money coming in! This is not about ‘buying advertising. It’s about getting more customer traffic.”

“Katarina please,” the old man said holding his temper. She knew the voice intonation meant he had come to the end of his patience. “I have other work to do. Your father will take over the business soon. I’m gettin’ ready to retire. Talk to him about it when he takes over.”

and… So she did!  and… Mind you my friend, This is a true story. Katarina told it to me during a sales training seminar several years ago.

Katarina’s father took over and an advertising salesman with the local shopper’s newspaper walked in to meet him. He repeated what his father had said. “After 50-years here everyone must know where we are.”

And that salesman answered, “If you’re wrong, you’re losing a lot of sales. Let’s find out if you’re right. Let me survey two or three people. Come with me out here onto the sidewalk and we’ll ask someone passing.”

The first woman came by and they were standing directly under the Robinson’s Hardware sign. The salesman spoke up. “Pardon me, Ma’am. I’m new in town and trying to find my way. Do you know where Robinson’s Hardware is?” and the woman looked at him and said, “No Sir, sorry, I don’t know and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that store. Are you sure it’s in our town?” He thanked her and she went on her way. He turned to the young Mr. Robinson and asked, “Now what do you think of that?”

That was enough survey for him!

Katarina’s father took her advice. He bought space in that newspaper and the Yellow Pages phone directory, in other newspapers, in the grange, farm and agricultural journals, on radio just before the news broadcasts, later for the local TV Weather broadcasts, on a college radio station, he even bought space in the Senior High School Yearbook! It was an investment, but he began to see results and kept good accounting to see how it was paying off.

That change from the retiring father to his younger son all came at a time when the farmers were not doing well. The crops were not paying so well that year, and the next year the weather was bad and the grain harvest was not very good. There were other economic ups and downs. (Buying habits are effected by politics, wars, local economics, spreading pandemic diseases, Presidential elections, and many other factors.) It proved out, all of that advertising paid a handsome profit! That little Robinson’s Hardware store just kept, growing and growing. 

That’s what WE must remember and follow suit, because small business history has proven that the companies that don’t advertise simply give away their customers to others who do advertise. Those that did not advertise finally went out of business and the ones that continued to advertise grew even through difficult times, like what we’re witnessing now and what we can expect to see in the next few years. 

What we’re seeing now is partly just to be expected from natural economic cycles; and you, as a business owner, must simply roll with the punches and keep on fighting! It’s the only way to survive the round!

I have a memory full of business stories and all of the exciting ones tell of difficult times and men who kept the faith and kept on working, and advertising! They didn’t give up. They refused to quit. They opened for business each morning and continued working. 

The neighboring businesses quit and the quitter’s customers came instead to the ones still working (of course.) By the time the dust settled the ones that kept working had a bigger customer list and were earning more sales. They had weathered the storm and had come out moving into the greatest prosperity of their lives!

Katarina told us in that advertising seminar, the customer traffic grew and her dad had to build another warehouse and then a third. That little hardware store turned into a big business known all over the county in Illinois and even into Iowa!

So? why did I invite you into this story? I know many more stories like it…and I want you to know…Advertising doesn’t cost! If it’s in the right place, available at the right time for the reader, with the right message, to the right audience it PAYS. Even moderately well written space advertising can draw many customers if it’s at the right time in the right medium. 

When the economy is in a down cycle and small businesses cease advertising, their customer traffic falls more and more and finally all of their potential customers have gone to others offering similar services. Those that don’t advertise go out of business. It’s the same story with doctor’s practices. I ran a Chiropractic clinic for 22 years, advertised regularly, did good work and gained many new patients each year.

I knew I was just another small town businessman using my skills to earn a living. Finally, when insurance laws changed and I found myself working more and earning less, I returned to my first career in the advertising and marketing world. I helped many small business operators earn more; they told me so!

Gain More Customer Traffic At A Ridiculously Low Cost!

Of course I know most ad writers would focus only on the money, but I think that’s a serious flaw in our thinking! The really GREAT names in the advertising world have taught me to think in terms of reaching the right audience. What are the readers thinking and focused upon? What does their language sound like? What about their religion and politics? It’s all important.

I’m going out on a limb, but for a good reason:

Heaven’s Way Magazine is offering you a chance to do a lot of good for God’s intentions to reach people seeking His truth in the final years of this age, and help yourself reach a God-Respecting community of believers and seekers who are most comfortable dealing with other God’s-Word-Respecting business owners.

