Restoring Respect

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Commentary by Stephen Newdell

Thinking of my new friend Sasha B. and many from Eastern Europe and Russia, I am standing with you hopeful that my voice is also yours.
You have seen more of the USSR and Russian Republic experience than most of us, and have first-hand wisdom and experience as to what we can expect from a tyrannical government. You can tell us whether I am wrong or right.
I’m sure someone in that vast crowd might say I should not write about what I discern and know. There is nothing wrong with me writing. There is something vastly wrong with those who would shut me up.
There is something the citizens of the United States need to regain. It begins with respect for the authorities we entrust with our governance, including defenders of the law on the streets and in military services.
I am drawing ever closer to the observance of my 68th birthday. In my youth we were taught self-discipline, moderation, and respect for elders and authorities.
I was never a robot. I was not always so respectful as I should have been. I learned by long experience, observation and thinking, that they were right and often angry young men high on their self-exuded testosterone are wrong.
Suddenly in the late 1960’s there were protests in the streets and rioting, looting and buildings set ablaze. Burning of neighborhoods became some sort of perverse new in style “norm.” I want to know how life is improved when your neighborhood has been made into piles of ashes and there is no place close to home to buy even a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread.
I want someone to explain to me how we will improve the social construct of this nation by disrespectfully denigrating the highest office in the land and making light of its office holder. In effect, what the past Democrat-Socialist party governments have done is to work toward the day when they would figuratively burn the constitution and the White House for which it stands, leaving the nation’s government in ruin, and its people in anhungered tatters.
Yesterday I got my first glimpse of a photo. The caption said it was Nancy Pelosi’s estate overlooking the ocean. A house worth over 5-million dollars owned by a woman, perhaps a demon in disguise, who has vehemently scorned every effort to maintain a free nation and a free-enterprise system.
She and her colleagues have even changed the definition of Free Enterprise. They have through the universities taught that large corporations which control congress and courts are the end result of Free Enterprise.
Corporations “buying” government is Fascism.
The pizza shop, the two men rebuilding your roof, the corner car repair garage, best represent Free Enterprise.
I’m using a computer built by guys who dreamed up this idea of personal computers in their home and began to experiment. That was free enterprise. I use Microsoft software and others here and there. All of it came from Free Enterprise. None of it came from any government Central Planning.
I earnestly believe if the first inventors of personal computers and software lived in Communist Russia or Chairman Mow’s China, such productive ideas would never have come to fruition. Someone would have said something about national security, too much ability to freely communicate uncensored ideas and the PC would have never been brought to market.
Do we make a better society if we hand everything off to “Central Planning” and let them plan our lives, our education, our abilities, our career potential, morals, religious persuasion, sex lives, reproductive rights,  even our entertainment, music, news, and what is called truth and what are called lies?….What is called good, and what is called evil?
When you figuratively burn the White House and what has proven for centuries to be a workable constitutional representative republic to the ground what will you have left and what can you do with it?
What will Nancy Pelosi do when her neighborhood streets are in disrepair and the electricity is at best intermittent because SHE and her colleagues destroyed the republic they promised to improve. Will she remain cloistered in her house looking out to sea? Will her life be better after she and her friends have decided that YOUR money is not yours, and is better used, not by the natural movements of free markets, but by central planning? I assure you, YOUR life will not be better. Your life, your progenies lives will be far worse.
I am requesting respect, and prayers, for the President of the United States, who also is the legally elected man who is amongst the most respected leaders of the free world.
I am asking people to stop emoting and use their logical abilities to carefully consider issues before making outraged remarks in congressional meetings.
It would be well to return to prayer for honest conservative pastors who would guide us back to the Bible and what it teaches BECAUSE IT IS RELEVANT to today! And Because what it says in cryptic forms, actually proves to be upheld by good science! The Bible and God are not a myth.
A better life in some sort of Communist regime is the myth.
You will not find a better life under a new socialist flag. Ours will not be a better nation broken into three or four nations.
Under such new conditions, we would find the poverty and misery most of the people beyond the eastern German border presently experience. I believe, if you could interview many of them, they would tell you to do all you can to preserve the Bible and the Constitution and the laws we lived under, and the culture we knew that cultivated respect and honor for teachers, police, military personnel, government officials, the rights of each human life as precious, the cherishing of unborn and breathing children, and the people working in The White House.
Respect them, yes, and demand the restoration of honest banking, honest finance, honest business, honest and respectful behavior in the workplaces and on the streets. Recommend incessantly, and pray for, a return of lost souls to churches and Bible study. Recommend without ceasing, that people concentrate less upon their licentious passions and more upon sober, thoughtful behavior.
I fear, if fools and those with an evil self-serving agenda continue to receive support for their senseless ridicule, and replace their President with another socialist, replace their workable constitutional government form with some other, even reduce their country’s territory and salute a flag displaying fewer than 50-states, they will rue those past days and be sorry beyond measure for what criminal acts of treason they have perpetrated upon themselves and others.
End 1/18/2018

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