Spiritual Alien Invasion

Spiritual Invasion

Notes from an upcoming webinar including speaker Steve Quayle; Interviewed by Pastor Paul Begley.

Our world is in complete confusion. But before we continue I want you to understand something advertising marketers know. That being: Whoever makes the statement first, “owns the story.” Long ago an advertising writer was asked to help a beer manufacturer improve sales. He went around the factory with the foreman (who knows nothing about ad writing) and saw something new to him. All the glass bottles were being washed and then washed again with steam.

The foreman told him, “Don’t talk about THAT in your ad. Everyone in the beer brewing business does that.”

The ad man thought, “Yes, they may, but no one mentions it.” He made a big deal out of it in the advertising, about purity and cleanliness and perfect beer flavor. The ad was wildly successful. Others can say it, but they look like, “yeah we do too” weaklings.

We’ve seen this in other product sales too. He who speaks it first owns the story. I’ll mention that later again.

You said on Earth there are no monsters….

Is God real? Are demons real? Are Angels real? Is the Bible truth? If you answer “no” to these questions I can say that probably you have never read the Bible, or you have tried but you can’t understand it. It IS sort of a “magical” book filled with coded messages. If you don’t know how to read the code it makes no sense to you.

You might see the words, but if you don’t understand the language, word meanings, and idioms of that culture  at that time, you didn’t really READ it. You only saw it. That’s why most of our world thinks it’s a lot of foolish mythology unrelated to our modern world. That is also why I stick to modern mainline accepted Bible Translations like the NIV, NLV, NLT at BibleGateway.com

Most of the Western World’s people prefer to believe an unproven fantasy called “Modern Evolutionary Theory” which is (actually) a lot of unproven ideas not even worthy of being called a hypothesis (an educated guess.)

Without the idea of a Creator God, it logically follows there is no justification for a code of ethics and morals. Thus, as the Satanists say, “Do what you will.” Do whatever you want. If it feels good do it. The more misery and chaos you produce, the better the Satanists like it.

These are notes from an interview Pastor Paul Begley talking with author Steve Quayle

The occult societies have planned secretly for centuries to deceive the entire world and surprise the world at the appointed time (which is close to NOW). Part of their big lie is that Satan created the universe, and God the Heavenly Father stole it. The story is, Satan and his guys created us. That also is a complete lie.

We are in a spiritual war. The earth changes, movements of the visiting Nibiru star, our sun being dimmed, climate changes, earth getting hotter, more quakes, horrific weather; all have one purpose. To kill as much of humanity as they can, Satan hates humanity. He wants all of us eliminated.


Now the demons you’ve heard about but never seen will be revealed. The invisible will become visible. THIS is what will cause such terror that people’s hearts will fail them. They’ll die of fright, because of the horrors coming upon the earth.

A film crew and Mexican Nationals are doing archeological digs in the Aztec area and finding evidence no one has seen before. (I have read a little of it a few years ago. Coca leaf from southern Mexico appears in Egypt. Egyptian art appears in southern Mexico. Sculptures of Chinese people also appear in Mexico during this time of Aztec civilization. Obviously, there was a lot more travel and trade ongoing than anyone in our modern time realized.)

What Quayle and the Mexican archeologist diggers are finding are Alien masks and alien descriptions. 3D sculptures of flying saucers and men in them. These symbols or glyphs are PRINTED on 4′ x 8′ thick stone panels. These panels are made of the hardest stone known and it is carved to such precision only a laser could have done it! And that was at least 6,000 years ago (I have read evidence that would indicate it could have been FAR earlier.)

500,000 symbols, all of these glyphs are ancient languages in symbols. Their story, their narrative is explained in or through their symbols. Like Chinese writing, the picture or symbol is a word.

 Even the fallen angels communicate with symbols. They talk about the time before Adam and Eve, wars, God’s judgment and the sentence upon them, chaos, before and after Noah’s flood, and the plan to change human genes to breed out/eliminate humanity.

This archaeological find includes pictures of giants with wings, aliens having sex with Aztec women who bear monsters, not normal human babies. So, it appears the demons in some way injected genetic material into these women or injected (perhaps artificially) altered sperm cells into these women.

The archeologists have documented thus far 30 different alien species. These demons are able to implant images and ideas into the minds of people. People created Science Fiction horror movies years ago, that depict these “Alien/Demon” creatures. accurately. As ugly as you may have seen them, that IS the way they look!

This is information, a bit cryptically written, coming out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base: where all alien material is collected and kept. High-ranking military were talking about the return of the ancient ones. Maybe making an appearance is a possibility. He (a general) is checking the “temperature” of his men to see how they will respond. 

