PERSPECTIVE ON AMERICA — A Society Collapsing?

Donald S. McAlvany

From:   The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, edited by Donald S. McAlvany, is a monthly analysis of global economic, monetary, and geopolitical trends that impact the gold and precious metals markets. It is explicitly Christian, conservative, and free-market in its perspective. Information contained herein has been carefully selected from sources believed reliable, but absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed. SUBSCRIPTION OFFICE: P.O. Box 84904, Phoenix, AZ 85071 ©MIA, Inc. 2018


[ED. NOTE: Place a frog in a pan of warm water and he appreciates the bath. Gradually warm up the water and he relaxes even more. Finally, when the water begins to boil, the frog dies. He never even notices the slow death advancing upon him until it’s too late.
This describes America today. The political left has been slowly, gradually, deceptively advancing their cause and strategy over the past 60 years, as most Americans never even noticed the slow erosion of everything they once held dear – their freedoms, their history, their culture, and their standard of living. As with the frog, the patient gradualism of the political left has kept the great American masses asleep – until the present, as the water is about to come to a boil.]
 Many MIA readers know that this writer lives outside the United States (in Asia), where he and his wife work with about 400 orphans at seven different orphanages. We come to the states an average of once a year for several weeks to visit family and friends, and (as in the present trip) can fly on a couple of dozen flights through a dozen or so airports and cities.
As Americans who now spend over 90% of their time outside the US, we have a rather unique perspective on the country of our origin – kind of like looking at the forest from far outside the trees – or like seeing your young children only once a year and observing huge changes that can only be observed via time lapses. Many of the changes we now see have happened so gradually (like boiling the frog) that most Americans have not even noticed.
Some of our observations (many of which are disturbing) are as follows:

  1. Many Americans (probably well over half) are fat and in very poor physical condition – with large numbers of men and women (especially over their mid-30s) incredibly obese.

This is in sharp contrast to Asia, Europe, and most countries, except Australia (where many are fattened up on beer). On each subsequent trip to the US we see more overweight young people and children – and adults. This writer has observed that upwards of 75% of men and women over 50 are either overweight or dramatically overweight.

  1. The divorce rate is increasing sharply, and most young people are no longer marrying, but cohabiting with their “significant other.

Nuclear families (father, mother, and children) are becoming fewer and fewer in the US. Younger Americans this writer has met on his travels openly declare that they have no intention of ever marrying.

  1. The great majority of people are playing with gadgets nonstop (i.e., Smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.). Most children (from 3-4 years of age and up) are playing (being entertained by) video games on their gadgets. Parents are placing these gadgets in the hands of their young children as electronic babysitters.

Most adults we see on planes are also playing video games, watching movies, or otherwise being entertained. (The airlines now provide non-stop entertainment.) On a typical flight of 200 or so passengers, you see virtually no one reading books – or maybe just one or two people. And if they are reading, it’s virtually always a novel and nothing of real substance.
Gadgets and wall-to-wall entertainment have replaced reading or person-to-person communication (i.e., talking). And they are replacing thinking!

  1. About half of the people you see in American airports or on planes are non-white, Hispanic, or foreigners – with very few caucasian families, and very few with both a mother and father. Most employees at American airports are now foreigners – with 25% (or more) Muslim.
  1. American movies are getting far more violent – with very little real stories, plots, or good acting. There are also more occult themes in many American movies and sex outside of marriage the norm.
  1. We are seeing fewer and fewer masculine men or boys, and more and more masculine women – the difference between now and 10-15 years ago is dramatic. Hollywood, the political left, and the US educational system have a lot to do with promoting this female dominance/male passivity phenomenon.

Women are the dominant characters and heroes
(or superheroes) in more and more
American movies, with men more passive,
laid back, and in some cases feminine. Masculine
men are increasingly out, and more passive,
weaker men are in. (Dwayne Johnson
movies are a notable exception.) But we observe
more and more of this spreading through
the public at large.

  1. Americans are losing their ability to think or

function without their high-tech gadgets.
Finding their way in a large city, the countryside,
or anywhere without their smartphone
GPS app is now quite difficult for many Americans
– especially for millennials. Many can no
longer even read a map or tell time.

