Never Trust a Crypto Currency Addendum

Get INTO Gold and Silver, Get out of Cash, Stocks, Bonds, Derivatives, and Cryto Currencies.

This is a summary of a longer Lead article from February 2019 MIA

As nonstop money printing commences, making

many currencies worthless, governments will attempt

to create crypto-based electronic money, but

this will just be another gimmick or form of fake

money and will not succeed. Many believe that a

global reset by the major powers will turn the tide, but

this is problematic because many of the major powers

are unlikely to agree and will want to do their own

thing. China and Russia will do their own thing, and so

will the US. The EU will probably be in a total chaos

at that time, as will the euro. Banks in Italy, Greece,

Spain, France, UK, and Germany, etc., will be failing

by the thousands.

The beginning of wisdom at that time (or perhaps

very soon – like now) will be to keep very little

or no money in the banks anywhere in the world.

Such deposits will either be lost through insolvency,

bail-ins, or total debasement of the currency. Many of

the other assets held in a bank could face a similar fate.

Some bank failures of relatively large banks have

already begun in Asia at this writing. What is clear is

that the risks are massive, and wealth protection means

taking defensive steps before the crisis – and that time

is now.

Being out of the stock and bond markets (including

corporate, government, or municipal bonds) –

except for some gold mining stocks or short positions

in stocks; reducing real estate holdings; cutting

bank deposits to only what you need to pay monthly

bills; having up to 50% of your portfolio in physical

gold and silver – with a quarter of it stored abroad;

and holding at least six months expenses in cash –

all make sense for the times we see coming. There

are other suggestions we have made in the past as

well – including the most important – pray for wisdom

and guidance to the God of the Bible as to what

course of action you should take. And remember the

Second Golden Rule: “He who has the gold makes

the rules!”

Source:  The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor
P.O. Box 84904
Phoenix, AZ 85071


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