I hope as another benefit we will help a lot of younger people realize they’ve been deceived. The modern new doctrinal messages are not attracting them to God’s truth! Many of them are confused, not working, miserable, even suicidal! The national statistics for this are truly alarming – the worst ever seen!

We know by surveys, the Conservative Christian literature buyers are better educated and earn an above average living. Many of these Brothers and Sisters in Christ own businesses, teach, read a lot, take expensive vacations and….  

…They probably need and or want what YOU are offering and can afford it. They’re the sort of decent, respectful patients you wish you could deal with exclusively. And right now, the magazine readership is developing and this leaves a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for YOU.

I’m not marketing to the entire country. I’m marketing first to one tri-city community. I can do a lot of good for others there and do a lot of good for YOU and others in the health-care business.

I’m making your potential ability to reach our San Antonio, Austin, Houston community available at a price that is so ridiculously low no one in the advertising world would believe it! They would laugh if you told them. I checked what local newspapers in San Antonio are charging and my price is less. In some cases my price is 1/4 of what other papers charge! I’ll show you how you’ll get a lot more patient traffic for your money!

For a limited time, get in for just Sixty-Five-Dollars per month. This is a limited time offer for just  10-new advertising clients in the Health-Care field, and YOU should be one of them!

After that 10 have agreed to a year with us, the offer will change. As the readership numbers grow, advertising costs will rise too. But I’ll have a note beside your name and I’ll offer a special discount to those “Charter Advertisers” who helped me get going and growing in your Texas Community. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m sure you’ll be glad you took it while it was available. You’ll be glad for many years!

Compare, shop around, see what else is available. Compare what I can do for you and see what their prices are. I know you’ll be well pleased with my offer. and….Let’s remember, the others are general topic newspapers in print. Print publications are read a little and then generally discarded after the end of the 2nd day at the buyer’s home.

My website will keep your ad fresh, brightly colored, and good as new every time anyone sees it. In this way we’re reaching the right audience, at the right time for them to read your ad, in the right place, with your message. If your message/product/service is the right one for that reader, you’re likely to get a phone call, a visit to your web pages, or a new patient seeking your help.

and….Your message is changeable with the seasons, holidays and special offers. That keeps it timely, with the right message, to the right audience.

Related to this audience; I am the ONLY one I know of, who is writing about and (at no charge) promoting one of the great theologians of our time; and reaching out to the Christ-following community.

That tells us this magazine will be read by mostly conservative people, better educated, earning more, respectful of honest hard work, and they are people with education and skills like you.

They are well mannered, decent community members from your local area and perhaps from the surrounding cities and smaller towns. You would be surprised at how many people will drive many miles, past many other clinics, to reach the ONE healthcare practitioner they prefer.

Just think of it. Something between 17,000 and 20,000 people enter this great theologians church every week. A great many more across the nation listen, watch on TV or YouTube. You should watch and see that crowd in that church.

If you got just ½ of 1% of those people to visit you, you would have potentially gained 85 New Patients or Customers This Year! What would that do for your income and your life?

Remember too; those patients tend to bring in family members and praise your work skills and concern for them to friends and they and others refer more patients. 

This magazine is not a shot-gun approach to everyone out there. This is a specific message to a very specific audience whose thinking is Christian-Conservative. Pastor John Hagee at Cornerstone Church is not afraid to tell them what he thinks about religion, and politics, and general modern “Liberal” (ahemm) culture! If they didn’t agree with him, they would not come back to hear him again and again!

You can be sure when Pastor John Hagee speaks, they listen and the great majority of them applaud in agreement. In them, we have an excellent audience to reach.

My experience is, one will visit, test you, and soon they’ll be calling in to make appointments for other family members. If they conclude you’re a good practitioner and perhaps also fit their line of thinking you’ll have them as regular patients, and friends, for many years!

Permit me to tell you what I’m offering — along with a quickly growing readership.

You’ll get MORE of everything:

More placements, (not one page! Your ad will appear on Several Pages in different articles covering different subjects!)

  • more viewers in email newsletters,
  • more viewers in social media, included in blog posts — and it costs you nothing!
  • In every way, You’ll get more than what you paid for! That’s my guarantee. As you continue with me to the end of this letter, and follow thoughtfully, I’ll show you how you can get more and pay less.

You can produce the ad locally. If you need help I can help you. For the appearance I suggest you can get help from a sign maker’s graphic artist. The picture size and type is covered in the “Advertising Insertion Order.” I’m following the commonly used standards so the artist will have no difficulty with it.