This is why there is a push to remove guns from civilians. The REAL issue about gun control is they don’t want us to be able to defend ourselves against visiting demons/aliens and the creatures they have created.  When they leave their universe and move into the physical realm, they can be killed.

They want to destroy the last vestiges of faith in the living God. they want to kill all life here and leave a scorched, dead planet.

They want to dump so much garbage into the atmosphere they can kill photosynthesis, kill plants, stop crop growth, and leave us in an environment that cannot sustain life.

Among the speakers at this next webinar is an investment advisor who says,  “Get out of the investment markets now because everything you know as classic investments will be destroyed.”

That would indicate the Crypto-Coin idea will be destroyed too, eventually. The governments involved in this want complete control over all humans. As for the humans running those governments, I, Steve Newdell, believe they are so Demon influenced they don’t know what they doing! That includes “The Cackle Witch” Kamala Harris, and a great many others who have held high US Government posts.

The dig has uncovered written agreements with Chinese and “aliens” and with Indians and aliens going back to 400 BC.

All this proves Genesis 6 and the book Revelation. This is the proof no one had until now. We’re looking at the greatest archeological discovery the world has ever seen!  This is the most exciting and amazing discovery of archeology ever made. This webinar coming up for this will be probably the webinar of the Decade.

Steve Quayle the leader of all of this archeological dig and producer of the filming (He’s paying for it) said he got a word from The Lord, “The Headless Demons have been released.”

The gates of hell are being opened. Young people are going after (following) Satan. They believe following him will bring them happiness, wealth, power, peace, comfort, pleasure, all the material and physical pleasures that can be offered.

Here is why I spoke about “owning the story.” Whoever promotes the story first will win the minds of the audience.

Right now the major networks are taking notice and pouring millions of dollars into getting the news scoop first! They want to pre-empt Steve Quayle’s information and put their spin on it! They will doubtless tell you that these Aliens are here to rescue us. They were predicted to come by the present Pope and they are to be received with faith, love, and appreciation because they will prevent us from killing the planet in a nuclear exchange. They will help us restore our polluted environment and restore normal healthy weather.

I am not Catholic but I’ve studied their past and recent history. The Jesuits were a renegade group started by a Spanish Satanist.  Before Pope John Paul died he said he was the last true pope and that what was coming was going to poison the Papacy. Benedict XVI came in and his behavior was questionable indeed. He was the Second after centuries to abdicate the throne to another.

The present pope Francis I probably is the very LAST pope. Many said his background was so questionable they doubted he could meet the requirements to really be a pope. Here he is telling the world to join the Catholic Church. Indeed, as predicted long ago they are seeking a One World Religion, One World Banking and Economic System, and One World Government.

Their story will be that these Aliens are our brothers and saviors, here to correct us. If there ever were Another Christ and a different gospel, this will be it.

If that story is promoted first, loudest, and biggest (and I’m expecting it will be) then indeed a very small “remnant” of humanity will know and follow God’s truth and follow after Jesus the Christ. Everyone else, including Jews who seek a modern appearing Messiah, and Muslims who seek a 12th Imam, will follow the wrong story. They (most of the world) will follow the lies from Satan and promoted by American major news networks. This narrative will be accepted by those who seek to destroy the people of God.

We, God’s people, who know the truth can break the shackles of terror. Those who are terrified want answers and will accept the lies.  St. Paul said, because of the nature of these times here will be peril. “Perilous times.”

We are admonished to study to show ourselves approved unto God.

This story stretches back to Genesis 6 and I, Newdell, think probably much earlier. The Bible is not wrong….Our accepted interpretation is wrong. The Bible actually hints in John 1:1 that the beginning of the Bible goes back 13.8 Billion years ago.

Consider this extremely profound opening:

Prologue: Christ, the Eternal Word

In the beginning the Word already existed.
    The Word was with God,
    and the Word was God.
He existed in the beginning with God.
God created everything through him,
    and nothing was created except through him.
The Word gave life to everything that was created,[a]
    and his life brought light to everyone.
The light shines in the darkness,
    and the darkness can never extinguish it.[b]

The entire idea of the destruction of all humanity is what we’re up against.

This whole business with Artificial Intelligence and the entire purpose and nature of genetic modification is intended to finally “destroy the seed of Adam” and…

…to make a former human become half human and half machine that is controlled by demons, and no longer a fit extension which can be a temple and dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

It is their interest to dehumanize people and finally physically remove all of humanity.

If you take some time to look at the industrial discoveries from the Iron Age until now you realize many “accidental discoveries” were not accidents. Some scientists, chemists, electronics physicists got some help from demons. Some, among them Nikola Tesla, even quietly admitted to it. 

