Joint Heirs With Christ

Joint heirs with Christ

relating to the imposition or enforcement of a rule or method.
‭”‬these guidelines are not intended to be prescriptive‭”
synonyms:dictatorial, narrow, rigid, authoritarian, arbitrary, repressive, dogmatic
“their instructions are too prescriptive‭”
‭(‬of a right,‭ ‬title,‭ ‬or institution‭) ‬having become legally established or accepted by long usage or the passage of time.

Charles Spurgeon

‭”‬Joint heirs with Christ.‭”
‬Romans 8:17

The boundless realms of his Father’s universe are Christ’s by prescriptive right.‭
As‭ “‬heir of all things,‭” ‬he is the sole proprietor of the vast creation of God,‭ ‬and he has admitted us to claim the whole as ours,‭ ‬by virtue of that deed of joint-heirship which the Lord hath ratified with his chosen people.‭
The golden streets of paradise,‭ ‬the pearly gates,‭ ‬the river of life,‭ ‬the transcendent bliss,‭ ‬and the unutterable glory,‭ ‬are,‭ ‬by our blessed Lord,‭ ‬made over to us for our everlasting possession.‭ ‬All that he has he shares with his people.‭
The crown royal he has placed upon the head of his Church,‭ ‬appointing her a kingdom,‭ ‬and calling her sons a royal priesthood,‭ ‬a generation of priests and kings.‭ ‬He uncrowned himself that we might have a coronation of glory‭; ‬he would not sit upon his own throne until he had procured a place upon it for all who overcome by his blood.‭ ‬Crown the head and the whole body shares the honour.‭
Behold here the reward of every Christian conqueror‭! ‬Christ’s throne,‭ ‬crown,‭ ‬sceptre,‭ ‬palace,‭ ‬treasure,‭ ‬robes,‭ ‬heritage,‭ ‬are yours.‭ ‬Far superior to the jealousy,‭ ‬selfishness,‭ ‬and greed,‭ ‬which admit of no participation of their advantages,‭ ‬Christ deems his happiness completed by his people sharing it.‭ “‬The glory which thou gavest me have I given them.‭” “‬These things have I spoken unto you,‭ ‬that my joy might remain in you,‭ ‬and that your joy might be full.‭”
The smiles of his Father are all the sweeter to him,‭ ‬because his people share them.‭ ‬The honours of his kingdom are more pleasing,‭ ‬because his people appear with him in glory.‭
More valuable to him are his conquests,‭ ‬since they have taught‭ ‬his people to overcome.‭ ‬He delights in his throne,‭ ‬because on it there is a place for‭ ‬them.‭
He rejoices in his royal robes,‭ ‬since over‭ ‬them his skirts are spread.‭ ‬He delights the more in his joy,‭ ‬because he calls‭ ‬them to enter into it.

Them refers to His people, those who have accepted The Christ as Our Savior. I certainly hope YOU are counted among THEM.

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