Send it to me by email. I’ll place it in one location so you can see it and when you’re satisfied I’ll invoice you. Pay with your checking account with a simple safe transfer from your bank to mine. (When you do I’ll bonus you with an addition month of advertising FREE!)

With payment transferred I’ll arrange 10-placements for you, one will be in the “Chiropractors” category in a business directory I’m building. (I’ll show you a sample of it as we continue. If you have reason to be in another category that that fits your business tell me what you want and I’ll make it happen.)

Your ad will also appear

  • within or at the end of several featured articles,
  • AND twice in weekend e-mailings to “subscribers.” (The magazine is free. There is no subscription fee.) Email is a big deal to do and it’s expensive. I reach those reader for you easily and right at their home!
  • The directory for health-care providers will be linked on the website home page constantly through the entire year, pointing potential patients to YOUR ad and YOUR page and then to your own website! Go HERE   to see a Demonstration of the referral pages — a directory for the Greater San Antonio area for DC’s and MT’s

Count it all up and our accounting system will be sure you get 10-placements. At least 5 of them will be inserted in a featured article and will remain there the entire year!

The price of being referred from the cover of anything is usually astronomical, but while I’m getting started in the San Antonio area for just 10 new clients (like you) these rare and very special placements will be included in this low priced package! Of course I’m a bit biased toward Chiropractors. I want to help you as you help me.

In Summary Of This Point; Your ads will appear

  1. In the afore mentioned health-care section.
  2. In or along side three Health Articles
  3. In your own website summary page which links to your website or your contact info (your receptionist’s desk)
  4. In weekly reminder emailings
  5. In social media notices
  6. Pointed to from The Home Page
  7. Later this year I’ll be launching a classified ad section and display ads will also be available there as another option for you.

Whooh!  That’s a LOT of exposure for a very reasonable price! (Actually I have friends in the ad business and, one old wise big name who retired after working as an nationally known executive with a major TV network. When I told him about this package he was a bit amazed. “All that for such a low price?” he said.)

 All together your ad will be seen by thousands of people in your community all through the year. You’ll be seen by an ever growing audience.

I don’t expect you to buy until you look at our General Interest Christian Family Magazine here

We are constantly reaching out to Christian literature buyers and we’re seeing the subscriber’s list growing and growing faster than I had expected. I know how to make it grow much larger and faster as we continue our work.

From here forward I’ll get into the more exacting details of what you can do to get your ad ready for release on the website.

All of what I’ve covered thus far will translate into more people clicking your ad and looking into what you can offer to them. I am including a page counter attached to your ad page so we’ll be able to see what response you’re getting. If you feel a need to change the ad or test a different ad, you can do that. This page counter is a special bonus offer. Any website offering it would charge for it. Of course print advertising can’t do anything to tell you if anyone sees your ad or not.

(The page counters begin from zero, the day your ad exposure begins.  The records show we’re gaining a lot of new readers!)

If you’ll ask callers or new patients, “How did you find us?” they’ll probably say “I saw you in Heaven’s Way Magazine.” (They won’t tell you until you ask, and if you’re as smart as I think you must be, you’ll keep a little list beside your phone to check mark where these customers are coming from. Keep a record through the year and compare.)

Don’t know what to write? Ask me and I’ll help write for you. The wrong advertising “copy” can waste money like water! The right copy with enough eyes seeing it can make you a fortune. Don’t do this yourself if you have not been a student of the great ad copy writers for many years! I have been since age 20. For a small fee I can write for you.

WHAT TO WRITE: If you have a website you can copy some of what you’ve written there and include it on the form HERE>>>

You’ll actually get a big ad extending across the page, in two locations and smaller (approximately 3 inch square) ads placed elsewhere. These will link to a page on my site with your additional information (and a page counter) and then it will link to YOUR website, or point directly to your receptionist. What can be better? No one else I know of does this for advertising clients in a small local online magazine, and it’s impossible in a newspaper! We’ll know all the time what response your ad is generating! As time progresses response will get better and better!!

Before placing the ad insertion order, consider;

  • What do you do for the patient?
  • What do you do differently compared to your competition. Include your hours, phone number, times open;
  • a photo of yourself or your clinic is a very wise If you include it I’ll add it to your page.

