The Basis Of Our Growing Social Disaster

Lack of READING Skill

Imagine a people, a culture 5,000 years ago wherein there were no schools, and no one was learning to read. In fact written language was unknown. I am arguing that America is heading toward this condition.

I went to an unusual mind expansion school in Los Angeles years ago and I learned the value of looking up all words I did not understand until I could clearly remember and use the definitions of these words as I spoke or wrote. My personal discovery was that not only did my study ability improve, but my IQ rose, I wasn’t falling asleep over reading any more. I realized that many people read something and misunderstanding a word leads to misunderstanding an idea, a sentence, a paragraph, an entire chapter, perhaps an entire article or book!

American DO NOT speak English. They mostly mutter “Amercaneze.” This bastardization of English leaves millions unclear about everything they do. I wonder sometimes how anyone is even slightly competent at anything in such an environment.

So here’s this young woman promoting the value of recognizing the differences between Socialism and Communism and she says, “We’ve placed a couple of links below this video for you to read. YES READ.” And this is her photo after saying those words, which perfectly describes probably about half of the American public, most of whom are younger than age 40.

Yes, READ! Lack of READING Skill

How did American come to this condition? The Authors of this book:

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

Jun 13, 2017

by John Taylor Gatto and Zachary Slayback

which I read years ago argued that American children were teaching their brothers and sisters, (younger children) how to read in the 1800’s. Our modern improvements which became “Common Core” have ruined America’s ability to read, write and Cypher. All of these basics are actually reasonably easy to learn. But what if 85% of the population of any country cannot do these basic functions?

  • Firstly, they will believe anything told to them by any politican.
  • Secondly, they will be incapable of analytical thought and logical argument
  • Thirdly, they will be industrially incompetent. The rest of the world will do economically better and they (We) will sink into abject poverty and even into slavery.

That is our problem in America and it was purposefully created by those who sympathize with an effort to turn the USA into a Communist Dictatorship.

Where could this lead? I realized this morning, after having a wrestling match with yet more “protective” Passwords created by Microsoft that said corporation could shut me out of my computer, shut me out of email, make it impossible for me to bank by email, make it impossible therefore for me to get my monthly pension cheque, literally leave me starving to death! And, of course there is no one to whom one can SPEAK at a huge corporation like Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft. They don’t or refuse to even accept email. It’s marvelous. We have accepted huge corporations running the vital utilities of our lives and we cannot even be permitted to communicate with them.

Is it any wonder I long ago said that anyone who owns an acre or two of fertile farmland producing their own food and water will be looked upon, one terrible day, as rich? They may be shut out of their computer but at least they can eat.

In my case I was seduced into getting a Microsoft account, then led from one information input to the next and then next and then told, I have to get a code number FROM ANOTHER DEVICE. But, I don’t have another device! And obvious the idiot who created this monster didn’t think of giving anyone a warning before he landed them in such a position.

Fortunately for me, in The Philippines, I live near an “Internet Café.” I was able to walk there…. (What if I couldn’t walk? What if I couldn’t send email as a desperate plea for help!!!?) feed a coin into a timer, use a computer for 6 minutes, get the new code, bring it home and, after about 8-frustrating tries, finally got my computer to open and operate again! There was no way out of this trap! In those minutes Microsoft Corporation could have quietly starved me to death.

Modern Americans, particularly young ones and computer website developers don’t have old eyes. They don’t know they can send you a message and you cannot see the box into which you must reply because they use a blue/gray 1 pixel line around the box. The box literally disappears for me!

Did it ever occur to these people that men and women over age 65 have money and represent a large portion of their potential customers too? Probably not.

As I see it, Common Core not only ruined young lives, it ruined the American Society forever, and our final degradation is only a few years away. I seriously doubt anyone will reverse this growing social disaster.

I have a beloved old friend. He is age 92 or is it 93? He worked hard for this nation’s Air Force during World War II and worked many more years when the war ended, helping build our mass communication’s system.  By age 20 he was already producing circuit designs that improved our nation’s radio communications! Today, my old friend Mr. Hal Green can only watch in horror and disgust. The society we worked to build is melting like candle wax. I’m sorry Mr. Green and to all of your Greatest Generation, we never saw this coming and there’s little more we can do to reverse it. I wish someone could show me I’m wrong.

The most interesting thing is, it’s all hinted at in Bible Prophecy, but no one could see how the trap and destruction could come about. 

Dr. Stephen Newdell


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