Husbands, Priests, and Fathers

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Husbands, Priests and Fathers 

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What does it mean to be “The Head of The Household?” Are men licensed when married to be tyrants? Getting this wrong can bring endless misery. If you’re like most of us guys, you need some advice.

IF you have the courage to read this, expect to face some tough issues. Let’s consider this.

We Americans must consider this carefully. Half of American marrieds, divorce and many of them marry someone else, and then break up and try a third time and then at age 60 admit on Facebook they are “in a relationship” which proves one or both parties have no idea what it really means to be married. We (both genders) need to make serious changes or we’ll be in trouble about this issue for life! Worse, The building block of society is the Family with Mother and Father together raising children. Now over 50% of children are alone with mother, father is not with them. The children grow up very confused and often uncivilized. If we don’t turn this mess around, the entire society will be chaos within another 25-years!!! (…”we should live so long.”)

(Part 1) The Husband’s Role

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