Write about those things and if ad writing is impossible for you, I’ll reduce it to a few carefully chosen words. Ad writing is a science and an art form. The best ad writers were also sales-people and we learn from one another nearly all of our lives!

While you’re looking and thinking with me, I’d like to explain a little more.

Combining what I’ve said we obviously need a “medium” that can provide advertising for a small business operator at a low price. Many businesses cannot even begin to advertise because most publications are too expensive. This pushes them out of business even before they get started. It’s not fair!  and …. It’s not helpful to anyone.

That medium must reach the right audience, at the right place, with the right message, and be available at a convenient time for that reader! An online website Magazine is always available so it’s always conveniently available and timely. It carries the right messages. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t be looking at it.

With today’s smart phones it’s always available for the reader at his/her right time and place. It can be positioned to get attention of a Conservative Christian believer’s readership. I have the only Conservative Christian General Audience, General Interest Magazine I have seen. And they read it FREE of charge! (There are mighty few of those!)

All the other types of magazine editors have been forced or deceived into believing salacious material will sell more. It also turns more potential readers away! Most of the money I am paid is being used to reach more and more of these potential readers in your community. This must be done to build a large lasting audience in the 3-city community; San Antonio, Austin, Houston.

I’ve worked these past 4-years building a library of close to 1,000 articles about Conservative Christian Theology, Health-Care, Travel for business and pleasure, other articles about other subjects, food, politics, Bible prophecy, marriage counseling; all of it intended to make up a well-rounded “General Interest, General Bible Believing Audience” magazine. My goal is at least 1,000 articles and I get closer every week as I publish more weekly.

I’m careful that articles should not be sensational or salacious.

It’s for Conservative God-Loving families and the teens are welcomed to read too. There is nothing there to embarrass.

Yes I am a bit daring!

I’m reaching new subscribers in a different way, it’s getting their attention! Most have no idea that they have comprehended only about half of the true Gospel “of” Jesus Christ. If you’re like most people I know, you would have difficulty defining this word “of”.

If you’re not a believer this is probably not important to you, but if you are, or if you know others who count themselves among “the faithful” you should realize this is of central importance in their lives! They don’t care so much about money or material comforts. They care about their eternal “here after” and the truth of the gospel as Jesus Christ taught it is certainly of interest to them.

Is the gospel about Jesus, his life and times, is that the “good news?” The present gospel is actually an alteration from something quite different compared to what it was at the time Jesus taught it!  For the believer this means the Bible was not eliminated but the most important doctrine was twisted and half of it nearly disappeared while sitting there in plain sight!

Back in the earliest days nearly everyone heard the true gospel and understood it wasn’t some legend about an itinerant preacher. It was the message God spoke through Jesus the Savior to all those he reached. The message is much more than, “You’ll be saved.” It explains your future and it’s much more exciting than most have ever heard. As time progressed the message was so diluted strange new “gospels” sprang into existence.

The truth is there in the Bible but many read it and don’t quite understand, and read past it, and then forget the entire question.  Oh Yes ….  I also explain the correct definition of the word “of” in that “title” and I prove it with definitions from the big Oxford Dictionary. This gospel is the good news about and from God spoken Through Jesus the Savior/Messiah/Christ.

When I show potential new subscribers this entire explanation they are very happy and excited. They subscribe and tell friends and spread the true good news that so many have never heard. That brings in more readers who eventually see YOUR advertising!… and They are inclined to think, “This advertiser in this Christian general audience magazine is one of our own. I want to do business with him/her/them.”

I don’t know if this is important to you, but for me and for the community I reach, I boost a man who is perhaps today’s most popular and perhaps “greatest” preacher and orator. He is there near you in San Antonio. That of course as I earlier said, is Pastor John Hagee. I set up a page  just for his church just to help readers and you to know I fit in with your local society. I’ll show you the link for that page again further along….

(You’ll also see an example of what I can do, which is nice, I think. But, my skill with new page making software is expanding. Soon I’ll be able to make almost anything on a large page that anyone can request!) I’ll also be hiring the best web page designers I can find.

Readers can attend whatever church and denomination they like. That’s none of my business; I’m not running a church.

I’m explaining this just so you know that I fit with a large population in your community. I know what they believe, their politics, their general thinking style, and their behavior. I can assure you, such people are the best customers or patients you could ever want.

To be a good marketer I MUST know what people are thinking and focused upon! You’re busy with your work. This is MY work and knowing this makes a huge difference in getting the right message to the right audience. 