  1. Personal communication skills among young

Americans are declining rapidly as they
spend most of their free time on their gadgets,
and communicate primarily through
texting rather than personal communications.
(But, to be objective, this is true more
and more all around the world.)

  1. Christians in America (and the great majority

of their pastors) are becoming more and
more passive, complacent, and tolerant toward
the evils of our day in contrast to
Christians in an earlier day, or to their foreign
counterparts in Asia. Indeed, silence
from the majority of American Christians and
their leaders regarding the growing gay, lesbian,
transgender juggernaut is actually aiding and
abetting that sick movement.

  1. Faithfulness in marriage toward one’s spouse

is actually in sharp decline, as more and
more men (and a growing number of women)
cheat on their spouses – with extra-marital
affairs or prostitutes. This writer personally
knows at least a dozen such cases in America
today. A declining culture, Hollywood morals,
Internet porn – which has gone viral, and a
weakening Christian church in America are all
playing a part.
11.More and more Americans are angry today
than in the past or than we see in Asia. This is
certainly true of Muslims worldwide and in
America, but you see it now in traffic, in mass
shootings, and in the growing political conflict
between the political left and right. Much of
this anger is being stirred up intentionally by
the political left, the media, and Obama
holdovers in the government. (Consider all the
current propaganda to turn Blacks and Whites
August 2018 P.!12
against each other.) But there is more to the
growing anger than just that…
12.A growing number of Americans (including
some we personally know) are getting
hooked on Harry Potter books, films, theme
parks, and even Harry Potter youth camps.
The Harry Potter culture is based on witchcraft
and millions of young Americans (and some not
so young) – and even a growing number of
Christians – are being seduced into witchcraft
and the dark arts by the Harry Potter phenomenon.
13.American culture (now in freefall, in this
writer’s opinion) is being exported worldwide,
as much of the world tries to copy
America. And the American government is actively
promoting this leftist-orchestrated cultural
decline around the globe.
14.The vast majority of Americans (including a
growing number of Christians and conservatives)
are almost totally ignorant of what is
really happening (i.e., the growing evil) behind
the scenes in America and around the
world – getting almost all of their news and
information via the controlled leftist/globalist
media – which now spends the great majority of
its time trashing Trump. The political left has
very effectively boiled the frog so slowly that
most Americans have no clue as to the disaster
they are headed for. Indeed, when this
writer comes back to the US every year or so,
it seems there are fewer and fewer people
who really understand the times in which we
live. Several very knowledgeable friends, who
do understand the times, believe the remnant is
actually growing smaller and smaller each year.
This writer wonders.
So, viewing America for the most part from afar,
this writer has some deep and growing concerns for
the future of our country. Unless we, as a country,
turn back to the principles (especially Biblical
principles) from which we have turned, and to the
God of the Bible (which the majority of Americans
have forgotten over the past few decades as
they have enjoyed their prosperity and wall-towall
entertainment), we will continue to see the
cultural decline and rapid erosion of freedom that
the political left and globalists have ushered in.
The Bible is replete with stories of peoples and nations
who forgot God, and they all ended badly.
So, what can the thinking remnant do in the
midst of this decline? First, press in to the God of
the Bible, seeking His wisdom, guidance, peace, protection,
and direction for themselves and their families.
Second, make preparations for hard times –
which could include greater liquidity, debt reduction,
second passports for the entire family, some personally
held precious metals, offshore diversification of
some of their assets, a residence or retreat as far as
possible from major cities, personal/family protection
via firearms, and likeminded friends who understand
the times. Third, get involved politically
where possible – especially on a local level. Fourth,
pray for the country, for wise and godly leaders to
arise, and that the God of the Bible will crush the
evil that is rising all around us. Pray for the best,
prepare for the worst, and refuse to be one of the
frogs that are now being slowly boiled to death.
The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, edited by Donald S. McAlvany, is a monthly analysis of global economic, monetary, and geopolitical trends that impact the gold
and precious metals markets. It is explicitly Christian, conservative, and free-market in its perspective. Information contained herein has been carefully selected from
sources believed reliable, but absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed. SUBSCRIPTION OFFICE: P.O. Box 84904, Phoenix, AZ 85071 ©MIA, Inc. 2018

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