Pinjalo Resort Villas, Philippines

full_dsc_6712_1454919647 Pinjalo Resort Villas; Arguably Among The Very Best Resorts on Beautiful Boracay Island, part of the peaceful, Fabulous Philippines!

Dr. Stephen Newdell

Boracay island has had a major infrastructure improvement over the past 3 years and is clean, beautiful and more attractive than ever!

Ponjalo Resort Villas, is located where tranquility meets the Paradise of Boracay Island. It’s just a 2 minute walk to the center of White Beach beachfront. Enjoy the luxury of old Boracay – where large well-furnished bedrooms , each with very spacious patios are set in a large, lush tropical garden, which in today’s hectic world gives you the privilege of total privacy. There are very few such accommodations on this island.

Ponjalo Resort is an old well maintained establishment, built when land and construction was much cheaper than today. The resort offers the time honored irreplaceable commodities of “space and Tranquility” in the midst of an open manicured garden, surrounding fountains and a swimming pool.  This is a rare beautiful jewel on Boracay, where the newer resorts and hotels offer smaller rooms, overshadowed by wall-to-wall concrete.

At Pinjalo you have the opportunity to live like royalty, experiencing attractively priced accommodation where they offer secure, large well decorated facilities. This is reinforced by an experienced, efficient and friendly staff, who enjoy seeing that you also  “Enjoy every moment in our little part of Paradise “.

If while on vacation you consider Comfort to be your primary desire, while still seeking value for money with attractively priced accommodations, in an ideal location, then Pinjalo is ready to welcome you and your family as a Special Guests .

Onsite enjoy their Garden Cafe where you may enjoy their complimentary breakfast which is available from 07 AM until noon.

Each room in this 3 Star Resort offers air-conditioning, private bathrooms with hot and cold showers, free Wifi, Cable TV and a private balcony. This also is a bit rare on smaller Philippine islands, but here on Boracay you can have these luxuries at an often ridiculously low price.

The resort management naturally always provides daily housekeeping. There is an electricity generator on site, and a reception desk attendant is there to help you 24-hours per day!

The island is well protected by other islands all around making storm damage or tsunami almost impossible. The island is law abiding and peaceful. Food is healthy and quite good. You’ll need your passport to go from the US to The Philippines and round-trip tickets. A “tourist visa” is stamped into your passport when you arrive permitting you 3-weeks. Visit  Boracay. You’ll certainly enjoy your stay at a much lower cost than many other ocean resorts anywhere in the world. 

Here’s a hint to gain value for your travel time and money. I live as a retiree on Cebu Island. Several times I have visited a dentist and gotten better work done than in the US and the cost for the visit was under $15.00.  A visit or two like that can save you the cost of the entire trip!!!


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