Why does it matter what they believe, their politics and general thinking style? It matters because a truly good ad “copy writer” must understand his audience, before he makes horrendous mistakes; mistakes that can put a customer “off” instead of gaining their further interest.

How does a doctor enjoy his work and avoid staff burnout? He works for patients he likes and sends the nasty ones to someone else! Doctors are not required to take every case that walks in. If the patient is one of the 2% “impossible” people he can say he won’t take their case. He can say, “I think you should go to Dr. So and So and see if you like his approach better.” It’s a self-defense mechanism and it’s good for the doctor and all of the rest of his patients. I hope that little piece of information helps you. I paid to learn that in a seminar in Seattle and you just got it for free. If You have a pleasant group of ladies and gentlemen coming to you from local churches you’ll enjoy your work better and be inclined to remain in it for many more years.

This is my first introduction into the greater San Antonio area and I’m asking you to have faith in me and what I’m doing. You’ll be very well rewarded for giving me a one year trial run.

My “magazine” is a repository, a library of serious Christian articles, short and longer sermons by old masters, articles about food, geo-politics, prophecy, economics, travel, marriage counseling, child raising, and healthcare. These days it’s difficult to find such a repository free to read and enjoy and without promoting the latest salacious materials. Conservative families appreciate what I’m doing, and prove I’m right by subscribing.

For the limit of the first 10-new advertising clients, the price for all I am offering is just $65/month and when you pay for all of the year, after you have approved of the ad, I’ll do more!! You can make 3 changes within the year at no added cost (usually we charge $20 for each change) and, just for the first 10-new clients I’ll give you an additional 3-months of advertising at No Additional Charge.

We’ll let you know where the ads are within the magazine and we’ll also include mention of the health-providers or Chiropractor’s listings several times through the year in social media “postings” and in weekend notices to subscribers.

Your ad will be in articles, referred to from the COVER page, a total of at least 2-weeks; likely much more. 

The ad package I’m offering is approximately (if in print) 3  inches tall and fits across the page. Your sign maker or print shop graphic artists can look at my home page and have a very good idea of the size he needs apply to make this fit, and I’m not going to make any protest if it’s slightly bigger or smaller. 

This ad is a Big Size ad across the page and is such a noticeable display ad for such a reasonable price no one else in the entire advertising industry would believe it! An ad this big “jumps off the page” to get the reader’s attention!

Your artist should also make a second ad in a box that will be approximately 235 px by 131 px — about the size of this clock photo. I will have the ability to make those placements in the side column (or as they call it “side bar”) very soon!

All of this about ad sizing is repeated for your artist 

 ON THIS “Advertising Insertion Order” PAGE.

New Year's clock garland lights blur orange color

These advertising spaces are worth serious money, but you get the entire offer for just $65/month (x) 12 month = $780. The ad will run 15-months! You’re getting 3-months of FREE Advertising. (I’ll also have an added bonus month FREE when you pay for the 1-year run so you’ll actually get $260 of advertising FREE, and in case you like numbers that’s a 33.33% discount!)

This is for the first 10-clients and then this offer will be replaced with something not quite so generous.

PRESENT PRICING Must Change After April 2020

(I’m measuring on a 15″ diagonal monitor.)

Cross Article Band/banner $7/sq inch 6″ across x your height choice just figure square inches x $7 and that’s the monthly price. 

Common Cross Article Banner $7/sq. inch = 6″ x 2″ tall =12 sq inches x $7  = $84.

LARGER: 3″ tall x 6″ = 18  x $7/sq. inch = $126/month.

Examples:  (these are monthly prices, and the price for the year can be paid at the time of the insertion order.) Pay all at insertion order get 1 additional month FREE! (First 10 health-care practitioners get 3 additional month’s FREE.)

Taller or Shorter Than Above:  figure similar numbers, make me an offer I’d be crazy to refuse! I’ll work with you to help you have what you want at a price we both can agree upon. I’m okay with a really big ad, placed at the bottom of the home page or at the bottom of an article. You can also order a writer to produce an article about you and your clinic and at the end point the reader to your clinic contact information. This has been called an “Advertorial” (advertisement-editorial) and they’re very successful. For such a product figure something close to $3.50/square inch as the monthly price. We can start from that figure.

