New York City’s 13 Most Notable Destinations

New York City’s 13 Most Notable Destinations

Stephen Newdell, with notes from a New York Times Article by Heather Cross

New York, New York. An Amazing Town With Prophetic Twists

If it’s your first or second trip to New York City, it can be  overwhelming when you try to choose among all the enticing attractions beckoning you. It’s called the Big Apple, and it is hiding in your Bible, with prophetic significance at many corners!

New York City is the center of the worlds of finance, fashion, music, art, theater, literature, and architecture. And it is the scene of lots of history as a bonus. You just can’t see it all in one trip. To get a feel for the city, start with this list of its top attractions and landmarks. Many of the attractions on this list are long-respected NYC institutions and could very well be on your long time wish list. You’ll come away from this experience with a feel for one of the greatest cities on the planet.

These picks are in no particular order; they’re all top-of-the-list spots. If you have some time after visiting these landmarks, visit Greenwich Village and Washington Square Park, shop on Fifth Avenue, ride to the top of One World Observatory, take a walk on the High Line.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States in 1886 from France in honor of the friendship established between the newly minted United States of America and France during the French Revolution. It has become an American symbol of freedom and welcome to the immigrants who come to the United States looking for a better life.

Only visitors who are in good health and plan in advance visit the crown of the Statue of Liberty because tickets are limited to allow roughly 240 people per day crown access. Even if you can’t visit the crown, a visit to Liberty Island can be very rewarding. It’s amazing to see the statue from Liberty Island and realize just how large it is. Ranger-led tours of the island are free and offer a great deal of information about the Statue of Liberty and its history.

Staten Island Ferry

Of its approximately 22 million annual riders, roughly 1.5 million of the Staten Island Ferry passengers are tourists who take the free ride for the iconic New York views. Commuters and tourists get a view of New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty during this hour-long ride between lower Manhattan and St. George, Staten Island.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is the most iconic and recognized symbol of New York City, and a visit to this legendary structure and its observation deck is a must. This classic New York City attraction gives millions of visitors each year spectacular views of New York City and the surrounding area from its 86th- and 102nd-floor observatories. The Empire State Building, which opened during the Great Depression in 1931, reflects its Art Deco era in its architecture and lobby. Buying tickets to the observation decks in advance cuts waiting time and is especially important if you’re in New York City during high vacation season.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

More than 2 million works of art from around the world and throughout history are housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the No. 1 art museum in the United States. If you’re an art lover, the Met is well worth a visit to its vast and diverse collection. There’s no way to see everything this museum offers in a single day, but just a few hours give you a taste of its most important gems.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Founded in 1929 as the first museum dedicated entirely to contemporary art, (and what is farcically sometimes called art) the Museum of Modern Art is home to an impressive collection of modern works of art, some decent, some blasphemous and disgraceful. From painting and sculpture to film and architecture, MoMA’s diverse collection has something for just about everyone. The gift shop offers classy souvenirs of your trip.

American Museum of Natural History

Since opening to the public in 1869, the American Museum of Natural History has evolved and grown. In addition to the Rose Center planetarium and permanent displays, the museum hosts a revolving series of temporary exhibitions.

This is a great place for kids, with IMAX shows and a Discovery Center that is full of hands-on activities for children. The food court and several cafes offer visitors a variety of different dining options and a chance to refuel during an extended visit.

My mother took me there almost a thousand years ago, and I still remember it. Yes, bring your children and expect excitement.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is both an essential New York City transit hub and an authentic example of Beaux-Arts architecture.

Renovations since its opening in 1913 have turned Grand Central into more than just a hub for transportation. You can shop, eat, have a drink, and just marvel at this architectural landmark of New York City.  Its special spots, including the Campbell Apartment, Whisper Gallery outside of the Oyster Bar, and the Main Concourse Information Booth Clock, make this a particularly special destination, and it’s all free.

Central Park

Central Park’s 843 acres have offered a welcome escape from the concrete jungle of New York City since the mid-19th century, and 42 million people visit this green oasis every year. New Yorkers and visitors come to Central Park year-round to exercise, relax, and explore.


One of the reasons that Central Park is such a magical place is that no matter how many times you visit, there’s always something new to discover or explore. Visitors might enjoy a picnic in Central Park, watching a Summer Stage concert or even take a free walking tour offered by the ​Central Park Conservancy.

Central Park, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, was the first major landscaped public park in the United States. The pair also designed Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, somewhat smaller but also beautiful to behold and a star attraction in Brooklyn.

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center’s entry statue is full of hidden significance, actually connected to ancient Sumerian religious traditions. Students of Pastor Tom Horn might have run across this in his writings. It’s never exclusively “the god Mercury.” That ancient Greek God is connected with deeper roots to dark days of evil and signifies a story whose goal is yet unfulfilled.

Christmas and “holiday Season” is always a big celebration time here.



Rockefeller Center is a great destination for visitors any time of year, but it’s an especially big draw during the holiday season, with its famous Christmas tree and ice skating rink.  Built during the Great Depression, the complex’s Art Deco architecture and works of art make it destination-worthy, even without all the shops, restaurants, and activities happening.

