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Jewish Studies

You will never understand Christianity completely until you understand the culture from which it came. Here’s a beginning for you.

  1. why-jewish-studies-read-this-first/
  2. what-made-me-cry-outside-the-fruit-store/
  3. -traditional-marriage-tips-you-need-to-turn-upside-down/
  4. hide-seek/
  5. a-purim-secret/
  6. the-secret-of-the-innkeepers-blessing/
  7. The Rabbi’s Secret Sins
  8. he-unexpected-fortune/
  9. the-watercarrier-who-almost-brought-a-locust-storm/
  10. helen-thomas-told-me-to-go-home/
  11. This is a free pdf. Click to download.   The Lord Is ONE
  12. This is a free pdf. Click to downloadSatan, meaning of name
  14. /the-day-of-atonement-what-does-that-mean/
  15. genesis-and-the-marshmallow-experiment/
  16. Prophecies from the Old Testament About The Coming Messiah Jesus the Christ
  17. Why Study The Bible? and How to: (#1 of a series)
  18. Holiness Is Love in Action (Jewish Study)
  19. How Apostle Paul Was Caused by God To Change The World
  20. Jewish destiny: the calming extension of Jewish Sovereignty
  21. Shabbat Shalom A Powerful True Story
  22. observation-of-jewish-new-year-should-we/
  23. The Mysterious (Divine) Secrets of Salt (from Judaism)
  24. The Mysterious Secrets of Salt – 2

We have just scratched the surface!  Go to:  for the ultimate authority in everything Orthodox Jewish.



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