I am a Chiropractor now retired. We both know one patient case including your profit from x-rays, initial exam, report of findings and at least 10-visits will probably repay the cost of advertising for the entire year. No matter how we view it, I think we can agree, this offer is the advertising bargain of the year. As our readership grows it only becomes a better and wiser business investment for you. Everything in life is a gamble including getting up and having breakfast this morning, and no one can guarantee how many patients will come in because of this work, but I’m quite confident the investment will much more than repay its cost! You’ll gain a profit from this and be happy to continue it in the following years.    

To place your order now, (before those 10-rare and special spaces are all claimed) please write to me immediately:

  • To see the magazine  Go HERE 
  • View the free promotion I worked up for “Cornerstone Church.” To know more about Pastor John Hagee and his church work, and see what I did with a page to make it a little different but easy to read and understand see this link.
  • PLEASE continue down this page to see links to All the information you need to place an advertisement TODAY! 

Thanks for your kind attention. Let’s work together to make this your most prosperous year! If you want a larger size ad just tell me what you want and I’ll work up a price for you. Let’s work together on this and bring you a more prosperous 2020! For the present, contact the sales desk and me here:

Best regards,

Stephen Newdell, MT, DC

 “WAIT STEVE: I CAN’T NOW but put me on your list of future potential advertisers and stay in touch!”

   That’s Okay. Just send a note to me here and I’ll put you on my regular contact and reminder list


I can arrange other packages for you, for examples;

  • display ads within or interrupting several articles,
  • include your ad in weekly email notices and
  • as a blog posting into social media including Facebook (which I suppose you know is very expensive.)
  • I can arrange larger ads, even “full page” ads always in full color.

Produce what you want as a Microsoft Word File or for absolute accuracy take it to a sign maker or printer and ask the artist there to provide what you want as a jpg photograph. Email that to me. The address is also on the insertion order-form.

If you’re too busy to deal do any such writing and marketing, I’ll do the work here for you. Ad writing is an art and science and requires a lot of study and practice. Doing it yourself is often a terrible mistake. 

I’ll link your ad (whoever produced and wrote it) on my site to pages on your site, or if you have no site the contact information and your phone number can be displayed. You’re welcome to  include a map to your location, and anything more you want. (Google maps are easy to get. Also see MapQuest.)

Such ads are changeable any time; 3 changes per year free. $20 for each additional change. This is excellent for special events, sales, holidays, and so forth. I will advise you of the price when I know what you need. I should remind you, “Pictures draw the eye. Word’s Sell.” New gimmicks in Internet pages (flashing boxes, rotating signs, sliding photos, drop down lists) do very little and mostly slow the page appearance down, and waste money. I think most of these are annoying and confusing and “put customers off.”

Just let me know what you want and I’ll work up a package with a 20% discount for the first 3-months presuming you’re ordering a 1-year advertising campaign paid for at time of insertion.

Hiring me to write advertising copy and set up web pages for you is far less expensive and time consuming than for you to try to do this yourself!

Your best way to make and save money is to do what you’re doing now. You do your job and save money by letting me do mine! That may seem like a “wise guy” remark but just imagine building your own house yourself while running a practice. It’s far better for you to take in more patients and let the house building or ad writing be done by experts who have learned to do it right without making expensive mistakes!

The promises of “free websites” are just a cover for a sample. Don’t believe it. Before you know it you’ll have a lot of work that goes nowhere without paying real money.  This is a serious endeavor requiring several skill sets!

Again, My kind regards,

Stephen Newdell, MT, DC 

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Go HERE to see a Demonstration of the referral pages — a directory for the Greater San Antonio area for DC’s and MT’s

What to do next? Write to me here. Send an ad if you have one for me to use or improve.

PPS. I do everything via email. If you must converse I can do that via Facebook Chat line. I don’t hear well and written conversations give us a record of what was discussed. Phone call words are lost in the shuffle. That’s why I only deal with written messages.

I’m at Face book under the name Stephen Newdell and it says I live in Cebu City. (not exactly but it’s a close answer. I come and go from there several times each year.) Also see….  to make all of this question-free and easy for you.

Please also see “the Legal Stuff” including the insertion order, what to send, how to pay, how it all works, how to place your order today:>>>  same as:

You can copy/paste that into email and send it to me, or just write to me and I’ll send an attachment for you to see. Just give me your “go ahead” and I’ll begin. No money is required for me to get started. When you approve then you can pay.


See Dr. Newdell’s Credentials Here:

Also see these for the Tourism/Hospitality Industry

Get More Winter Customer Traffic

I can do this work for ANY community seeking more tourist and hotel traffic.

Visit the Travel Section for more samples of my work. 

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