Regarding The End of Life and "HELL"


Regarding The End of Life and “HELL”

Lately, several YouTube movies have become prominent with people telling about “near death” experiences and going to HELL and coming back to report a place of evil, pain, eternal torture, without love or any moment of kindness or forgiveness.
I have considered this with several articles and what is developing into a larger book for those who like to read comparative scholarly articles. I don’t expect a huge following of this. I want to make a summary statement.
I don’t believe these stories. I think they were Satanically inspired deceptions intended to make people hate The Lord God and want to avoid all things related, including Christian thought.
I propose this query: “What gain would an eternally living and infinitely loving God make/have by torturing people eternally?” If I in my elderly feeble minded condition can see there is nothing to be gained by torturing people eternally, certainly The Lord God sees it too.
We read about “The Second Death” and eternal condemnation. Death is THE END. There is nothing more. No awareness, no pain, nothing but like a deep sleep, as if dead, unaware of anything. That is the view held by many scholars and it is my view too. As always, I repeat, I am not running a church and you are welcome to your own opinions and free to have your own thoughts. This is my opinion and some will agree and others will not.
There are those who will never follow God’s Way. They refute the premise of God, believe He is a mythology, would like to imagine the universe really did just form from nothing and all of this very complex life (none of them are physiologists of any note) came about accidentally. Such balderdash is the stuff of lies from the lips of little boys! No mature and thoughtful person can accept such nonsense. My website here provides many articles from excellent scientists in many disciplines who admit there is ever more mounting evidence, GOD Created The Universe and all life. Atheism is silly nonsense!
In the same vein of thought, (at least to my circuitous mind) God is infinite beyond our capacity to imagine. He has no interest in people being tortured forever. Even Satan and his evil minions might have punishment for 1,000 years and then finally God will do what some theologians say is impossible. He will end their lives. He might dis-create them. With an infinite Creator God, nothing is Impossible.
Those who see our Infinite Monarch as one about whom to argue and who might dare attempt to argue with God, will one day realize how foolish they have been and that will be their end. They may look upon God face to face and die the 2nd death in an instant. Their end then will be, (in an ancient Jewish expression) “Outer Darkness.” Lost forever from all memory. Simply as if they had never been.
This is the kindly way to end those who will not believe upon The Lord and request salvation. They have their choice and at least in The Western World they have heard something of His Name and at least something about a Holy Gospel and salvation. Still, if they insist they would prefer to go their own way, like some mythic movie character who wants to have his own kingdom, they will one day be conquered and realize they were fools and their end has come. It will be frightening and then it will happen quickly. The lights will go out and they will know nothing more.
I have friends who do not want anyone to contradict “their beliefs.” They hold “the way WE believe” to be dear and if anyone might question any of it, they display their anger.
One day, I believe, every one of us will be corrected. Every one of us will discover some of the doctrines we held dear was wrong, and we know too little of the right way.
That is partly why we cannot ever be good enough, and why only Forgiveness of our Sins and the Saving Grace of Jesus the Christ is our only hope!
Perhaps you like me, have anguished over this issue. Am I good enough? Can I be sin free enough to be rescued from this awful muddy landscape? Well, yes we can be rescued and will be because if only “the righteous and most good” are saved there will be two in Heaven when it’s over. Just two. God and Jesus. Everyone else will be gone.
No one is good enough. No one has ever had any hope of being good enough. If you’re one of those clinging to the idea that you must be good enough, give that nonsense up today. No one is good enough and never can be, and there’s no scale, no grade or rank mark, no final exam that you must pass to prove you’re good enough. This is not an exam. You can’t pass with a 75% and be allowed in, or fail with anything less and go to Hell’s eternal torturous punishment. The entire concept is ridiculous.
The devil will hate me even more for writing this, and probably few will read it, but the truth appears to me to be (I repeat) the entire “near-death experience” line of stories, with various people wandering around in and out of churches preaching, or discussing this on YouTube (and foisting Roman Catholic doctrine with it, by the way) are deceived people who saw a terrible vision given to them by Satan’s minions. It’s not real. It did not happen. It could not because an Infinitely Loving God wouldn’t have it!
There! Now I’ve said my piece and may Christ Jesus forgive me if I’m wrong. But then I must ask again, where did all of this inspired writing so suddenly come from? 
Yours in Faith,
Dr. Stephen Newdell

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