Marriage HONESTY


HONESTY is Such A Lonely Word

Everyone Is So Untrue

Honesty Is Hardly Every Heard

And Mostly What I Need From You. (Billy Joel)


I want to get some new ideas across to you in this short note. God “sells” or offers to you, LIFE! Abundant, happy, ever expanding wisdom, intelligence and life. And the BASIS of life is honesty, perfection, even exactitude.

The late theoretical physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking said that though he was unwilling to admit God is real (probably because he would lose his job if he did!) he also admitted he was finding various measurements and parameters across the universe that must have tolerances of a millionth of a millionth of a millionth. Obviously, that did not happen accidentally. The entire thesis that the universe somehow fell together by chance is repeatedly proven to be a ridiculous fantasy propounded by psychotics.

Albert Einstein and Max Planck also admitted it was impossible to accept the idea that life and the universe came together accidentally or by “Evolution.” The entire Evolutionary Fantasy is so ridiculous anyone with a high school education can poke irreparable holes in the entire thesis. It’s NOT a theory. It’s not even an educated guess! (a Hypothesis.)

It is nothing close to proven or shown to be reproducible and close to becoming “a law.” There are no “Missing Links” and your greatest great Grand Mama was not a Lemur and did not drop out of a tree and produce young that “evolved” into people. Prove me wrong if you can. I’m waiting for an answer from anyone who will challenge me.

These “theories” that the universe and life came about accidentally are part of a grand scheme to tell you that there is no God, there is no Godly Law and there is therefore no reason to be morally upright. “Do as you wish” so the Satanist’s say. “Do what thou wilt” – more ridiculous phrases from ridiculous men who write extremely well and teach nothing but DEATH, because that is what Satan sells. He sells death.

Their DIS-Honesty teaches you to create your own moral code. To them it’s just peachy if you marry today and become a “swinging” couple next week. To God such behavior is “detestable.” God will “marry” the true believers as his church and make these believing people his family, and will impart His magnificent wisdom to we who love him and we will live with him eternally. He doesn’t want to marry to the Unfaithful. He wants trustworthy, Honest people.

Satan offers a Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll party that never ends. (…More ridiculous lies) and I can’t think of anything I would want to escape from more than an endless lineage of strangers making it with me and blown out of their minds with drugs. If that’s his promise, he and they who accept it deserve God’s condemnation.

This leads one down a dark pathway into a darker musty cave, down to where dark waters are stirred by demons. One is left chronically terrified. This terror lurks in one’s mind so deeply buried in the “subconscious” that one doesn’t know s/he is terrified. S/he thinks “everyone” thinks and feels the same way and cannot imagine that others do not. S/he believes everyone is dishonest, everyone is a suspect, a criminal or a potential criminal, and no one can be trusted. She admits in a whisper, “I’m afraid of everything.”

“Everyone is out to get me. I’m going to get everyone FIRST!!!”

There, that quote is the proper definition of psychosis. There is a person so low on the emotional tone scale only death will quiet him.

Do you know we have generations of people indoctrinated with this sort of thinking? The 196o’s Rock music was equally stupid. “Oh Donna, I need you, I want you I love you, Oh Donna, Oh Donna, You mean everything to me. I had a girl and Donna was her name. She left me and now I’ll never be the same and I loved that girl, Donna oh come back to meeeee”   boo hoo hoo forever and ever.

          My gosh! Can anything be more lame and stupendously stupid? And people bought that recording and hundreds more like it. And radio stations broadcast this trash continually in one form or another actually influencing culture and thinking. It should never have happened.

Men and women want to “own” and control one another. They can’t. It won’t work! The human spirit is like ocean water. Step into the ocean, pick up some water and hold it tightly in your fist. What happens to it? It runs out of your hand back into the ocean. You cannot control or hold water indefinitely and you can’t do that with people either.

Finally Billy Joel who dabbled in or created nearly every Rock genera one can imagine finally wrote about dishonesty. If you were born after 1970 I am genuinely sad for you.

My experience with that generation is, for reasons unknown to me, those I have met could not bring themselves to be truthful about ANYthing. If I am right, (and I desperately hope I am not) it is a generation buying Death to the gills. It is a generation that trust nothing and no one, hates their life, hates one another, used sex as an exercise with people they don’t know and don’t care to know, and some of them are blown out of their minds on drugs and rock music all the time.

They’ve been sold the death story and bought it with all the extra features…. Fancy floor mats, special decoration striping, customized fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror, a 12-speaker stereo only a Japanese genius understands, air conditioning and cruise control are not special order features, they’re standard equipment. That’s the Satanic Special. Buy it and never be happy ever, ever in your life. That what he sells and God Damn him forever and ever, people have been buying that line of worthless tosh ever since humanoids of some sort wandered around the earth – latest estimates are actually MILLIONS of years ago. [This of course tells us we have only a whisper, a smattering of understanding of the truth of God and Earth and God’s universe.]