Besides its Christmas tree and ice skating rink, the midtown Manhattan landmark also offers visitors the wonderful Top of the Rock Observation Deck, where you can enjoy a great view of Manhattan from 850 feet above street level, and Radio City Music Hall, which hosts concerts, shows, and performances year-round.

The Brooklyn Bridge

A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights, across the East River, is such an authentic New York experience that it’s often dramatized in movies and TV shows to set the scene. It’s free and magnificent. Walk along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade on the Brooklyn side for spectacular views of Lower Manhattan and buy a real New York style hot dog from a street vendor on the Manhattan side of the bridge, just across from City Hall Park.

Broadway and the Theater District

Broadway, the Great White Way, is yet another NYC legend. The Theater District goes from West 41st to West 54th streets and from Sixth to Eighth avenues. It is home to 39 Broadway theaters, and for many visitors to New York City, this is a prime reason for going. Dinner and the theater is an authentic New York experience, and this is where you find it.

Times Square

Times Square, with its gaudy lights and legendary status, draws more than 400,000 people daily. It’s one busy place, quintessential New York City for many visitors, and likely one of the world’s best places for a pizza shop! The neighborhood has become more pedestrian-friendly with reduced traffic and more plazas with seating and tables for relaxing and people watching, as well as food carts where you can get a snack and drink.

Times Square is just a part of a big concrete city by day, but changes clothes after dark when the glow of billboards and street signs light the landscape. Sometimes, what goes on there, is simply hard to believe! (as in: Did we really see that? Did that really happen?) This is New York, and anything may happen. But most generally life is a busy bustle of people working and nothing else newsworthy.

9/11 Memorial – Maybe More That Meets The Eyes and more than any other writer would say in a “vacation and travel” article.

The 9/11 Memorial and Museum is perhaps the most mysterious place in the city. While a writer may toss it off saying, “it needs no introduction or explanation” the truth is more like, a series of questions and for some, astonishing answers that prove something happened here, deeper than what meets the eye, and destined to change the future of America forever.

As a writer for a Christian magazine, living abroad, with no globalist thumb over my back, I can ask questions and relate brief answers, and then tell you to do your own digging through You Tube and other articles presented by google and other search engines. Never accept what the U.S. television news tells you as if it were true. It has not been entirely truthful even since 1940! Let’s consider these points.

A week before the 9/11 incident, the MSNBC television network began broadcasting. No one knew, they say, that a terrorist incident was scheduled. But conveniently ONLY MSNBC had cameras trained on the building when aircraft struck it. How could that be? Or….could it be that what we saw on their exclusive television news was hastily and poorly made special effects?

If you want more support for what I say, type this into the google search “Pilot says aircraft could not have struck twin towers” and see what comes up. Let me remind you, please, aircraft hitting birds over the airport have been severely damaged. How then could an aircraft pass through a steel and concrete building? You might see this article: (John is the son of the original Lear Jet designer and manufacturer, now close to retirement age.)

… “the problem with 767 controls at high speed is that they can OVER CONTROL the aircraft – providing so much control input that it stresses the airframe.

“Therefore at high speed the outboard ailerons are locked out – being the furthest from the fuselage they provide the largest roll moment, and removing them from the system reduces the stress the control can put on the airframe.”  This is from here:

May I suggest also:….0…1c..64.psy-ab..0.0.0….0.X4oRi4e8cxo


In summary, my friend, the Twin Towers now replaced by the 9/11 Memorial were demolished by an excellently skilled demolition team. They may not have known when the buildings would be demolished, but they certainly knew they would be!

These particular aircraft, according to aeronautical engineers, could not have flown at that height and speed. How then did they hit the towers? One of them appears to have entered one side and come through and out the other side. But the building was built of steel and concrete. All engineers agree, such an incident would have crushed the aircraft like a modern soda can.

There were no dead passengers strewn on the streets. There was no luggage and clothing litter. To this day I wonder why someone’s lingerie wasn’t hanging from a 5th floor window. It never happened!

The engines of these aircraft weigh something on the order of 12,000 pounds each. The tail section would have torn off and it, with the engines would have fallen to the ground for the world to see. NONE of this evidence was found. ONE engine suddenly appeared one morning, old, rusted junk, and the wrong model for those aircraft.

Aircraft fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel. How then did the building burn? Why were there obvious explosions, one every approximately 1.5 seconds from top to bottom (accepting one that was accidently delayed)?

If the building could have been struck by something that large and could have burned, it should have been seen leaning to one side and then it would have fallen. But instead all THREE buildings collapsed perfectly into their foundations, just exactly as would be expected of the resulting work of an expert demolition crew. There was just ONE company in New York City capable of causing that to happen.

The Twin Towers were two. Something like 2 hours later a third building also exploded and collapsed into its foundation. That one had had additional massive damage and loss insurance written on it less than a month before.

For months no one was allowed in those buildings at night other than some sort of security people.

Osama Ben Laden, the man blamed as the mastermind of the entire incident denied that he caused it.

