Old Man Thinks Ancient Wisdom Most Important

I’m here to tell you, if you are faithful to God and His Righteous Ways….

In God’s Grace we are going to beat every problem and have VICTORY over all of our troubles!

I want to tell you something more if you’ll permit me the time.

A friend sent an online story, which sadly did not have a title or share link I could find at You Tube so it’s lost forever.

The gist of the story was, a 3-year old boy was crushed by an automatic garage door. They come down with an electric motor and the door crushed the boy right over his heart. It looked hopeless. But the child ended up in the emergency room and survived. 

The boy one day spoke a long sentence, which of itself was remarkable.  He said to her, “Mommy, sit down. I have something to tell you.” Mind you the boy had been pronounced dead and revived and was still learning to handle phrases. Developing sentences was thought to be in his further future.

He told his mother about angels — “birdies” coming to him. He was speaking in clear details. He said everyone has a plan in life and we all have to follow our plan.

He has told many adult people and they were all amazed at all of this coming from a child.

Dear Friend, don’t give up. WE are going to win over our problems. We all are born with an intended life plan. Some follow the plan, some wander off course. I am growing older and can’t be around forever.  While I’m still here MY plan is to help as many people as I can before I pass off the scene.

I have no desire to be wealthy.  I just want to be comfortable and help others. Your plan might be to help spread God’s Word or just to see yourself and family through the crisis developing.

Do not fall for get-rich-quick schemes touted by younger people who say they have big businesses and ride around like “jet setters.” They are selling more get-rich-quick schemes and telling all of their students to do the same. Don’t waste your time and money on that nonsense! Stop living for money. Massive money never made anyone happy. Moderate income and helping others is the route to happiness!

I moved upon retirement to The Philippines. My dream , my assignment if you prefer, was to live among real people and to help others.

I do not live here. I live decently, but there are many just on the edge of homelessness every day. What about them?

Americans are often very confused,  living in an artificial economy that is destined to collapse, living in houses that are too big to heat and cool, and are filled with $30,000 in furnishings. Imagine half the US population or more are up to their eyebrows in debt….

Many don’t understand the problems of the world because they don’t live with the world. Many live in their homes or hotels or boats or travel trailers or vans or old school buses or under a tent, with one form of payment program or another keeping them alive! Meantime they arrogantly tell themselves they have the best life style the world can offer. 

But, in South East Asia there are no programs to keep us alive. The population here works and makes a living or they go begging in the streets.  Many in my community work really hard all day for the equivalent of $6.50. Even after graduating with a BS in Finance and Management the job offerings are slim, the pay is terrible, and the struggle to pay for a son’s or daughter’s college degree seems like a lot of wasted effort.

The real world and the real people in it suffer and will suffer more a few years before Jesus the Messiah removes them from this dangerous place to a new home.

The story I saw showed me again that what we get from clergy or The Vatican is disconnected from what we lay-people experience in God. Protestants and Catholics disagree about doctrine, but it doesn’t mean much. What’s important is our desire to connect to God. That’s the ancient wisdom!

I want only to go out with a big blazing light and leave a lot of people thankful for my presence so long as I lived  in The Philippines.

I think, probably, the only “thing” we take with us when we go, is the love and help and friendship we made here. So that’s what I want to make and take with me.

Cebu City Slum

“The World” is shallow and selfish. Sometimes I help others so much I end the month living on vegetables and corn meal mush. The problem is not that I’m poor. The problem is I don’t know how to turn my back when people are in serious need — when a little money can save a working man’s job and thereby save his family. Some days I face a choice. I can meet my personal comfort needs, or save a child’s life! I can be shallow and selfish or I can give until it hurts and teach myself AGAIN that The Lord provides for those who Love Him.

People tell me I’m crazy to help others. I should ignore others and just keep my money for myself. They completely “don’t understand” why we’re alive. I know a very few who understand.  To help others as Jesus and His disciples helped others was then and still is what real life is all about. Everything else, all the toys and happiness related to materialism is just an illusion.

Sell all you have, give everything to the poor, then take up your cross and follow Jesus.

The way of God has never been the way of “GET” it has always been the way of “GIVE”. So give. Help more. Pray more! Give until it hurts and give more in faith. You’ll be amazed as miracles happen to YOUR life! That experience is what God truly intend for those living The Real Life.

sn 5/29/19



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