Maybe Adam was created 6,000 years ago but before him there was something and that’s why the story said when he was told he would be cast out of the Garden he wondered how he could survive among all of those other people out there. Where did they come from? Don’t ask the 4-year degree Bible College graduate. He doesn’t know and doesn’t want to attempt an answer. That degree taught an accepted doctrine. It did not answer seriously difficult questions and it left the graduate seriously lacking. This is one of the reasons so many people have turned away from churches and gone off seeking answers elsewhere, or accept the answer that there is no spirit, there is no God and, “When I die I’m dead.” (end of that discussion.)

All of this insanity takes us back to this person who is terrified of everything and thinks he must CONTROL everything and everyone because if he cannot control everything and everyone someone will pick up a stick and beat his head in. They might because that might be the only cure On Earth for him.

(Heaven has a cure but he won’t reach out to receive it because he must be in control. If he loses an argument he’s not in control and therefore someone is going to beat his head in. If he asks questions that proves he doesn’t know everything and he can never admit he doesn’t know everything because if he does he admits he’s not in control!!!)

Do you see where Satan’s lies lead us? I hope you’re understanding this.

He is afraid someone will kill him if he isn’t in control. …Or he might discover that everyone puts miles and miles between him and them and he grows old very alone. Very lonely and miserable. Like one who is alive in body and dead in spirit.

He tried to control and OWN his wife and she finally packed everything into her car and left.  “Oh Dona won’t you please come back to meeeee???”  (No Helmut, I’m not coming back until you know who you are and that might be several thousand years from now.)

NOW I hope you’ll understand when I tell you, you cannot own your spouse and don’t try to control him/her. It will fail miserably. The more you scream, cry, stamp your feet and behave like a lunatic child the worst your problems will become.

Your husband/wife/lover should be your Best Friend. If she’s not, ‘you in a heap o’ trouble.’

If you can’t trust your lover you are insulting him/her saying essentially, “You can stay here and I will help support us, but I’ll never ever really trust you.”

Why not Helmut?

Because I’m a lunatic who bought the death story and swallowed it hook, line, sinker, head fins and tail. That’s why.

Wrap your mind around loving and trusting for as long as it lasts and the more you honestly love the longer it will last – which could be forever. Give yourself to the Way God teaches through Jesus and you’ll be so kind, loving, trusting and decent in and out of bed that anyone would be happy to stay and crazy to want to leave. THEN you’ll have nothing to worry about and no desire to worry anyway.

But wait! Steve, what if my wife is a sinner?

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. Who among us is not a sinner?

How many times should we forgive Lord? Seven Times? (which means “endlessly?”) And Jesus answered, “I tell you to forgive Seven times Seven Times” (which means infinitely.)

So now wrap your mind around this idea too. Before God we are like 2-year olds. One of my past gf’s used to refer to it as “The Terrible Two’s”. It’s a time when the child is finding her identity and wants to prove she can do it all her way and her way is the best way. There are many bouts of kicking, screaming, tears, tantrums, it’s terrible and generally the storm passes as she reaches beyond her 3rd birthday.

Would you trust a child of that condition to tell you how to run your life and your business? Well, God sees me and you as about the same condition as that child. We don’t order God around. He guides us and it’s our right place to do as we’re told to do and ask for “reasons why” much later. First prove you’ll do as ordered. Later you’ll be given more wisdom as to why we do it that way.

Jesus and The Heavenly Father are so far advanced beyond our puny intelligence all they can really do is feel sorry for us! We, all of us, are such a hopeless mess all we can do is try every day, every hour, to avoid sin, do what is righteous, and follow His Holy Way. He’ll forgive us our sins if we beg for forgiveness and forgive one another. Am I blameless? Oh No! Of course not. But I’m ashamed of myself from time to time. If God can forgive me he can certainly forgive you too.

I had a friend who would say, “God won’t take me. I’m not good enough.”

That was never part of God’s criteria. No one is good enough and no one can be. I know a pastor, teacher, theology college professor for over 40-working years. Now He is about age 80 – “Robert Palmer, PhD ” He wrote a little book that sits on my desk entitled God’s Heart…Our Hope.

He’ll be the first to tell us we all struggle with our sins every day and we always will. And We beg The Christ for forgiveness and we try again.

Now, dear friend, if you and your Mister come to such an argument that it’s about to blow the roof off, put your hands into your hair and walk out of the room. Consider, how much of this is about wanting to receive personal respect? How much of this is about me controlling some of the territory? Am I better than Jesus the Christ? If the answer is “no” then it is incumbent upon you to say, “I’m sorry. Somehow, part of this fight is my doing. I will forgive you. Please forgive me. Let’s Try Again.”

Yes, I know I just asked you to do something like push Mount Everest into the sea with your left hand. It seems impossible, but with faith even mountains can be moved and with faith and honesty even hearts can change and lusts and bad behaviors can change and life can be restored.  It can be. I’m asking a lot but it is not too much for The Lord and therefore is not too much for YOU because if you love the Lord you have the Holy Spirit in you and it all is “do-able.”

You can. You can forgive and try again. And your man also can forgive and try again.

Nothing demands more HONESTY and

Honesty is Mostly What God Needs From You.

Dr. Stephen Newdell, 7/7/18



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