President George W. Bush was reading to children when the incident occurred. One of his Secret Service people is clearly seen on video tape leaning down to his ear to tell him what happened. He nodded gravely, and continued reading to the children for another 10-minutes. Later, he said, “We all saw it happening on TV.” How could that be if there was no reason for expensive camera equipment to be trained upon the building at that time of day? He didn’t see it. He was in a classroom full of little kids in Virginia.

What followed was a lot of talk about how we would build back taller and better and stronger, which oh by the way, fits precisely into Bible Prophecy ancient and modern!

A photographer caught a photo of a burned bible opened to the exact prophetic passage. Rabbi and Messianic Pastor Jonathan Cahn lectured on this discussion at great length. You can find his lectures at YouTube as he discusses the mysteries which came to him with remarkable answers in his book, “The Harbinger.”

The ground left uncovered was (perhaps illegally) sampled by a chemist who proved there were traces of a particular type of explosive chemical in that earthy dust. He and other scientists and over 2,000 structural engineers in the US and Europe have agreed those buildings were not struck and burned by aircraft fuel. They were demolished using an explosive generally ONLY available to our military.

What finally resulted was an endless war on terror that moves more and more fiat currency out of our pockets and into “the military-industrial complex” and the central bankers. They have been ever so pleased to design and build more and more sophisticated rockets, aircraft, warheads, bombs, rifles, guns, and protective military use clothing. Apparently a number of innocent people died and a greater number of corrupt people have been earning serious money because of what killed the innocent victims ever since the week they died!

Take anyone’s statement about “the planes hitting the trade towers” with a large handful unrefined coarse salt.  Put all of it into your mouth and hold it there until you regain your sanity “senses.” Then rinse carefully and never forget this. We living in a country that once spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Now we living in a society devolving into something else and the warnings our Pastors told us in the 1980’s are coming true.

My friend, I know I won’t be popular with everyone for what I’ve written here or for holding doctrinal views that follow The Biblical edicts and policies and eschew modern cultural degenerate thinking. There are those who want to turn all we elders knew about right behavior (between years 1940 and 1990) upside down. They will call evil good, and good evil.

Isaiah 5:20 King James Version (KJV)

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

But surveys tell us that those pastors who preach the smooth things people want to hear experience continually reducing church attendance. Pastors who remain followers and doers of God’s word experience a continually larger church attendance. Apparently God wants people to hear the truth and will direct those whom he chooses to hear that truth.

When the new World Trade Center was near completion, “President” Barak Obama wrote on the highest beam what he thought was complementary. Indeed, it was a defiance to God’s righteous way.

Obama-signed beam now part of 1 WTC |

Aug 2, 2012 – On June 14, the Obamas visited the skyscraper that’s being built to replace the twin towers destroyed by terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001. The white beam contains the words “One World Trade Center” painted in blue. Obama wrote in marker: “We remember,” ”We rebuild” and “We come back stronger!”

Here is his message in red marker, defiant to the Creator of All Life!

As Rabbi/Pastor Jonathan Cahn points out…. Mr. Obama doesn’t pray. He won’t recognize our sins and seek for all of us to repent. He ignores God’s warnings and carries on as if God had nothing to do with this.

The twin reflecting pools are in the footprint of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers that were attacked on September 11, 2001, and the names of all the victims of the attacks of that day, at the Twin Towers, in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon, along with the six who died in the 1993 bombing at the World Trade Center, are on bronze panels that form the edges of the two pools.

The little church where New York City’s great story all began is across the street from the new building. It, and we, and our nation will as a result of this, never be the same again.

All of this happens, metaphorically speaking under the watchful eyes of The Statue of Liberty adorned with a crown of 7-horns and several other significant symbols, even including the distance from that structure to Jerusalem!

Many scholars, after studying ALL the prophecies carefully, believe New York City is a part of a geo-political “system” alluded to in your Bible as mystery Babylon. 

They who say what God called “evil” is good and assert that what we knew to be good and Godly is evil, will have their opportunity, for a season, to do their worst and then will come the end of the story.

New York City is a magnificent place to visit. You can have fun there and ignore the occult symbols. It is a city who until lately were some of the richest in the world, enjoying more luxury than any other people. The city is replete with history, tours, sights, sailing trips, fabulous food, amazing theater, music, art, libraries, museums, colleges and universities, shipping docks, and hidden evidence of prophecy, including the Statue of Liberty, its placement and to the direction in which she gazes.

The depth of hidden meaning pointed out by clues here might leave a learned teacher nearly speechless. An intelligent seeker after truth and wisdom will do well to visit and make careful note of what he or she discovers, not necessarily to share with other, for fear of reprisal, but for self-development; to understand the receive as “intellectual fertilizer” for prayer and developing wisdom from The Infinite.

This has been a writing experience I won’t forget. It seemed to have been divinely inspired. The questions I asked seemed to have come to me as quickly as I could type them. I’ve written several travel articles but never one like this, and probably never will again. The article gives you a better reason to continue to read and recommend this website. Surely it tells us, the days of The Lord’s Return are near.  SN



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