Some didn’t know it was a demonic influence. But brought together we see amazing advances in electronics, chemistry, then the rudimentary computer development to a point now where computers could run the world and keep you in your neighborhood, hear what you say, record what you purchase, record your health condition, record where you go, look at your face and interpret your expressions. They’ll know you better than you can determine what your pets might be thinking. Computers are so fast now, in less than 1,000th of a second a computer can register your face, past thinking, voice tambre, and determine what you’re thinking and what you’ll answer to their questions.

This says nothing about modern weaponry. I lately heard about a rocket that will fly at up to 10-times the speed of sound to its intended target. There are nuclear powered drone submarines deployed now that can communicate with other drones in a network, and remain under water for years, navigate to a target and explode a nuclear payload so powerful it would cause an earth quake and create a tidal wave high enough to drown the U.S. East or West Coast. There are already 6th generation fighter planes coming from France. There’s no end to the weaponry of which you probably know nothing.

Alien implants and ideas implanted into scientists led to artificial intelligence, which in theory could take over and destroy the world.

In levels of digging below the Aztec dig IN MEXICO, we find 4 sided pyramids and Egyptian artifacts. This will include things that could have only come from Egypt and in Egypt we’ll find things that can only have come from Southern Mexico.

We see this and also see on this pictograph the eye of Horos and to the left there is an Alien.

The Aliens wear wrist bands and other jewelry, armbands and necklaces that were seen in the 10-commandments movie.

How did the movie artists know about this? It was implanted in their minds. They didn’t know anything about an archeological dig in the future. Perhaps they saw some artwork copied from ancient Egyptian material. But, the point is, they depicted what had been and will be seen again.

I saw on display, the original Alien movie costume. It was for sale in a shop in Portland Oregon. It was offered for $300 and would have fit me, and I’m slim, fit, and 5 feet tall. This thing on it’s display was really frightening to look upon.

The Smithsonian institute museum has known about much of this and covered it up for decades. There are many skeletons of humans 12, 15, 20 and 25 feet tall. All of that has disappeared into the storage cellar below the Smithsonian, and some into The Vatican, and a lot of it into “Area 51 and at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The stuff we’ve seen in movies about Star Gates and this TV show “The Skinwalker Ranch” depicts a PORTAL to another dimension. this is not the same as a Stargate. A Stargate moves a person from one physical location to another, from earth to another planet for example. Two physical locations in time and space.

We have had Star Gate technology at Wright Patterson Air Force Base for a long time. In the movie, SG 1 (Star Gate 1)  props we saw were quite accurate. 

I have heard a man claim to have been transported to Mars, stayed a while with a human colony there and was returned to earth. Can we trust his claim? I don’t know.

Aliens are showing something like a spear with a glowing tip in the movies. those same spears with the glowing tips are found imprinted into the alien 4‘x 8′ panels in Mexico too.  There is also a Stargate Controller with a crop Circle printed on it. It leads/points to a crashed craft.

Steve Quail says, “The alien deception is accelerating. The bad guys are working to shut us up (stop us from speaking) and shut down our shows, on YouTube and elsewhere. They want to shut us out of social media and find ways to stop us from teaching and preaching the Christian Gospel message. They’re working at it as fast as they can. We online preachers know we’re taking a gamble with our lives doing this writing.”

The bad guys know that if they get their story out first they will own the story (as we say in advertising.) They want to own the story (the narrative) that Jesus is false and God is a myth and that their story is the truth. Indeed, their story is the lie.

The deception is off the chart. We see an apostate church. We have lost liberty, freedom, and privacy in America because the spirit of the Lord is withdrawn as the church has become more corrupt. God said about America that our sins will become so terrible that in the last days, He said “I will pass by them no more” and this time some of us think God did so. he warned and gave us modern prophets and now He is withdrawing from doing anything to restore righteousness.

We’re on our own in America and Britain. We are free to self-destruct. Some differ, believing Donald Trump will end up in the Oval Office once more and then, perhaps during his term, the end will come. I work with numbers and I think 2024 – 2025, September/October  (The High Holy Days) will be Monumental. 

He have our Liberty and Freedom in Jesus and our privacy and thoughts are before the Lord.

Steve Quayle states that he believes this coming Autumn September/and thereafter will be horrific.

This time and with the High Holy Days at the end of September and the high unholy day for Satan, which is All Hallows Eve and Halloween will be shocking and horrific.

Now in the US food prices are rising. The average person cannot afford to eat meat. This is by design. It’s what they wanted. There are US scientists who want us to eat insects. (This is all to dehumanize us and make us take orders from them.) It is also detestable before God and in a way is an enforced form of Satan worship.

We’re up against lies and the cover-up of lies.  We are going into spiritual battle against the devil and his worst weapons.

Hold fast to Jesus and don’t allow them to deceive you.


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