Talking With Doris


Of course I know, Doris! I know. I’m as Boring as any man can be. I don’t go to Facebook to entertain with little quips exclusively. I don’t singularly pass around pictures of your fluffy relatives, though I do love them all. I present material that requires people to use the brains God gave them because I believe this is our last chance to return to God’s Way and be sober, thoughtful, and go into action to demand caution. And if caution won’t be had at least depend upon The Savior because there’s no other defense. Defense from what, You meow? If we don’t bring an end to the insanity of humans they will finally turn the entire planet into a blackened crisp, and then there will be no one to bring you cat food and comfort you when you need some help. There will be nothing, and no one. Here are 21 minutes of sanity from a wise man who knows.  



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