Possessed of Grace


  • Mrs.‭ ‬Trump speaks‭ ‬4-Languages

  • Is attentive to her children

  • Dresses and behaves with the best of culture and good grace

  • Tolerates all the abuse cast at her and her husband.

  • Retains her fashion model beauty.‭ 

What’s not to like about Melania Trump‭?

Only infantile socialist “haters” would know and I suspect their excuses would be as thin as all the other lies they promote.  (blue type is from Newdell. Black type is from a Gallop Poll report.)
Melania Trump’s favorable rating is‭ ‬54%,‭ ‬up‭ ‬17‭ ‬points since January

Maliania 3

WASHINGTON,‭ ‬D.C.‭ (Gallop Poll Reports)‬–‭ ‬Melania Trump’s favorable rating has risen‭ ‬17‭ ‬percentage points since January to‭ ‬54%‭ ‬as she has become better known in her role as first lady.‭ ‬In contrast,‭ ‬a majority of Americans continue to view President Donald Trump unfavorably –‭ ‬his current unfavorable rating of‭ ‬56%‭ ‬is nearly identical to January’s rating of‭ ‬55%.
Favorable Ratings of Donald and Melania Trump
2017‭ ‬Jan 4
Polls of unknown, generally average, likely biased people tell us nothing about the President, His Wife, or their ability to guide our nation.
Melania Trump 1Now,‭ ‬in Gallup’s first measure of Melania Trump since she became first lady,‭ ‬the percentage with no opinion of her is down to‭ ‬13%,‭ ‬while her favorable rating is up and her unfavorable rating has dipped slightly to‭ ‬33%.
Clearly as time passes Mr. and Mrs. Trump are viewed more favorably by more Americans. Is this important relative to their ability to help guide our nation? Not a whit! 

melania-trump 5.jpg
Melania Trump’s favorability advantage over Donald Trump in the Dec.‭ ‬4-11‭ ‬Gallup poll is consistent with Gallup’s findings that recent first ladies are,‭ ‬on average,‭ ‬more popular than their husbands.‭ ‬This is likely because a first lady’s role is more ceremonial and generally much less divisive than that of the president.‭ ‬Melania Trump’s current‭ ‬13-point favorability advantage over her husband is roughly in line with those of the last two first ladies.‭ 

Although Melania Trump’s favorable rating has improved,‭ ‬she still rates behind other first ladies at roughly comparable points in time.‭ ‬Michelle Obama‭ (‬61%‭)‬,‭ ‬Laura Bush‭ (‬77%‭) ‬and Hillary Clinton‭ (‬58%‭) ‬all had higher favorable ratings in the fall of their husband’s first year in office than Melania Trump has now,‭ ‬at‭ ‬54%.
Women and Democrats View Melania Much More Positively Than Donald
More than eight in‭ ‬10‭ ‬Republicans view both the president and first lady favorably,‭ ‬but Democrats are far more likely to feel positively about Melania Trump than Donald Trump‭ (‬35%‭ ‬vs.‭ ‬8%,‭ ‬respectively‭)‬.‭ ‬Independents view the first lady slightly more positively than the president.‭ ‬Women also hold a much more favorable view of the first lady‭ (‬51%‭) ‬than the president‭ (‬33%‭)‬,‭ ‬while the gap is smaller among men,‭ ‬57%‭ ‬to‭ ‬50%.
,‭ ‬DEC.‭ ‬4-11,‭ ‬2017 Bottom Line
Melania Trump,‭ ‬who received some criticism in the early months of her husband’s presidency for,‭ ‬among other things,‭ ‬not living in the White House and staffing her East Wing office unusually slowly,‭ ‬appears to be settling into her role as first lady.‭ A‬ majority of Americans now have a positive opinion of her,‭ ‬and like those before her,‭ ‬she is more popular than her husband.
Truth is, Mrs. Trump is too intelligent to allow herself to be affected by popularity polls. That nonsense is for Hollywood celebrities and XXX Movie Entertainers who have suddenly jumped into politics. Thinking people are thankful to have such a beautiful and capable woman for our first lady, and I dare say, some of us think she’s a refreshing change after several who have crossed the political stage in years past.
When finally Melania leaves the political stage no one will say she was a gay male dressed as a female, hissing with vitriol, and no one will say she’s a lunatic responsible for the murders of many and inexplicably still at large. 
Indeed The First Lady Mrs. Melania Trump will step off the political stage admired for her dignity and years of honorable service, still possessed of grace.


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