Pentecost: Miracles, Mysteries, New Beginnings



 Miracles, Mysteries, New Beginnings

Dr. Stephen Newdell

Pentecost Was Mysterious. The Holy Spirit “came out of nowhere” (literally true) and changed men in an instant. It completed the meaning of the earlier Jewish Holy Day, which Jews never completely understood.

It was Miraculous in that those touched in that hour were never the same. They went out teaching, preaching, healing and changing lives. They spread the word of the Holy One who was at once modest, and majestic. He, the Eternal, The Living Word of God, came to walk amongst women and men to bring an end to misery, poverty, pain and enslavement to the most evil monster who ever did strive across the earth.

But why? What was his goal? What does he want of you?  

Pentecost launched New Beginnings in the lives of the apostles and those who listened to them teach, and in your life and mine.

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